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  1. Took the modern to WBAC yesterday and moved it on for a decent enough price. So does all my paperwork and there is a couple of chaps my age waiting. They are getting rid of their recently deceased dads almera. 1.5 petrol 51 plate. So gets chatting and it was owned by the dad since new , serviced and mot every year at same village garage. 45,000 miles. Usual giffer dints and scrapes but sounded fine and overall not bad at all. So quick plan in my head was to hang around see what they get offered and gazump dealer with better offer. So get that sell celica and have back up four door cheap motor
  2. Bank interest rates on loans have gone covid mental. My lad wants a van and needs around six grand. So I ring bank and ask about a loan to pay my loan off and get the six for him. Mine has 6 months left to run and is currently 3.4%. So want to borrow about nine to do both . Go through all the stuff to be quoted at the end 12.9%. So my lad will have to get finance or wait till my loan is finished and we shall see what's offered. Banks must be losing money and expecting us all to pay for it.
  3. Good man. Welders mask and gloves count has PPE. May put the vendor off but hey ho.
  4. Been struggling with conjunctivitis this past week. Finally starting to clear so can now see a bit better. Next door to me are having the garden done. My nicely washed and polished celica is full of dust and shite from next doors tipper lorries and skip lorries. Bummer
  5. Now I know where kia stole the idea of storage under the floor from. My carens has the same boxes under the rear floor. Only could them by accident. Nice looking car that.
  6. This popped up on facebook. Looks safe !..
  7. The other month I thought I would get a weights bench for in the garden shed, but of fitness you know. Now everyone wants mega bucks for any old shite they have. I shall wait till it's all over and worth fuck all again.
  8. Mobile chap came and done me a new key for my celica. £80.00 , a lot better than the £220.00 estimate of the dealer. Need to sort the idle control valve out though. Wont tick over on a cold start. Fine when its warm but hopeless when cold.
  9. Went out in the celica today. Got to leave my mums and I snapped the bloody key in the door lock. Managed to get it out. Then realised no spare key. So celica left at mums and will now have to get one of them auto locksmith chaps to come and cut one and programme it on site.
  10. Cortina 1.6 cruesqder on the m62 today. Wasnt hanging around either.
  11. Opened mine just now. I am amazed, quality items and a couple of drinks. Instruction sheet enclosed to enable easy use of contents . Think I will have to up my secret santa game next year. Thank you santa.
  12. Sounds like fun. Have donated a couple if quid. Also donated to rob burrow , Leeds rugby league player. He has just been diagnosed with this. Think he is 36. Awful condition.
  13. Arrived home to a parcel. Put it by the xmas table, tree is in the garden . Excited.
  14. Spent an enjoyable half hour reading this thread. Your FIL is great. An eccentric gentleman no doubt.
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