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  1. I was explaining why it had rotted through after a year, not judging whether it was a good or bad thing for any individual car, as I said it’s cheap and gets another years ticket.
  2. Whoever patched it last year most likely just welded a piece of steel over the rust. Unless you cut out the grot and prep the area, then make sure you treat the inside, as well as the outside, it will rot through in no time. Sadly this is how a lot of MoT garages work, cheap and quick which please most customers and gets another ticket.
  3. This ^^^^^ there were some good songs in the 50s but plenty of utter shite too, the same is true today and every time in between. I think it can be harder for less tech savvy people to access newer stuff these days as there is so much of it and most streaming services use algorithms which, whilst designed to present you with things you like, prevent you finding new stuff.
  4. My nephew is on the max morphine now and it looks like the cancer will win in the next few days. Shouldn’t grumble as it was expected way back in the spring but the shite of this year has stopped him making the most of that extra time. There is no good time to have cancer but this year has to be one of the worst.
  5. I agree, I think there should be quotas for funded places based on national requirements. So if you want to be a doctor then it won’t cost much. If you are the 100,000th person to want to do the history of renaissance art then you fund yourself. I did Biochemistry At Leicester Uni and the level of workload was four or five times what some subjects got.
  6. I don’t see the connection between that and obsolescence, there is no reason why they couldn’t keep producing updates/ patches. Very occasionally there may be a fundamental issue that cannot be solved but I simply don’t believe that is always the case. Just look at the examples from strangeangel above. It’s all about selling new stuff.
  7. They don’t like to sit unused, my FiL bought a saloon of similar vintage. Looks immaculate but has had no end of niggling problems, most of which I am sure are due to sitting for a couple of years doing nothing before he bought it. It did look nice but you may have dodged a bullet.
  8. It is built in obsolescence, the modern world demands that we consume whether we want to or not. So products have a limited lifespan and the landfills get another load. On a planet with finite resources it’s fucking ridiculous but will it be too late before a majority of people realise this? My 23 year old volvo, 30 year old pug and 37 year old ford may not be the cleanest but the main part of their emissions occurred when they were created, the next worst part will be when (IF, I hope) they are destroyed.
  9. They can be shit to get off. I made a puller from some 12mm boiler plate (and have just remembered my mate still has it, bugger). Patience, a big hammer and shock and unlock type spray is your friend here. Just remembered that I have a brand new ultralight flywheel from minisport sat in the sat. I could sell it, or use it as an excuse to buy another mini.
  10. That’s really light for the size of them. If I had to guess I would have said 2-300kg more than that. Certainly makes my 1500kg Volvo look like a lard arse.
  11. Mr Moore had a white XR3i, he came over the brow of a hill a bit too quick and wiped out a milk float. Sadly mobile phones and cameras didn’t exist then.
  12. I wanted something off gumtree, seller initially offered a possible delivery in person by a mate, that came to nothing, my offer was well below asking price, accepted on the grounds of payment by BACS, I politely declined and offered PayPal again but was now having doubts. Guy says send me your address I will post it and if you are happy BACS the money over. I risk sending my address, two days later it arrives beautifully packaged with a couple of extras as he ‘didn’t need them’. Money was sent immediately. Nice to know there are some genuinely decent people still left in the world. I just hope he never gets ripped off by a dickhead.
  13. I cannot remember the last time I was so jealous! Second dibs please!
  14. Or never filled it up completely as you don’t have confidence in it lasting the full tank.
  15. Have you ever pointed out to a mate that your car cost less than the deposit on their PCP cash pit? Have you ever been asked to park your car around the back as it wasn’t the image the company wanted? (Volvo 240 and it was a bit of a shed)
  16. Really? https://www.itv.com/news/2020-11-24/police-and-cps-investigating-webinars-held-by-huntings-governing-body And what kind of sad inadequate small dicked cunt could get pleasure out of seeing a living animal being torn to pieces?
  17. Depending when they need to be collected I certainly could. Presently under a two Covid isolation which ends a week on Thursday. If they can wait until then. Or would they drop them off perhaps? I can’t be any help with the forwarding but sure the Autoshite massive could help.
  18. I used it outside without a mask with no issues. The guy who runs it, Peter Hamber, is an incredibly helpful bloke so I am sure he will able to advise.
  19. It’s looking good! For the rust prevention I used Bilthamber weld through primer extensively on the Capri. Some sections were left for several months in just primer and were perfect underneath when I cleaned it back.
  20. Follow up to this, after a day of the useless tossers claiming they knew exactly where it was, it turned up as I was on the phone listening to bullshit, it had got lost in the van under some rubbish and sat there a couple of days. I let the bloke do his bullshit about the system never failing before asking him if he wanted to speak to the guy at the door with my parcel in his hands. He went strangely quiet.
  21. FedEx are twats, apparently ‘to be delivered by 6pm Thursday’ actually means ‘ you will get it when we fucking say you do, feck off’
  22. I went to see a Mk1 MX5 in Hinckley, I knew it was cat D but that didn’t worry me, what I didn’t know was that it had been caught in a massive hail storm and looked like father Ted’s Rover. It was £350 when £400 got you a scruffy but ok one with MoT.Guy wouldn’t budge on price and was amazed I didn’t but it. I would have smoked round in it for £250.
  23. They were around for £200 only a few years back. My last one was £400 in 2015 with a full MoT, nice ones were only a few hundred more unless they were a limited edition.
  24. Seeing how hard it is to get a mortgage for first time buyers and how most of the under 30s I know have 40 year mortgages just to get on the property ladder, I doubt it’s youngsters pushing the prices up.
  25. The only way to do it is to buy something you want to own, if it goes up in value, great, if not then you have had the pleasure of owning it. My Capri is probably the only car I have had that I could make serious money on, I bought it for £600 6 years ago, total spend around £1200 and 6 years of graft. Probably worth £6-8k now. But I have no intention of selling as there isn’t anything cheap to buy anymore that is of interest.
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