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  1. Le Cars were sent to the USA from 1976 to 1983. They made an odd-looking "van" out of the Le Car, too, to go with the trendy custom van thing. Heuliez modified a few hundred of these, but only for French consumption. No rear window - but check out the red shag carpeting!
  2. I have often wondered if the Renault "Le Car" was shiteworthy. It's got a lot going for it made #2 spot on a "Cars that should never have been built" list reliability is baked into these machines and lasts as long as a loaf of French bread is edible the usual French ennui about things automotive "Renault 5" in other countries, "Le Car" in U.S., even though "La Voiture" would have been more apropos small, noisy, slow
  3. ....rototiller? ....transportation device? ....Moldavian police car?
  4. Uh...this car. A concept car only for some reason. One wag said "The Renalt R5 6x6 is Le Nuts." Another proffered that with all the glass it would make a good aquarium.
  5. Looks like a stealth car...now I see why nobody ever designed a stealth car.
  6. I don't drive out on lakes. If you had had 20 days of -20 F. maybe i'd walk out on it. Makes me wonder how many of these idiots are looking for a big insurance payback.
  7. Some others commented on the latest "Star Wars" multi-million-dollar epic. Glad to see the character Chewbacca survive the episode -- though the British-American chap who played him for years died in 2019. The 7'-2" fellow has been succeeded by a 6'-11 1/2" one from Finland. The female lead Rey has survived, as well. I liked her performance -- she's young enough she can carry on for another 40 years, unlike some of the other cast. I read an up close and personal blurb claiming Daisy Ridley was working as a server or bartender just five years ago in a city in the U.K. & that she made minimum wage (= 8 USD) at that time. Those rags to riches pieces are made up a lot...and I wonder how much of it is true. She doesn't do a lot of talking in her role....but to me she sounds more Australian or New Zealandish in her speech.
  8. Hi Davy. Welcome to the Lair of the Undiscriminating, and Disciples of the Hydrocarbon Voiturettes . To me the car looks like an XK-8 but was more curious about the background. That place really exist? Looks like it's under a bridge and you can slyly run out of gas and toddle into a convenient pub thru the arched doorway. What do the neon signs mean? Trendy Art Inside? Live Nude Persons? Come and spend your tin down on South Street drinking gin?
  9. maybe some of them were fooled by the hood ornament..........
  10. Ford Sierra vs. Lamborghini. 1/10 of a mph faster at 62 mph. How about to 150? Calling it that is a stretch, reminding me of when the Dodge Aries/Plymouth Reliant came out in the 80s...several wags pointed out it looks just like a Mercedes-Benz...only it won't get you laid.
  11. I used to work with a guy who wanted as much light as possible in his 10 x 20 foot woodshop. So he got what he claimed was a 1000W or 2000W airport landing light and mounted it on the ceiling. Once he left it on overnight, came out to the shop, and his wooden floor was smoking! Said when it was on the electric meter spun around like it was possessed. Might be just the thing to bake automotive paint on with, though.
  12. I saw a 2002 Saab 9-3 for sale here for $800...and was looking up mechanical fixes on them because starter turns, no start, no compression...an here's 2 actual questions owners asked: 1. "How far will my Saab go with a full tank?" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. "Engine stops...light comes on that has A PICTURE OF A SHOE. What does that mean?" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ did cars like that wind up in the UK?....................please fill in good answers
  13. Welcome Clarky! Characterless late 90's shit box, you say? about the only thing between you and onus-ship of this one if it's still 4 sale is it's location in Canada Was lukewarmly discussed here OCT 4th. You Too Could Drive The New Bland. A Plymouth Sundance, 1993, a 180-kilometer*-shite-for-sale-special. Mysteriously low miles. Unexplained reticence to list price. This car is not where Rarity Road and Desirability Drive meet. * odometer, not speedometer
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