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  1. This popped up in my coloring book app (don't laugh, nice stress reliever) Anyone recognise it? I vaguely recognise it either as a matchbox diecast or in custom car magazines back in the day.
  2. Today's carboot purchases.... £3 for the lot.
  3. I ran an 06 2.7d manual for 3 1/2 years a while ago and it never let me down, returned 40mpg most of the time and the only big bill I had was for the cambelt change which was a very reasonable £300+vat. If its a face-lift and has exhaust tips that point down then it shouldn't have a DPF. If it has a DPF just make sure you give it a good blast now and again or major damage will be done to the engine. Parts and service items aren't too expensive and they are easy to work on. Sill rot is an issue as is front wheel arch lip rust so check carefully as the sill covers hide quite a lot of the sill so rust can rampage out of sight until its terminal. Other than that just enjoy the silent waft of driving around in a jagwah. Also, the S type has a bit of a villain look about it so people always let you out at junctions!
  4. How easy is it to get burago 1/43 cars apart?
  5. Today's charidee shop finds. 20p each.
  6. If I was driving the '79 equivalent of the cars we have today it'd be a mini 1275GT Crayford convertible and a Mercedes benz G wagon. Today's cars are a bmw mini convertible and a Mercedes benz gla.
  7. We just swapped our mgf for this..... Now looks like this... Picked these up last week. Super super rare!
  8. 2 spring to mind in 1991. I had a little mini 1000 that needed brakes bleeding so my mate took it and lent me a '78 bright orange allegro 1.3hl. Cracking car!! Later on that year, over Xmas I worked at City electrical factors and the manager had a 1990 rangerover vogue 3.9efi softdash and as he was going to America over Xmas he picked me to have the rangerover for the 10 days he was off. Including the company fuel card too.. I was, for 10 days the cock of our street!!
  9. Today's charidee shop £2 bag....
  10. Today's charidee shop £1 purchase.... This was the diamond in the rough!! Worth a quid!
  11. some cheap wilko paint stripper. its worked ok so far but just not with this corgi mini.
  12. What am I doing wrong? I've done a few restos so far without any problems but now I'm trying to do a corgi mini, I've used the same stripper and the same paint as before but it won't go on the mini without looking shit. I've stripped it twice now and washed the stripper off with warm water and left to thoroughly dry as ive done before but it ain't working. Help!
  13. Today's home bargains er... bargain. Majorette premium series landrover 110. Opening bonnet and quite detailed with a top Trump style info card included Not bad for 99p either.
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