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  1. Just cancelled my last subscription after many many years. Practical classics has been gentrified over recent years with more and more £20k + cars creeping in and the weird far right ramblings of Nick Larkin on Facebook don’t help either. The final straw was the Range Rover being awarded best car of the 70s, not because it was an amazing off road vehicle, but because it has inspired the new SUV and soft roader craze. Their circulation numbers have been falling for ages and rather than attempt to get younger readers they are firmly aiming at the pipe and slipper brigade. Very sad.
  2. Mate at Uni had an FSO like that one, it wouldn’t ever set the world on fire but it was reliable, if a little thirsty, motor for many years.
  3. Devon? Well it takes a while to write it on slate and send the smoke signals I guess.....
  4. Eddie Van Halen has died of throat cancer 😔
  5. Looks a little cracker! Everyone loves a Moggie!
  6. Given present prices that is a bargain. Not an S but still well worth the money they are asking. It’s gone bonkers, 5 years ago that was a £1500 car.
  7. Thanks mate, it has been a long haul but thankfully not expensive. I dropped lucky at the start and found almost everything I needed for it in a job lot on eBay that was badly described. That one lot saved me a few hundred. Prices have gone through the roof. You can spend £200 on a set of 2nd hand bumper corners! I have no plan to sell it ever but this is about the only car I could ever make money on, but it would probably work out about £2 an hour for all the time I have put in!
  8. Swapping from a 3 series and Mazda 6 to a V70 2.5tdi and Fiat 500 for the wife and myself has saved us an average of £70 a month on fuel and £250 a year on tax. A nice sum over the course of a year. I like the fact that I can fill up the V70, drive to Cornwall, drive around Cornwall for a week, drive back, and still have a two or three gallons to spare. The Capri won’t be great on fuel but I don’t do enough miles on it to worry. The 205 is ridiculously good even when you thrash it.
  9. Some good advice/ support here: Don’t suffer alone.
  10. Just had a scare, went out to check something and noticed a big pool of liquid under the back end. So either petrol tank or diff I thought. Had a quick smell and it was clean engine oil. Then remembered that I had put an opened 5 litre bottle of oil in the spare wheel well just in case. It had leaked, panic over and the boot won’t rust now!
  11. Did a couple of small jobs on the Capri this morning, swapped out the duff oil pressure sensor so now have an oil pressure light. And fitted the nice new throttle cable, courtesy of Dan of this parish, and have a much nicer feel to the pedal now. Then went for a fifty mile run, stopping off at a posh farm shop, most stuff was stupidly overpriced but got some very nice steak for tomorrow’s tea.
  12. I have a bore honing tool you are welcome to borrow if you are close enough, I am just north of Brum.
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