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  1. Well this is done and dusted, car turned out to be great. I part exed a 59 reg "mystery focus" that I bought as salvage from copart 4 yrs ago, mystery being it was supposedly a cat N but never showed up on the register despite being mangled, all in and fully repaired it cost me £1300, I got £1300 for it today I had quite a wrangle due to the lack of service history on the Qashqai which the salesman understood was an issue so he threw a load of crap in, free MOT's for life, 6 months breakdown, drive away insurance and some other shite, after all the signing of documents it was then over to the "hand over team" who promptly handed me the keys along with............... the bloody service history 🤣 Electric handbrakes can get in the sea
  2. R.e helping others, many years ago a young lass had parked her Mk1 KA outside my place, she knocked panicking as she had a flat tyre and needed to get to an interview.........the sound of my jack going through the rusty sill will stay with me forever
  3. Finally found a 69 reg qashqai in the right colour, miles, price and spec that we've been after for a while, it's at another branch of a major supermarket type place and is being brought to my nearest one, slight grump is that there is no service history at all with it so technically could have done 42k on the same oil and this will be used as a bargaining point as I'm very unhappy about this The Grin: I've managed to get the vin number from the reg which isn't easy these days, as the original supplying dealer had added a badge to the rear of the car I called them and, quoting the VIN, they were happy to confirm they had serviced it yearly and it had had some warranty work done, they'll also send me a newly stamped replacement book if I email them. Hopefully the car is as good as it looks !
  4. Cracking old capri image posted on a local history site, 1.6 GT XLR with some funky mods, died in 83 by the looks of it
  5. Friendly reminder to goggle up, been there etc..........
  6. I recall doing something similar on a xantia back when I didn't know what a scanner was, I think the abs connector was in the engine bay , I felt like an F1 mechanic #
  7. There was some filming going on in the disused hospital next door to work, biopic of Clark Gable apparently starring Jason Isaacs. Some pretty cool old stuff had been shipped in, had a good chat with the owner of the Willys
  8. It's pretty common knowledge across the world how these thefts occur
  9. Nigh on mpossible to remove at the roadside though thankfully,. Honda moved to a manicat on the more recent Jazz which makes them unlikely to get targeted by the Gypo's with trolley jacks
  10. Me and the wife are on our last day of a week in the Canaries, fuck all has gone on social media and we've barely spoken to anyone whilst here, I don't do holiday friends as you risk having Roger and Pauline from Wakefield stalking you for the entire time 😄
  11. You are forgiven my child
  12. I was this many days old when I found out that meds for blood pressure ( Beta blockers) can make one more sensitive to the sun, 2 days into my holiday and I look like I had a ringside seat during the fucking Manhattan experiment I'm burnt through factor 50 FFS
  13. We are away to Fuerteventura tomorrow for a week, just realised it's 15kg luggage allowance not 20 as it usually is, my unpacking is akin to a scene from "The Martian" when he's stripping the spaceship to shed weight Why the fuck have I packed 15 t shirts ?
  14. Not a royalist by any means but watching the cortege going through Edinburgh on the telly and every disrespectful twat has their phone cameras up recording as it goes past, no heads bowed solemnly, just strikes me as being hugely disrespectful. It's not like it's not getting bloody televised
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