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  1. You could buy Lancashire for that mate, get out of that dreary place to somewhere decent.
  2. Well it’s been a hell of a fucking year so far. Massive shout out to all our wonderful NHS staff and particularly the neonatal heart team at Glenfield's in Leicester. After a six hour heart op my niece’s 6 day old daughter is doing well. Massive relief all round.
  3. funnily enough that's why I don't like them, they don't look period to me, a nice set of slotmags or the like would be cool, those would suit a late 90s corsa with a Halfords account. But each to their own, looks good otherwise and I love the colour
  4. it looks great but I have to say those wheels are gopping
  5. I modified a hell of a lot of cars in my youth but two things were non negotiable a, does it go faster? B, does it go around corners better? Not once was there c, can I make it dangerous and shit coz I can?
  6. Butttt dey iz ded cuul innit
  7. And a massive result today, my Mum loves the 205 and I was mentioning that I am looking for a garage to put it in over winter as my two are full of a Capri and what’s left of the mini project. She has very kindly said I can store it in her garage over the winter. A couple of hours of clearing will see it in a nice dry, safe garage for the winter months.
  8. But according to some of the replies the only reason they were pulled is because Germany is still run by Hitler and they are trying to rerun ww2. Really? In 1939 they overran 60,000,000 people in six months, pulling a few twats driving shitty cars is hardly invading Poland is it?
  9. Yeah it’s not good is it, someone who has been a close friend for a few years and then suddenly the most vile racist rant I have heard in years comes out for absolutely no reason whatsoever, both in front of me and partly on Facebook. What really pisses me off is that they have used more than their fair share of the NHS over the years but were happy to slag off all immigrants as ‘parasites’. I didn’t get into a big argument, no point, but won’t be making contact again. You think you know someone..........
  10. Not really. I have managed to acquire two lengths of shrunk seal which if the worst comes to the worst I will cut and shut with mine to make do. I have heard the Peugeot museum in France MAY be reproducing them ‘soon’ but whether they will and how much they would be is another matter. Otherwise it’s a matter of hunting down second hand ones but as you can guess they are mostly the same. I am struggling to track down a pair of the lower shock pins as well. Service bits are easy to come by, but slightly more obscure stuff seems none existent. I can’t believe someone doesn’t have a few bolts somewhere of the correct dimensions but I can’t find them.
  11. You know that moment when you realise someone you thought was a mate is in reality an unmistakable cunt? Yup just had one of those.........
  12. That’s the key to the driving experience though, that is why they feel so connected to the road in a way that modern cars just can’t match. They aren’t exactly heavy cars so the lack of power steering isn’t the worst hardship to say the least.
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