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  1. I hit the sump on my old scenic going over a rough unmade road. Caused enough of a hole for the oil to drain out at a fair rate. I ended up using quicksteel to repair it and it lasted another 2 years in my ownership and went on with a new owner without so much as a drip from the repair site. Obviously it isn't going to work if there is any oil near the repair area but I did mine in situ by draining the remaining oil and as the damage was to one side, I jacked the car up on that corner so any remaining oil drained to the other side away from the hole and then kept washing it all down with degreaser until all traces of oil were gone and mixed the putty, smeared it over and let it cure. I say give it a try. Nothing to loose other than a tenner for the quicksteel and a few hours cleaning up. Cheers Ben
  2. Thanks for every comment guys. It really helped me make a decision and its all based on what's been discussed here. I think I made the right choice, it's now gone away to be recycled into something more useful. Cheers all Ben
  3. Noted. I'll make aill cover removal the first thing I do. Although I'm already leaning towards not bothering even looking at it. It's a 2.0 petrol Cheers Ben
  4. Thanks for all the comments guys. Really useful info. The mot tester is a friend and colleague and he says the rear frame can be welded. The advisories for rust on the floors is minor and can be cleaned and treated. The repairs are only going to cost my time plus front brakes and tyres so cost isn't really much of of issue. I am interested to hear about what they are like as it would be to replace my c180 so I don't want to end up with a car that's just going to cause me problems throughout ownership. I am considering just letting it go over the bridge though after reading opinions above. It's not a car that's been on my radar, it's just something that caught my eye when I saw how clean it is. I'll give it half hour on the ramp tomorrow after work to see how bad it is and then decide. Cheers so far for the comments. Ben
  5. I have the chance to purchase a 2002 x type. It's nice condition but an mot failure. Here are the failures and advisories. It's done 163,000 miles and is a 2.0 manual. Interior is mint and it's just had a load of bodywork done. Wheels are poor. Doing the work doesn't concern me. I just don't know anything about them and if it's worth the effort. Price is £230 which is what the scrapman has offered. cheers Ben
  6. Ben_O

    E10 Fuel

    I'm still unsure on compatability. The government website was useless and inconclusive. Where are folks getting the info from regarding specific compatability. Mine is a 2000 merc w202 C180. Wonder if that will be ok on E10? Time to fill up tomorrow....
  7. Well I haven't exactly been writing much on here as the car had been doing perfectly. It does now require new front discs and pads as the wear light is starting to flicker. I've ordered the parts and will be fitting them tomorrow after work. I'll also give it an oil and filter change whilst I'm at it. It had its 3rd mot in my ownership last Friday and sailed through despite me spending zero on it again this year and doing nothing but driving it and topping up the screenwash. I still can't believe how well this £100 car is doing! I have a list of advisories which I will work through over the next few months. One is for corrosion which I really should sort whilst it's still solid, another is the cracked screen which I will finally get around to getting changed. I'm a bit concerned though as my insurance company uses autoglass for this and we have had some very bad experiences with the local fitters through work so I wonder if I can choose an alternative firm? Pushing 149,000 miles now and it still feels great. What a car! Cheers Ben
  8. He hasn't seen it yet. He will have it back Monday I showed him (father in law btw) photos and he is pleased with it. Cheers Ben
  9. I've removed the strips from the other side in the end. Looks better And then scrubbed the absolute fuck out of it. Looks half presentable now Thanks for looking in but that's it for this little car now. cheers Ben
  10. It's remarkably solid under there. Lots of flaky bits but no holes or thin spots same the other side. I'm running out of patience now and want to go home so I scraped it, wire brushed it and applied some zinc and then stoneware better than nothing. just needs a wash and a hoover now cheers Ben
  11. Right, the doors are back together now thats an interior thora herd would be proud of I even treated it to a full compliment of new wiper blades the other day when I put the washer bottle back, I couldn't get any water at the screen. I was dreading fault finding that issue but it was a miracle and now works without any intervention. Woo how Under side next
  12. Austin mini 25th anniversary. Also fitted fitted other 80s minis. Never liked them
  13. Cheers. I didn't mean to give the impression this was going to be forgotten about. FIL wants it back ASAP so I won't get away with it lol. I just meant that I wouldn't be able to get it finished right away and incidentally, I am planning to finish it tomorrow evening. Had lots of pressing work to finish up the latter part of this week so it had to be shoved out the way unfortunately. Cheers Ben
  14. I did notice some on amazon a while ago by Soudal. I use their PU adhesive. So the dichtfix is a PU sealer and is not an adhesive. It can't be used to stick a bodykit on but could be used to seal the edges after it was glued on. It comes in these tubes and in a caulking gun, just pumps out like sikaflex etc but just faster and easier as it's much runnier. It doesn't like working upside down unless you are very careful. When i say it can be sprayed on, I didn't mean with a conventional spray gun. The tube goes into a special cartridge gun. This is it There is a different end to go on the sealer tube and then we can adjust the flow rate and texture to spray it over seams to replicate the factory stuff like this hope that helps
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