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  1. I stupidly hadn't checked my toolkit. I have the tool roll containing a few screwdrivers and spanners, the Jack but no wheel brace or short bolts. I now have the bolts and will add a wheel brace to stop that happening again. There is a sticker on mine located on the plastic trim on the inside of the back panel that suggests the use of the short bolts when using the spare wheel. Interestingly the spare had never been in the car ever. It was brand new so where the bolts went I have no idea. Probably kept indoors for safe keeping....
  2. I managed to sort out the switch which locks and unlocks the doors by cleaning it with electrical cleaner and that now works. Driving along Thursday night in howling wind and rain doing around 50mph and had a blow out. I managed to limp it to a nearby pub car park as we were on lanes so nowhere to stop and pull over and found the tyre unsurprisingly to be shredded. Bollocks... I couldn't fit the spare as the steel wheel uses shorter bolts than the alloy and they were missing from the toolkit so had to abandon ship and leave it there overnight. I was actually on my way to collect my father in laws car to take it into work the next day for mot so at least I had a mode of transport. Managed to track down 5 new shorter bolts friday morning 4 in Southampton and 1 in fareham so they were dispatched to me on the iow. Sadly the one from fareham didn't make it so i had to make do with 4. Back to the car friday evening. Pissing it down with rain still, I swapped over the wheels and was on my way. New tyre ordered for just £24 All in which I'll fit myself on Monday. Such fun...
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    TV cars

  4. 1300 miles achieved now and everything is going well. Only thing that isn't working is the button in the ceiling that unlocks the doors. Bit of a pain as the doors lock as you pull away and when you stop to let someone in, they can't get in unless I lean over and open the door or open and then close my door which then will unlock all doors. I need to have a look into that. I have plans to perform a full service on it as the only proof I have it servicing is on the works system which shows it was last done in August 2018. I have finally figured out the mpg after brimming it in Sainsbury's 2 weeks ago, doing 400 miles and then brimming it again yesterday in the same filling station and it works out as 32.60mpg which I don't think is too bad. That's a combination of steady flat cap driving and occasional foot down flat out style within the speed limit of course. I'm still very pleased with it but I need to start making proper plans to sort the rust issues on the doors before they get too much worse. That of course means taking time off work which is difficult at the moment due to being so busy there. Cheers Ben
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    eBay tat volume 3.

    That is lovely. And a GT5 too. That is so cheap as well.
  6. I think it was tiff nedell who pronounced it youno and it made me wonder. I always thought ooono. Spose it's a bit like datcha or day-see-ya
  7. Something i always wondered..... Is it youno or oooono?
  8. Excellent! Like many others here I guess, my bag had a new one in 89. That china blue type colour and she loved it. Everyone in the family knew it as a yugo just because it was so obscure! This is begging to be restored. Wouldn't it be lovely to see it returned to original condition. Best of luck Ben
  9. Just a heads up with using black stonechip on parts exposed to the Sun, it tends to fade to grey and then white in a fairly short time. I did a pair of wiper arms in it as it was all i had to hand and they went grey in a few weeks. Hopefully yours will be fine and it was just the particular brand I used. I do agree that they make a huge difference though and the car really is looking much fresher. Cheers Ben
  10. I take it nothing came of this then?
  11. Painted this for a customer today Aston Martin flugplatz blue
  12. My mother in law had one of these on a 53 plate but it was the 2.0dti version. That went very well until the fuel pump started acting up. She ended up scrapping it due to this as the failing pump often made it impossible to start and she was often left stranded and all it would do is turn over and over and over. Shame really as it was very clean and drove so well when it worked. Cheers Ben
  13. That's a shame to hear about the delays. Not seen you on TMF for a long time. Do you still frequent? Ill probably go down and see him next month so will pass on your message and say hi for you. Cheers Ben
  14. Found some more pics of the Cadbury purple mini on my laptop I had forgotten what a gorgeous colour it is and infact am now thinking I might paint my W202 in it
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