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  1. It was in this months practical classics. The guy had got some for his CX, the company was remaking them in sensible sizes and getting them type approved.
  2. I believe that several cars that originally had metric tyres have had wheels recreated in ‘normal sizes’ and TUV approved.
  3. Ask away, I have messing with these for 30 years now. I have a load of spares as well if you are short of anything. For the gearbox, buying a second hand one will always be cheaper short term than a rebuild but it can be hard to tell how many miles are on. Minispares do a decent recon service if you want a good one. Rebuilding one yourself isn’t beyond the average DIYer but like any box, they have a few quirks that can be a pain.
  4. It is always up and down anyway so will bounce back I’m sure, whether that will be quick or not though is impossible to guess.
  5. They might not be coming around due to the lockdown. I have a couple of old house rads I want rid of but haven’t heard the tat man in weeks.
  6. I think there could well be a few whose owners are no longer around as well sadly.
  7. Bad news for many, but I got some cracking cars for nowt the last time that happened. It was win win for the owner and myself.
  8. Just spent two hours trying to console a very good mate who is utterly destroyed, he lost his Mum in January to Dementia, his best mate of 40 years died of cancer last month and this afternoon his Dad has died of Covid at the age of 67. The guy had worked all his life and only retired last summer. How the fuck do you deal with that. My mate is divorced and I am genuinely worried about his mental health. To add to the ‘fun’ he house is half owned by his dad who chucked the money in when needed a place after getting divorced. As he has siblings he may also lose his house. I finished on the phone and just broke down, something I have only done when my own dad died many years ago. How the fuck do I help him get through this? I am worried he will do something stupid. I even suggested the Samaritans just in case he was having stupid thoughts. This thing is a real bastard.
  9. Poor thing would be killed in an instant in any kind of rear ender
  10. There is a road in Tamworth named after the Trojan cars, on an estate all named after British car makers.
  11. That’s a shame, it ‘looks’ solid enough (I can hear the laughter from here) so would be worth a punt if it was cheap enough but I bet they ramp,up the delivery costs on top of everything else as well.
  12. Hmmmm, I wonder what the delivery to Tamworth would be? I have a feeling it won’t be as cheap as I could get it from Shiply normally.
  13. That’s a bit shit, but of no one else bids on it then I suppose what else will happen. I would happily stick a few hundred on Maxi but don’t have an account or any way of collecting it at mo. I suspect it may not sell at all at the moment.
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