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  1. My cars have been insured with Esure, they do a multi car discount and share no claims etc. Every time I call them they end up giving me money for some reason. They also paid me 1200 when my Ford fusion was written off (I paid 700 for it I think). I would go for a comparison site and see what pops up, we do that every year for our dailies, and my mini is insured on a classic car policy for minimal milage.
  2. Massive advocate of golf and passat estates. Only just got rid of our golf estate after 17 years service in the family, 200000 miles and no massive mechanical issues. Have a passat estate now as its bigger and better on fuel, that's pretty good too. Have always wanted a proper wardrobe on wheels volvo though, never heard anything bad about them.
  3. Cheers all. I spent a long time looking around. Was tempted by a few jags too but the volvo was the 'sensible' option and didn't involve travelling 2 hrs to reach a decent one. I think for 700 quid if it only last till next November I don't really mind.
  4. What a brilliant first world problem!
  5. You sir are correct. Here it is in full glory. No pez shot as it had more then enough fuel to get home. 161k miles, 53 plate. It has the 2.4 d5 engine and is SE spec. Mot until November next year. Lovely to drive and it all seems to work fine. the only issues are: drivers heated seat only works on the minimum setting, the alloys are showing their age, a couple of small scratches and one wing mirror has its trim held on by a bit of tape.
  6. After deciding to write off my trusty Ford fusion last Sunday on the M3, I am now on the hunt for a cheapish commuter and general duties car. (Gratuitous collision photo included.) After hours of sifting through rusty clios and puntos on bumtree I decided to up my game slightly. I am now about to head off with the wife and child to go and have a look at a car. It's a make I have always wanted, although this model is slightly less box shaped and beige then I imagined back in the day. It is a diesel, the biggest engine I think I've ever had in a car, has cruise control, leather heated seats, and all the safety features one could ever want. Thats all for now, any guesses?
  7. New or old? If old then rust. Rather get a rust free shell with a bad engine then a good engine and a rusty shell.
  8. Philyc

    Mini off at MOT!

    It's a Mayfair as per all the paperwork I've got for it. 1989
  9. Philyc

    Mini off at MOT!

    I'm pretty sure it's the original paint, not sure what it's actually called. My phone camera does weird things with colors, in reality it's not that bright
  10. Philyc

    Mini off at MOT!

    It's locked in a garage. Which is within a 12foot barbed wire fence patrolled by guard dogs and armed guys at the gates! The joys of being in the forces.
  11. Philyc

    Mini off at MOT!

    It's only gone and passed! With no advisories. Get in!!
  12. I've just dropped this beast off at the Mot guys. It's been in my garage over winter and is only just out of hibernation. I completely forgot about the new Mot regulations and am very nervous for some silly reason. Have any of you lot had the new Mot done yet and did it throw up any funnies?
  13. Drives me mental. Currently 4 hours into an 8 hour drive to my folks in France... French driver's love driving with dogs and full beams on, no indicators and no sense of self preservation. I've just come out the south side of Paris and had to stop for a smoke
  14. Sold now... Surprised it sold so quickly, thought I'd have to scrap it
  15. Very short, 7th november
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