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  1. MAN106A currently not on any vehicle
  2. Took my smallest bike size wise out for a run on Christmas Day to celebrate 11 years of owning it made it over the mountain 1st time it has done that in my ownership as still has its original 49cc 3 speed semi automatic. Been using my Lifan LF100-5 for work commute as will be last bike I ride in 2020 once I go home
  3. My two eastern block motorbikes 1st my 1987 MZ ETZ250 was UK registered and not running right so I got it sorted then put it in for testing which it passed and there was manx registered, I got it to commute to work and back on but unfortunately it didn't want to go every time so I swapped it for a Yamaha SR125 fast forward a few years and I found it again and eventually got the chance to buy it back. Top end has been striped down piston is scored so looks like it seized so awaiting attention My other one is A Cossack Voskhod 2 which cost £30 in photos is missing a f
  4. the new honda monkey bike is a grom/msx125 just with different styling and twin shocks, same engine in the new honda c90 called c125
  5. I have a Voskhod 2 which i think i have all the parts for now just need to put it together and sort out either a logbook or dating certificate which could be interesting. I haven't seen a voskhod 1 only ever the 2s like mine for sale online. I know they did a 3 aswell.
  6. http://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/my-bike/year-of-manufacture.html Could try Honda for dating certificate for age related plate
  7. Try keeping an eye on ebay for dehumidifier as local pickup ones as some can weight abit. My gfs parents smart car needs the carpet removed as it leaks from the back side windows but dehumidifier helped alot need to do it again really
  8. for what ever bike you look at getting check what spares you can get, I recently got a cheap Italjet Jupiter 250 which for the engine is fine as from a Yamaha yp250 but everything else is quite hard to find. Don't forget clothing if you don't have it also waterproof clothing I use a Mac in a sac pull over and cheap waterproof trousers over motorbike gear as dry quicker and waterproof socks as boots are old now.
  9. https://www.bushys.com/history/bottlecars/ They are 2cv based and I'm sure one maybe based on a dyanne or have square headlights fitted. Will take photo if I see them out
  10. I went last week to the BMC day with gf and parents, they do a gift aid scheme where you can buy ticket to get in a re use it for rest of the year at most of the events. more info on there website
  11. I have a 2002 Mk1 Doblo the car version with a 1.2 8v petrol engine and its been ok so far has some faults i knew about but was cheap. rear boot space is good and not too bad on fuel the onboard computer reckons low 40s taking me to work and back. Got a 2000 Peugeot Boxer 2.5D van and thats on about 90,000miles but its on its second gearbox and the syncro is failing on 3rd as it crunches into it. Seems to be a common problem on them. i expect it will eventually loose 3rd gear Not sure if its a problem on all the engines but wasn't on the 2.0 petrol motorhome my gf parents have but that only h
  12. does it have leather seats?? as my old GSI didn't but my dad got one which had leather so think it was a option
  13. Did you get the manx logbook? or just an export certificate? as it may still be on there system as only changed from the old style logbook to paper one maybe 5 years ago now
  14. What do you use this for?? as i know my dad did have one and it was in his attic last time i saw it maybe 5 years ago now lol but i dont think he would have thrown it out
  15. I had a 2011 lexmoto street got it cheap off gumtree check out part availability and cost on any bike you look at. I replaced all wheel bearings for good ones. They do rust but I would buy one brand new then least I know all the history and can put gaiters on fork stanchions.
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