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  1. I was born at home, and as my Dad never drove a car and taking a baby on a Honda would have been frowned upon even in the 70s, it would have been a Barton’s bus for my first trip wherever it was.
  2. I paid about £120 as opposed to about £80 for the normal one. But that was 12 years ago. A bit hike percentage wise but not an horrendous amount at the time. Have you looked at buying one more recently? I guess the market for them must be almost none existent now whereas when I got ours there were a couple to choose from in mothercare and they were roughly the price of a top end seat.
  3. Agreed, and you can also get car seats for little shiters that work on lap belts alone but they are harder to find.
  4. Whoever gets it won’t regret it, they are great cars. I love mine.
  5. It’s a shit answer to the question of transport. It creates problems that don’t need to be there and having owned a 911 many years ago, even when done ‘well’ its shit. The 944 turbo was a far superior car in every way. And for the sake of decency let’s not mention the beetle.
  6. I have two different 10mm spanners, all found down the side of the engine on my wife’s old Mazda. I can only presume some poor sod lost both doing the same job a couple of times, or possibly at the same time. Both appeared as if by magic when we pulled the engine up and explained the slight rattle we had never managed to diagnose. One is a nice quality King dick one with a really slim shank that is great for getting into tight spaces.
  7. If I had been in the 205 I would have parked side on in front of him and waited.
  8. Poundland do one that is great. 2 part epoxy adhesive, used to have Tommy Walsh's fizzogg on it but last lot I got didn't.
  9. What a cock. To have nothing is one thing but to claim to have it is a shitty trick.
  10. Sad to have wasted the time but always better to walk away than buy a pile of trouble.
  11. Top of the pops famously put a picture of the darts player Jocky Wilson behind Dexy’s midnight runners when they had Jackie Wilson says in the charts.
  12. I sadly saw the aftermath of one crashing on the A38 a few years back, not something I will forget in a hurry and cost the lives of a couple of enthusiasts Would still love one
  13. This ^^^^^^^ take the cash from the insurance with buy back option (won’t be much) and have a *free* car that owes you nothing.
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