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  1. Ben_O

    eBay tat volume 3.

    I have seen this in the flesh and it really is totally and utterly fucked. I chuckled to myself when I passed it, its that bad. Have you a link to the ad or a price? Just out of interest for what they want for it. Cheers
  2. Ben_O

    eBay tat volume 3.

  3. I always used to see that floating round the iow until it just vanished. I always thought it was odd to have such an old car as a taxi And now it's in Ireland!
  4. Next issue today but it was thankfully an easy fix. Driving to work and the wiper stopped working all it would do is sweep the centre 3rd of the screen and wouldn't park. When I arrived, I moved it to the park position by hand and it was slack. Then all that would happen when switching it on was the motor making it's noise with no wipe. Being a panoramic wiper, I hadn't the first clue what to do with it as there is no obvious way to remove the arm. Turns out the arm cones off with the motor so out it so came and revealed that one of the splined pivot points had come adrift so I tightened the nut, refitted it and all sorted. Phew!
  5. You are right sierraman there is money in welding the right vehicles. I restore classic mini's day to day and don't tend to touch any thing mot welding wise. It was the fact that the owner of that Picasso wanted it repaired properly rather than a patch that reminded me of this thread. The putting of money into a car that isn't strictly worth spending on especially on cosmetics. The love of the unloved I suppose. That's what I love about autoshite
  6. It ended up quite a big job really. The sill was also deep with filler from a previous repair and as you say full of wet and muck. Couldn't believe a complete new sill panel was only £31!
  7. I thought of this thread the other day at work when i had a Picasso to repair. I was told it had a small hole on the sill to quickly plate over for the mot. Yeah..... Yours looks great though. A real credit to you
  8. That's a long way from the IOW!
  9. Horrah! Starter motor was stuck. Good ol fashioned thwack with a club hammer and we have success! I'm hoping it was just water or something from driving it through flooded roads but if it needs a new one then so be it. I'm just glad it wasn't something major. Cheers Ben
  10. I'll go and give that a try thanks! Mine is a later one so doesn't have the led lights in the mirror. It also has the key that isn't really a key too but that seems to be operating the locks fine. Cheers Ben
  11. It's been great! I still haven't replaced the screen which has now cracked right across. That might be a job for the new year for it has now decided that it doesn't like to run at the moment. I'm not yet sure of the issue. Christmas has got right in the way and I managed to borrow a car to do my running around so it's just sat. Basically for no reason right out of the blue it now won't crank. I got in it outside the house to go to work last Monday morning, ignition on, all lights up as usual fuel pump runs and relays click, turn the key to crank and nothing.... Just as if I hadn't turned to crank. I tried locking an unlocking the car again and again, I tried using the key another way up, I checked it was in park and that was about it as I was now late for work. Bugger. I hope it's something simple.
  12. Ben_O

    eBay tat volume 3.

    https://www.wightbay.com/ryde/cars/citroen-ax-1996-5803059/?utm_source=websiteemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auto_email_alerts Aparantely has power string, elekririk Windows, central looking and it driver fullest for the year! Wow wee!
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