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  1. I heard that Princess Margaret had one of these....but someone stole it. I had a 1962 Metro Coupe in college. No other car ever attracted the coeds like it did. Maybe it was the throaty roar of the Austin powerplant.
  2. .........the famous Camaro Waikiki Edition. Shag carpet...faux wood siding...ironing board...Cibie headlights...beautiful Hawaiian scenery hazy Detroit skyline...coupla surfer girls...white sand beaches...just makes you want to catch some waves on the fecking Detroit River.
  3. Look hard to see if you can find the errors _ _ _ supposed to be in English Wichita, Kansas
  4. This is a little racy -- but shows a heroine escaping the clutches of the law on her 1898 De Dion-Bouton motor tricycle of 1.75 HP. By 1910 or 1920, one of these would've been considered utter rubbish, but there were tens of thousands of these 1-cylinder hydrocarbon voiturettes around by 1902. La Banhammer Esp├ęciale
  5. I was operating on just one light bulb last night....just noticed it's got a sign on the roof saying AUSTIN A-something. It's in the AG Car Museum in Cyprus, which mostly has small European cars, 3 Jeeps and a Buick, judging by a visitor video I saw.
  6. This is resting in an undisclosed museum...so it must be worth drooling over. If Gweneth Paltrow was innit maybe. Have not an idea what it is.
  7. I dare say you should paint the Reliant Robin "Pogweasel Purple"...maybe the Citroen AX, too. The Volvo doesn't look knackered enough. Is the Robin the one they launched into space?
  8. Some I've seen in the States -- I Work For A Jewish Carpenter The Pieces Falling From This Car Are Of the Finest British Manufacture Where The Hell Is Chitna? Hell Ain't Half Full - Go Ahead and Pass If We Split Alaska In Two - Texas Would Be the 3rd Biggest State
  9. Baker City, R-e-gone. Facebook marketplace. Either The Greatest BAR-gun Ever --- or something's wrong with the description: < in case the photo doesn't paste, it's a nice lookin' Austin-Healey Sprite > $11,900 1965 Aston Martin DB7
  10. Has he managed to buy the flag the Mexicans captured in the battle? Still in Mexico City in the National Museum.
  11. This appeared on the AACA Facebook page.... the car's in somebody's yard in British Columbia. I don't know if this will work, but the link is to the aaca Facebook page via Curtis Gatten and Santo Farina: https://www.facebook.com/groups/7846724972?multi_permalinks=10159758622239973
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