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  1. I ended up selling my mk3 astra 1.4 8v estate to a car breaker, for around £115, after the engine kept overheating. ?. wish I kept it, and fitted a saab b204 turbo engine. Even went to the hassle of fitting sport seats, which I had to remove for the MOT because the rear didn't lock. :/
  2. Miss my mk3 astra estate. such a nice car to drive. It was also the same colour.
  3. Always wanted a xj40. I can't justify spending much money ATM.
  4. A Saab B204 engine will cure that oil leak. Buy 3 more snowflakes, and it should look half decent for a family bus.
  5. I've got a 1995 Astra estate 1.4 8v MPI. They just keep going. Look out for rust on the sills,right underneath, near the rear wheel arch. Meant to be a common spot for bad rust. They don't seem to rust anything like a MK5 fiesta, for example. I replaced my standard 14'' steels with a set of 15'' LS alloys, and made the car feel much more stable, but less forgiving over bumps.
  6. 4 Years NCD this year.
  7. My quote went up on confused.com for a 1.6 estate. The cheapest I can find is £849.09 ,with AXA, through confused.com. My renewal is £931.92 with Aviva. A rover 111 would be cheaper to insure @ £638.96. My astra needs the sill sorting on both sides. More holy than the pope where the sill meets the wheel arch. I've recently done some work to the car, and quite like it TBH. I'll be taking my anual trip to Santa Pod in August for MITP. It will need a new radio for the trip, the signal is a bit poo.
  8. £786.39 for a Lexus IS200.
  9. I started looking for insurance for my MK3 Astra Estate 1.4 8v MPI today. Being 23, with a 'clean licence', I thought the prices might be reasonable, but they want over £1000 to insure the damn thing. I'm now searching Evil Bay for a cheaper car to insure. It's only my daily driver, so don't want to spend lots of money, I've got the mini for that. My budget would be around £500. I would like to swap a car for my R/C 1/5th scale ideally. Had my licence for over 5 years, and still getting silly quotes!!! It's just a joke IMO!!!! Any suggestions for cars that are cheap to buy and ins
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