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  1. I haven't seen a MBX125 for years. Cool.😎
  2. I would like to take a two door Sierra, with the longer front doors, put the shorter front doors from a four door Sierra on it, then cut the shell shorter to fit up to the doors at the B pillar. Overall, in my head, the result would be a shortened "Sprint" version of a Sierra, a bit like Audi did with the Coupe/ Quattro. If someone could Photoshop this, then it would show what I am trying to describe.
  3. I suppose a sidecar doesn't really make much sense on paper and I couldn't begin to explain why I have wanted one for decades, but then I wouldn't be able to explain why I grew up wanting a motorbike more than anything either, but I did. I have ridden through enough winters to know how to stay dry, anyway I have another bike and a car, so this is a recreation vehicle and they don't have to make sense Having been taken for a spirited ride in it by the previous owner, I know what sort of performance and handling it is capable of. I am still learning to ride it, it is a difficult journey, but once I master it, I should be able to carry a decent tent, booze and camping equipment when I go to bike rallies. And my little un loved her very slow ride home from school today.
  4. I have been unlearning how to ride a motorbike this week. and learning how to ride this...
  5. I remember it well, it actually made the mainstream news, I had split up from my first wife and was back living with my Mum. I was upstairs watching tv and she shouted up the stairs to turn the news on, I was absolutely bloody shocked, I don't know, I just assumed the man was immortal. What a man he was, twenty years on and I have never read a bad word about him, absolute legend and there aren't many of those in a lifetime. I bought the video of his life from a motorcycle dealers not long after and the bloke on the counter said I wouldn't be able to keep a dry eye when I watched it. He was correct...
  6. We had a bin lorry catch fire a couple of years ago and my loader took a photo of it, within three minutes he got a phone call from the office telling him to remove it from Facebook, that was before the Emergency Services had even arrived.😎 it would seem our Council can be efficient at something... You don't ever do Singleton do you? My old Mum was brought up there
  7. I spend my day spotting cars on the rounds, but would get into trouble if I posted any on the net, I wish it weren't so. Some of the highlights are... The little Datsun 1200 that Spottedlaurel has, when it's original owner had it. A G reg mk1 Capri. A Skoda Estelle. A house with four really nice Scorpio shaped Granadas and a Cougar outside. A Mazda 323 Turbo 4x4. A really long Pigsnout Transit van/ pick up. This maybe the one that was on a thread in here a few months ago. The one that had me most amazed was a Vauxhall Firenza Droopsnoot, I only got to find that one because the cover blew off it, I had been wondering what it was.
  8. Is that Transit from Norfolk? There used to be one just like that on my round over ten years ago, then it disappeared.
  9. Liked because there isn't a not like button.
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz4XIldOb2E This Scampi Fries advert?
  11. Has Autoshite turned into Pistonheads?
  12. I saw that on he Thickthorn roundabout yesterday, I did wonder what it was for a second.
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bY2jvzAWR2k The Greeves salesman and his disabled vehicle feature from 2:30.
  14. The best I could find. https://forum.keypublishing.com/filedata/fetch?id=3678555&d=1536050651
  15. We finished our work early today, so we were given some bin deliveries to do. One of the service requests we had, stated... Reason for new bin... Grafiti, someone has drawn a penis on the side of the bin and we can't get it off. My advice to tell them to rub a bit harder wasn't acted upon.
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