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    mitsisigma01 reacted to catsinthewelder in Lazy spotters thread   
    Loved the Ovlov 240, camper looks like @Zelandeth's 

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    mitsisigma01 reacted to danthecapriman in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Oh this just gets better and better!
    This same bell piece also submitted a planning application after the above one to cram in two semi detached houses at the front of the property and a further two detached bungalows at the rear. Blatantly not enough space to do this but reality seems to pass this cock whisk by! 
    Council refused permission for that proposal too, so he appealed…
    …I’ve just got the appeal decision through and he’s had this refused too!🤣    
    Pretty much for the same reasons.  
    Id love to have seen his face when he read these refusals!
    He’s pretty much stuck now to either one house (as per the rest of the street on that sized plot!) or a pair of semi’s. Which definitely won’t get him any profit now after how much he (by his own admission) overpaid for the land, add on the removal of the mature forest that used to be there and a hell of a lot of new fencing around its borders. 
    He’s fucked! And that makes me so happy!😅
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to danthecapriman in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Got the fantastic news today that the absolute arse wipe developer trying to build a block of flats on a strip of land next door has had his planning appeal rejected!🤣🥳
    It’s been a long time coming for some reason but his initial planning application was refused by the local council and now, some two years later (!) his appeal against that decision has also been rubbished and refused too. Funnily enough, for the exact same reasons as the council stated.
    Great news for everyone that lives in the immediate vicinity of what would have been an oversized eyesore destroying everyone’s privacy and outlook in such a nice place. 
    But on a personal level I’m glad this has happened to this man in particular. He’s an awful human being on every level and thinks he can ride roughshod over everyone else that’s in his way. This is a man who has actually bribed councillors in the past and got found out! This project of his must have cost him so much in both time and money by now that there won’t be any profit left in it! Especially now he can’t cram in all his expensive flats! He’s now severely limited to what he can do there now.
    Serves him right the nasty twat.
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to Dyslexic Viking in 1963 Mercedes Benz 190DC Fintail. First start 2024.   
    I just had to drive to get away from the areas that get a lot of traffic this afternoon. But I have finally managed to find shade so have a break until the traffic calms down later. 
    And glad you all like it will get to read through everything here now.

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    mitsisigma01 reacted to Dyslexic Viking in 1963 Mercedes Benz 190DC Fintail. First start 2024.   
    It was a purchase

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    mitsisigma01 got a reaction from Three Speed in Lazy spotters thread   
    Snap , papped this one back in June, 

    The inside looks like everyday is a tip-run day , but it is always the same shite
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to 500tops in Lazy spotters thread   
    NZ registered Sunbeam in Cornwall 

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    mitsisigma01 got a reaction from Dick Longbridge in Lazy spotters thread   
    Oooh Sigma
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to Pieman in The grumpy thread   
    In Poland over the weekend with a colleague, hired a Kia crossover of some sort to get around in.  All went well until on a fairly rural road we happened upon a section of road where a muck spreader had clearly had a major malfunction, and for what must have been at least half a mile the road was fucking covered in farmyard shit!  My colleague managed to rally-drive through it without incident, but it was only when we stopped later on that we realised that the wheel arches and underside were pretty much coated in the stuff, and it fucking STANK.  Sadly we had no time to find a jetwash before we returned the car to the airport that evening - if the person from Europcar at Poznan airport who picked up that car happens to be reading this, we are extremely sorry and we hope you didn't lose your dinner on encountering one of the worst things I have ever smelled in my life!
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to Mrcento in The grumpy thread   
    Did he also tell you about his Sun Life over 50's plan? (It sounds like the perfect script for one of those ads).
    In all seriousness, i'd have got to B&Q, walked into the middle of the store, tell him i'd left my wallet/phone in the car, be right back, get in, drive off and leave the fucker stranded there.
    Not only would it stop hearing his egotistical bollocks, but the line in the sand would be so deep through the whole family, you'd never be asked for anything ever again and could sleep safe in the knowledge that to him, you're 'That cunt that left me stranded in B&Q'. (and yes, everyone would find it fucking hilarious deep down if they know what he's like).
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to Tomtation in Shiting Plans and Life: Get fucking into it with Tomtation.   
    I've spent hours writing this and the damn work computer won't post it, then lost the first 2/3 of waffle about my French fancies. So now I'm editing this on my phone ffs.
    Anyway, it's been 2 bloody years! Much in life has happened and there has been plenty of life/house/vehicular progress, some of which is posted below. Fucking technology...
    Volvo 740 Hearse - Much much progress has been made, the engine is almost finished and due to be re-inserted in a few weeks. Things have gotten a little out of hand, I've had the turbo serviced and turned into a hybrid (bigger compressor wheel and ground out casing etc), upgraded the injectors, gasket matched and port/polished the exhaust ports, started gasket matching the inlet ports and manifold, got a buddy to do an ECU/EZK chip and had the 531 'performance' head refurbished. I'm hoping for low 200's bhp wise  I'm booked to go to Retrorides Mallory park event in this, so you lot may be exposed to a lunatic attempting to drift a hearse with soft suspension 🤣
    Before gasket matching, outrageous.


