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  1. So celica throttle was a tad sticky. So bashed it with cleaner and a toothbrush. Excellent, no more sticking. However idles now at 1500. So quick Google says that I have probably clogged the air intake valve up. So I now need to remove that and clean it. Bit more of a job. Idle is controlled by ECU and not adjustable. Apparently it is quite a common mistake that ham fisted clowns like me make.
  2. Honda crv diesel. Up to 09 diesel ones have no dpf . Reliable and fixable.
  3. Daughter has a Honda jazz. 2005 one. She will drive till it no longer goes . Son has a bipper tepee thingy. He removed back seats and turned it into a camper.
  4. More lovely messages through the night from people who don't understand no swaps or px for my vectra. Never mind spare a thought for my neighbour. About a month ago she had her modern set fire to on the drive. Total write off. It was two years old and she had paid £17,000 on finance for it, no gap insurance. Apparently insurance have offered her around £14,000 . So she still owes the finance around £7,000 she was saying. Ouch.
  5. Already one on here thanks. Anyone would think all Vauxhall's are shite. Hang on.
  6. So far I have someone who will give me 200 for the cat. Swap for a load of fireworks. Or 200 now and 150 next week. I can see the vectra being scrapped. Cant be arsed with dickheads.
  7. Managed to part ex the jap bus today. Going for a kia modern. So out the vectra on facebook marketplace for £350. Want the money to put celica on the road. Had my first message that just says £200. Oh the Joy's.
  8. Got stranded in garage this morning . Jap bus refused to turn over. Think its starter motor gone. Rang rac and gave it one last gi and it started. Got home then nothing again. Battery fine. So will get rac ti house tomorrow and let them have a look. So out in the vectra and the check engine light comes on. Running fine so will have a look later. Celica is parked up, having drained it and put fresh anti freeze in just in case it has none. So three cars all being a pain. Sound familiar to anyone ?
  9. Went to my local garage today. Asked for a rough price for a celica timing belt , water pump and pulley fitting. After saying he didn't have the tool to do it he reckoned about £300 plus vat. So rang garage where jap bus goes when I put it in for service and mot. He incidentally does all the jap cambelt and stuff. He reckons if I supply the stuff , so gates kit. He will charge about £120.00 . So celica will be going up to wigan for mot and all other jobs. Hopefully in a couple if weeks .
  10. I have mentioned the lad from school who has a zafira on finance. The turbo blew and took engine has well. He had it repaired 8 months ago and its tone again. Engine company wont do anything has he missed a service off them ,his own fault. So I have lent him my vectra , with a view to buy on friday.
  11. Yes thank you. I believe gen 7 fit . Didn't know about the bolts though. She gave me the original toyota trims, that need a paint. May just shove them on for a bit . Has I intend to keep it I will get cambelt and a service along with mot done.
  12. Well it all went very non eventful. Paid money , took private plates off and done v5. Man put it on low loader and away we went. Runs very nice. Paintwork should come up lovely with a bit of a mop. Odd little scratch but nothing too drastic. Needs new tyres. Will look to get some new alloys because 14" wheels look a bit lost.
  13. Today I am collecting the impulse celica. Bought with heart not head. Unlike the SVM'S epic day ,night out this will be very meek. Metting seller at eleven . Recovery truck booked to collect and return it to mine. Will sort out insurance and stuff next week. Going to try and get a classic policy if poss. If not it will wait till vectra sells then transfer over the insurance.
  14. Top collectioning. I wouldn't have the energy for such an epic stretch.
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