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  1. True story from today- A few colleagues at work were talking about X factor and asked if I could sing as they know I am in a band, I said I couldn’t but could do an Elvis impression. One said go on then, so I got a bit of soil from a plant pot and sprinkled it in my hand, two of them saw the funny side, one is obviously a fan of Elvis judging by the look of horror and disgust I got.
  2. My V70 is a big car but all round visibility is brilliant, my mate has a Mazda shitebox CX5 wankerwagon and it needs cameras for reversing as you can see the square root of fuck all out the back. Stupidity for the sake of fashion.
  3. That would do me most of the time and I think probably 90% of people 90% of the time. Looking forward to updates on this one.
  4. The electric misery car would make a great thread on its own. What is the range of it? If you need any help in the midlands just give me a shout.
  5. Nottingham has been a nightmare for years, and I believe the first place in the world to have red light cameras.
  6. At least he had a go, I think my first efforts looked like that! Not much better now come to think of it.
  7. Read one of our owns experience with one, but only if you have a strong stomach. Nothing short of a gestapo interrogator with a grudge on a bad day will cause you more pain.
  8. I have had a couple die that I have had on my trade card for people, never had an issue getting them swapped.
  9. People in white vans have driving licences
  10. Don’t sweat it, the world is full of arseholes.
  11. Am I missing something or have they just used a pic of your car?
  12. Got a load of military history books, from ww1 to Afghanistan and a few scraps inbetween, about 17 I think, plus a stack of craptocal plastics mags that got a bit damp in the shed but still readable (mags not the books, the books are perfect). Free for collection from Tamworth if you are quick as I need the space.
  13. Get the Capri on there ASAP Dan and reenact every Professionals episode!
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