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  1. Baker City, R-e-gone. Facebook marketplace. Either The Greatest BAR-gun Ever --- or something's wrong with the description: < in case the photo doesn't paste, it's a nice lookin' Austin-Healey Sprite > $11,900 1965 Aston Martin DB7
  2. Has he managed to buy the flag the Mexicans captured in the battle? Still in Mexico City in the National Museum.
  3. This appeared on the AACA Facebook page.... the car's in somebody's yard in British Columbia. I don't know if this will work, but the link is to the aaca Facebook page via Curtis Gatten and Santo Farina: https://www.facebook.com/groups/7846724972?multi_permalinks=10159758622239973
  4. Here's a Toyota F/S in the U.K. on CarandClassic, a 2000 "WiLL Vi". Was this a concept car for a motor show...or did they actually sell these? Looks like a cross between a 1973 VW "Thing" & a 2000 VW "New Beetle" Kind of like a cross between an elephant and a rhinoceros: 'El-If-I-Know
  5. This allegedly is a 1955 Renault Juvaquattre:
  6. Never heard of this little wiggler from China. <Four passenger> .........
  7. Le Cars were sent to the USA from 1976 to 1983. They made an odd-looking "van" out of the Le Car, too, to go with the trendy custom van thing. Heuliez modified a few hundred of these, but only for French consumption. No rear window - but check out the red shag carpeting!
  8. I have often wondered if the Renault "Le Car" was shiteworthy. It's got a lot going for it made #2 spot on a "Cars that should never have been built" list reliability is baked into these machines and lasts as long as a loaf of French bread is edible the usual French ennui about things automotive "Renault 5" in other countries, "Le Car" in U.S., even though "La Voiture" would have been more apropos small, noisy, slow
  9. ....rototiller? ....transportation device? ....Moldavian police car?
  10. Uh...this car. A concept car only for some reason. One wag said "The Renalt R5 6x6 is Le Nuts." Another proffered that with all the glass it would make a good aquarium.
  11. Looks like a stealth car...now I see why nobody ever designed a stealth car.
  12. I don't drive out on lakes. If you had had 20 days of -20 F. maybe i'd walk out on it. Makes me wonder how many of these idiots are looking for a big insurance payback.
  13. Some others commented on the latest "Star Wars" multi-million-dollar epic. Glad to see the character Chewbacca survive the episode -- though the British-American chap who played him for years died in 2019. The 7'-2" fellow has been succeeded by a 6'-11 1/2" one from Finland. The female lead Rey has survived, as well. I liked her performance -- she's young enough she can carry on for another 40 years, unlike some of the other cast. I read an up close and personal blurb claiming Daisy Ridley was working as a server or bartender just five years ago in a city in the U.K. & that she made minimum wage (= 8 USD) at that time. Those rags to riches pieces are made up a lot...and I wonder how much of it is true. She doesn't do a lot of talking in her role....but to me she sounds more Australian or New Zealandish in her speech.
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