    After gasket matching




    Now I have 3 weeks to do a block gasket refresh, paint and reassemble! I've started...


    Lexus hybrid - is awesome and still GLF! It is however at an age/mileage where stuff needs doing, tricky stuff like ball joints, wishbone bushes and apparently rusty rear subframes on a 2007 Lexus??! It also uses oil and I don't know why (PCV valve done already). The wishbone bushes I'm pretty sure I can do but the ball joints are supposed to be an absolute fucker of a job, you just cannot get to the top bolt (you need to separate the joint to slide the bolt down through and undo the nut as it drops) and they are so tight that most tools won't split it - that is if you can get the tool in there. Worse, you can't just smack the hell out of it with a BFO hammer, there is no space to swing. So we'll see about those.

    Saab 900 - will shortly be for sale, I have waaaaay too much on to give it the love and attention (read: welding) it really deserves. However, I have really really really enjoyed it over the last 2 years and will have a convertible again when things are a little less hectic! It has received a lot of love from me but is just so needy, so if you fancy a go I'll do an ad soon. Just know that from a distance it's beautiful, but closer there are many imperfections, the lacquer peel has gotten quite bad on the bonnet and boot too.


    Keep shiting folks!
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    mitsisigma01 got a reaction from HMC in HMC- Italian Focus and its inbred German/portugese cousin   
    The way it's sitting arse end down looks like it's already full with a couple of bodies in concrete boots ready to launch into a deep river 
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to Stanky in Pogweazled MG ZT-T - Pog has suffered a mishap!   
    The Garage Lounge on the corner of Albert Rd and Elm grove is nice for cake and coffee, Tenth hole as @danthecapriman has already said, plenty of decent places to eat along Albert Rd or Palmerston Rd, Southsea Rock Shop on Marmion road is quite good for local arts and crafts stuff - lots of funny local stuff. Go up to Portsdown hill for a pretty decent view of the whole area and a Micks Monster Burger. Southwick brewhouse, just on the other side of the hill is well worth a visit, and the adjoining pub does good food. Wickham, a bit further along has a really nice town square and fancy places to eat.
    For £25 per person I'll give you a tour of my garage.
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    mitsisigma01 got a reaction from danthecapriman in Pogweazled MG ZT-T - Pog has suffered a mishap!   
    Hovercraft to the Isle of Wight, then ferry to Lymington, New Forest , much nicer apart from caravantwats
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to martc in One (shite) picture per post.   
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to maxvon in One (shite) picture per post.   
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to 5speedracer in The grumpy thread   
    It's bad when you think Kwik-Fit might have been a better bet.
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to 83C in 83C's Shite-esque Fleet: VXR8 - the Saga Continues.   
    All plumbed up. Colour coded-ish vac lines, 3mm in orange and 5mm in blue. 
    Took it for a test drive and a few things of note: there is loads of oil in the exhaust to burn off as evidenced by the blue/black smoke I was leaving behind me. It doesn’t smoke at all at idle, hot or cold, but under acceleration it’s like a WWII destroyer laying down its own personal fog bank. A second test drive saw a bit of a reduction in smoke, hopefully a few miles of thrash up the dual carriageway late one night will burn the rest of it out.
    It also cuts the ignition at 5k rpm, which suggests to me that it is overboosting and hitting the limits of its fuelling. I’ve got a boost gauge to rig up and see exactly what it is doing. Right now the car is running with an aftermarket boost solenoid, so once the boost gauge is rigged up I’ll do a run with it still fitted, and then swapped for the stock boost solenoid. What I’d really like to see is the injector duty cycles but I don’t think my diagnostics machine can do that.
    Its good to get it mobile again though, hopefully it’s not far now from being fit to use daily again.
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to 83C in 83C's Shite-esque Fleet: VXR8 - the Saga Continues.   
    This afternoon after the boost solenoid was replumbed I went for another test drive. On the first one the car felt flat and lifeless until 4.5k where it started to come alive, and then hit a wall at 5k where it felt like either fuel or ignition was being cut. Turns out the wastegate and pressure lines into the boost solenoid were the wrong way around, so the ECU wasn’t seeing any pressure from the MAP sensor until the BOV lifted way too early and suddenly it saw way too much and reacted accordingly. 
    The second test drive also had a boost gauge rigged up to see exactly what was happening:

