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  1. Newbie, but with vast untapped wisdom (cough): you have to keep the Volvo, if only to find out why it hasn't gone expensively wrong yet. (I'd buy one if the things had an Aisin-Warner box, but the Saab 9-5 Aero has. Darned good on fuel too; if one can refrain from picking on innocent super cars).
  2. Edit (not allowed to yet) sorry: 'vehicles ' should be 'garage'.
  3. Dear mr. admin Sir, I admit I am thick and please me for not wading through 200+ posts: how do I list my current fleet please? Can't see 'sig'; 'vehicles' doesn't seem to be 'it'. What have I missed? Thxs
  4. Hi guys and girl* You are about to slowly (it's an age thing; though I have always been a lazy *****) be exposed to 48 yrs of 4 to 6 wheel motoring expurtese and maiady. I've been looking for a forum for my particular style of love and disinterest. Could this be it. (*hite list to follow as I have a caravan to shift and a Montego to break.....and this is retirement???) * please tell me there is at least one?
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