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  1. I liked it until I saw the price!!!!!
  2. Capri with bonus 205 and V70 action
  3. Brake pipes are a ballache, everything else is cheap and easy. Hopefully the quote will be low.
  4. Buy it, it’s a bargain. Even a scruffy 1275 engine is silly money these days. I have been selling my ‘collection’ off. The last one was stripped down so could be seen to be ok and just needed a refresh. That made just shy of £400 on eBay. No carb, no manifold, no ancillaries.
  5. Bottom of the A panel is the most common grot spot. Luckily it’s dead easy to sort as well. A proper edge joggler helps get a nice finish on the return. None of that looks too scary. They get a LOT worse given time and neglect.
  6. Went out for petrol and the gauge still isn’t moving. The arm is moving well, the resistance is as expected, wire repaired. Not really sure what the issue is but will investigate further when I get a chance.
  7. Unfortunately I have a crazy fortnight at work coming up so probably won’t touch it during that But am off after that. A couple of hours more would have it MoT ready so will do that and book it in at my local friendly MoT man. So possibly two weeks Tuesday or Wednesday could be on the road!
  8. The front looks high due to it being jacked up somI could change the front wheel. So jobs done today: swap front wheel tighten up track rod ends and fix gaiters spray passenger door fix door handle/ arm rest to inside of drivers door - failed as screws are different(longer) on the new arm rest so need to source some fix front lower grills fit passenger side bumper corners fix fuel gauge - broken wire so ‘think’ it’s sorted but so little fuel it’s not registering Jobs to do: put passenger side door furniture back on fix drivers side arm rest fit new ignition leads Get MoT! Drive :-] I have added up all the costs and have gone slightly over budget. I had hoped to get it all done for £1200, present spend is £1100 but by the time the steel wheels are done that will take it to about £1290 (£100 for powder coating, £40 to swap tyres over, £50 for spare tyre). I know it’s not the best Capri out there but I doubt there are many that have come in at that budget. Dropping on a job lot of spares for £60 that had been mis-spelt on eBay was the key, I think could add £300 to the total if not for that. I have kept a rough record of time and think there is about 400 hours work gone in.
  9. Paint is on, doing more odds and sods. Running out of jobs!
  10. Cleaning some last few bits up while the paint goes off. 9
  11. The older Binis are OK, but they do seem very cheap and rattly inside compared to other cars that age. I wouldn’t mind an early supercharged one.
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