    Yes, that is clamped under the wiper, but it worked well enough for what I needed. This run went better, boost worked correctly but the car was experiencing a major misfire between 3-6k revs. Maximum boost peaked at 0.9 bar, so definitely a bit more than stock.
    Some further research and advice from a Facebook ZT group suggested the spark plugs might be the next port of call:

    These Denso plugs were ok but the gap was too big. Spec is 1.0mm but that’s the same for the N/A 1.8, which explains why on the first run there was no misfire until it died at 5k rpm. It was running almost like an N/A with the BOV venting everything to atmosphere early and the wastegate on spring/diaphragm pressure only, but on turbo 1.8s the accepted wisdom is to reduce the gap to 0.6-0.75 so that they don’t suffer from spark blow out. 
    Luckily @RichardK had already acquired a set of OEM iridium plugs, so these were all gapped to 0.6mm and fitted. This completely solved the misfire - the car now runs really nicely and pending a longer test drive I’d say is almost ready for the road. It needs two tyres and the rear arch damage sorting, but I’m well happy with progress.
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to 83C in 83C's Shite-esque Fleet: VXR8 - the Saga Continues.   
    The dry weather has been great for working on cars but it’s been crap for bodywork, and the ZT hasn’t been cleaned since it landed nearly four weeks ago.

    Its not that easy to see in this photo but it’s absolutely covered in a layer of dust and the odd bird turd.
    A quick go around with the hose, a bucket and a wash pad gave the following results:

    Much shinier. Tyres to sort next week, then it’s on the road. Not finished of course, but one step closer.
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to djim in Audi Allroad - the Dad Wagon.   
    So I’ve just done a buy and thought it might be of interest to some of you. 
    No dramatic collection fred as the friendly driveway dealer seller agreed to deliver from Derby down to Sussex but here are some pictures. I’ve seen very few of this generation of A6 on AS, probably as they are to most eyes boring as hell and just fairly mundane tutonic motoring but I’ve always loved this age Audi, and I’ve wanted one of these for a few years to scratch the same itch that my outback did. 

    This one is an 03 Allroad in 2.5 v6 TDi and Spanish gearbox. An unusual interior that I’ve not seen before in one of these, presumably a special order of some kind, and a few mod cons which mostly work. It has lots of good bits, air suspensions goes up and down with no issues, nearly new Pirellis on every corner, and the engine feels tight with just over 100k miles in its 20 years. It is trying hard to be an actual colour, a fetching sort of burgundy red which looks brown or even black depending on the angles, and it has only had one previous owner from new who, unbelievably, took it to Audi for every single service and MOT, so a whopping 19 stamps in the book including 2 cambelt changes.  Naturally I won’t be continuing this run of ludicrous expense and will try and do stuff myself or send it to my friendly local mechanic. 


    There are a few things on my snag list already, the drivers door actuator doesn’t sense if the door is open, (TADTS) meaning the car regularly tries to lock with the keys inside, the gearstick mechanism is very dry and rattly, there are various bits of trim that want replacing or fixing, the paint is scratched and quite dull in places – the car shows signs of not being regularly cleaned and possibly parked under a tree for much of its life when you look closely- and various soft touch plastics have gone all sticky and gross and want sorting. Also the steering wheel is absolutely minging with some kind of thick black sticky residue all over it. It does clean off but is so thick and gross I’ve just ordered a replacement second hand wheel for £25. 
    I'll try and keep this thread updated when I do stuff as I will be dailying this for all commuting, kid and dog hauling duties.  When it was new I hear the Allroad was the one of the most unreliable cars in North America so there should be lots of fun bits to do. 
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to dozeydustman in Found on the bins. A spotted thread   
    Few more from this week

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    mitsisigma01 reacted to dozeydustman in Found on the bins. A spotted thread   
    Out delivering bins this morning, stuck in traffic on the A27 and saw this in the van’s rear vision camera.

    RTH701Y. Gold Renault 9
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    mitsisigma01 reacted to mat_the_cat in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - I know it was wrong but peer pressure is hard to resist!   
    So near and yet so far.

    Gearbox siezed up.
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