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    cheap to run old cars (British manufacturers)that have some character. An unhealthy lifelong obsession with MG & Rover,flirting with Reliant,Triumph,Jaguar & Austin. A kitcar history featuring GTM,Moss & Rickman, with some French & Latin influences at times.
    Other than things petrol engined other interests exist, so relatively balanced andnot a complete car nerd really!- Thismay be a lie???


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  1. Terrible fate for any DS and I am sure you would get hate at classic car shows but I can't help liking it and I would actually get a kick out of driving this.
  2. Wow! £395 for a Mk 1 Mondeo or £6995 to buy one photographed in a white room!
  3. Ford Mondeo mk1 saloon with short mot but looking solid for £395 on facebook marketplace...tempting! https://www.facebook.com/groups/retrocarparts/permalink/4054554724560981/?sale_post_id=4054554724560981
  4. I would be happy just having this parked on my front lawn, enjoying the view myself and annoying my shitty neighbours. It suggests a kind of faded grandeur a d slow decent into decay that matches my house, other cars and indeed my general look.
  5. Spoke to the seller a couple of days ago and he is looking for £450 however it is due to be MOT'd in the coming few daysbandvso this is with 12 months ticket included - still very tempted but travel plus selling Volvo are a consideration. Said I would ring again after the MOT just to know if anything is thrown up so buy it before I do as I have run out of off road parking.
  6. Actually if this all goes to plan then you will soon see the Volvo making an appearance on here, so watch this space.
  7. I really don't need a fourth car at the moment but I do have a thing for old french fancies having owned 2CV's, a Visa Convertible & a Saxo with a full webasto sunroof. My last Citroen was a Xsara 3 door that was replaced by a Renault Megane Convertible with the rare storage box replacing the rear seats to give a roadster look and to also make it less than practical. I am running a big Volvo estate at the moment as my practical car as I sometimes need a 4 seater and also a hatchback for wheelchair space and so this could be an interesting and practical replacement. Could you give me th
  8. Will someone please buy these books and give me the space to buy more. I am in Lincolnshire but over the holiday period I will be down in Salisbury and so anyone living in that city can have a special delivery at no added cost. The single malt this evening is clearly melting my icy heart - don't thank me, thank Laphroaig!
  9. Free Longbridge metal reproduction sign as a bonus!!!
  10. A collection of motoring books for sale. These are copies that I have doubled up on and so are surplus to my needs, featuring single marque books as well as books in topics such as classic sports cars. Rather than list them individually I have included acouple of photos and it is more about having a clear out with them going to an enthusiast than maximising the money from them. So a dining tables worth of books for the first person to come over to Lincolnshire ( Gainsborough ) with £35 in used notes. Either add these to your motoring library and/or sell them on at a profit. Just call me shit
  11. Had a couple of these over the years, really rather a good looking compact convertible and were fun to drive. In fact I wish I had kept one now that they are so hard to find and so expensive for a running example compared to the cost when I owned them. Good luck with the restoration, its worth it.
  12. cani have a random please, promised i would not buy a car in 2018 so winning a raffle is the only thing that will keep me sane.
  13. WANT - but cannot afford and do not need. However the E36 coupe is in my view one of the most attractive Beemers made.
  14. Sold to the guy who drove it off my drive stopped up the road to chat with his mate and locked himself out of the car. Much cursing and head scratching observed from my window before a sheepish returning to my door to ask if I have a spare key. Strangely I do not keep spare keys for cars I sell so they borrow a brick and smash a window before going on their merry way with o e more task to the to do list. Bye bye Beetle, with that much rot it could have been a real one! And hello Honda ( but that's a different story )
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