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  1. I severely hope you are taking the piss my man , if not I shall have to hunt you down and remove organs !
  2. That Mini will be a write off, took the hit like a champ though and glad you're ok Parky
  3. Free Costa coffee tomorrow in 8500 machine locations ! yeah you'll have to download the app but free coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2019/09/free-costa-coffee-october-1/
  4. Poor girl in work has her parked car rammed today in a hit and run, mint 2014 toyota yaris took a hell of a smack and shoved a golf in front a good 2 feet , her car is fucked front and back and without doubt is a write off. I found a piece of the offending cars number plate which appeared to be foreign , also did some exploring and found a piece of it's wheel arch liner further up the road which after I checking the part number is an opel insignia. Police have a partial number off a witness but it'll go nowhere and the car will be squished by now...cunts !
  5. I'm getting more and more tempted to get back into an Omega. I've owned 12 over the years and broke more for spares , prefacelift 3.0 elite on gas was my favourite car ever
  6. I'd love to track and interview the first owners of cars like these, must have been some lifestyle they had to be able to spend a hunk of chunk like that in those days
  7. A" Friend " of mine buys his Sunday newspaper and substitutes the spaffy tv mag for any greeting cards he needs for upcoming occasions,self scanning saves himself a fortune he says
  8. I got absolutely savaged by mossies in Tunisia last week, 30 + bites, no repellent made a difference but luckily I had antihistamines aplenty which saved the holiday, one poor bugger had 200 ish bites
  9. Yeah a bit like, see if you can fix it for Norman ........
  10. Roffer has T series I believe
  11. A good dousing of WD behind the glass bit and a manual workout usually restores function
  12. LONG LIVE THE 220 SLI !! p.s plugs were new and cost me a shitload as the RAC sourced and fitted them at the roadside, should still be grand as it's had little use since
  13. I can safely say that the rotor arm in the Rover was not nicked from a ,possibly early 70's, Land Rover that had been rotting in a local scrapyard for 15 yrs at least ............ I'm lying through my teeth though as it was and is most likely the culprit after it wouldn't start for me and left me in the shit, or it may be the coil behind the passenger headlight which looked a bit dodgy too
  14. FFS Billy, I saw the ad for the astra this morning and thought oooohh ! Too slow 😁
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