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  1. I had a clunk from the rear on my first Capri, looked underneath but couldn’t see anything. Driving home down the A52 I came off at Lodge Lane Spondon, anyone who knows the junction will know that traffic joins from behind and the turn off is a tight 90 degree corner with the chapel on the other side. The clunk was a broken rear spring that had kindly worked its way through the rear brake line. When I hit the brakes the pedal went to the floor and only furious pumping and luck got me around the corner narrowly missing the barriers. I overhauled the brakes and found that the master cylinder was
  2. Oddly enough I was drooling over a Topolino only this morning. Sense says the low speed will limit its use age though.
  3. I think it’s a cracking design and much better than the production version. I love the new 500 though, I think it was an act of genius.
  4. I think the whole thing has a lot of Mk1 Golf about it, but that is no bad thing.
  5. What a cracker, one of the best U.K. made saloons ever. I need to get another soon.
  6. Same here, we have been gradually reducing meat intake over recent years. It’s never been easier and some stuff is proper nice. My favourites are Linda McCartney burgers - proper dirty food but not, and Aldi goats cheese and red onion bakes that I could eat as a snack.
  7. Utter shit, not shite. Mate had a couple and they broke him so bad he bought a Vauxhall Mokka. A MOKKA! You can experience a similar level of ‘enjoyment’ by taking the battery out of your existing car and burning a £50 note every two hours.
  8. Mk1 Astra, what a pile of shite that was, bought off a family friend despite my better judgement. Eventually traded for a mk3 Escort that I ran for 3 years and 120000 miles including a year living abroad without so much as a single problem. Close 2nd was a Mazda 3, never had one issue and was a ‘perfect’ car, except that is was so uncomfortable that it convinced me my arthritis was getting the better of me as I was in agony after 30 minutes in it.
  9. And now we can have proper tyres made from pork pies and warm beer not that foreign rubber crap.
  10. Injections vary a lot, I self inject medication and have had all sorts over the years, one a day, plus blood test every month, plus steroid injections, vaccinations etc over the last 18 years add up to about 6000 I guess. They do vary massively depending where they are and who does them. The spinal injections aren’t nice and take a few minutes, the injections between the bones of the fingers are also doozers but don’t last as long. Dental injections are probably about a 3/10 compared to those. I think you need to rationalise the benefit/ cost in your mind. I had a conversation about the spinal
  11. Admit it, did your girlfriend want one? Do you play Sunday league football and have a perm?
  12. Jeez that is awful, so sorry to hear that.
  13. Very true, but even some stupidly expensive stuff gets VERY cheap, just look at Porsche Cayennes. However you need to be a soft southern shit for brains league 2 wannabe reserve from Guildford with no nuts to buy one.
  14. Yup, 100% agree. I would rather a Trabant than a shitty cayenne or Q7. At least with the Trabant they did the best they could, with the ‘fashionable 4x4’ they are bigger, fatter, smaller inside, thirstier, more expensive, worse to own in every way possible than what the manufacturer could make just because some dimwit wants to look like a wag. Why anyone would pay more for something that is shitter just because of fashion is beyond me.
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