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  1. It's actually meant to be £30 worth I believe
  2. Time to get the pitchforks out and run the f*ckers out of town ?
  3. I didn't think I could be more pissed off with the government but seeing the farcical food parcels sent out to kids while their Tory chums are skimming off the top I actually felt like crying. Twats
  4. Ouch ! I'm a nob for running it without the guard tbh, slim discs are lethal and 3 of them let go on me , fecking rusty droplinks
  5. Remember kids, grinders ain’t no toy , luckily had 2 pairs of thick gloves on but finger burnt a bit 😢
  6. My sympathies to you and yours, such a shite time we are living in he was young
  7. Cheers bud, I'll probably buy a mini torch kit and grab a spare cluster from Mallies scrappy this week to practice on
  8. Oh for fuck sake as if the day wasn't bad enough the wife's focus has started fucking about cutting out and losing power. I'm guessing it's the dash cluster playing up so i'd better learn to solder tonight....haven't got a soldering iron mind 😆
  9. Facebook mechanic turned up and was an absolute fucking nutter, flat earther with some unbelievable conspiracy theories and apparently parliament is getting burned down imminently. If he's not on a watch list I'd be very surprised! Did a decent job changing the spring though
  10. Honestly I cannot be arsed in this cold I need it rolling asap so couldn't wait for compressors to be delivered, also springs scare me somewhat !!
  11. First day of a weeks leave, lots of plans but just gone to move the fiesta and BOING ! bastard coil spring has snapped, I have a spring but don't have compressors and it's undriveable so I've put a shout out on the local facebook for a mobile mechanic. It's too cold to be a tight arse
  12. Lovely work, I recall my local scrappy has a mini "Equinox" in that was rotten to the core and falling apart but it still fetched around £1300 on ebay
  13. Massive horn for a mk1 chamade 16v , test drove one once and it was a hoot with very comfy seats
  14. Early morning walk and discovered a Mk2 k reg MR2 T-bar sitting in a car park of some local flats, flat tyres and not MOT's since 2018. MOT history shows mega corrosion failure's in 14 and 15 but last 2 were clean ................was major welding completed ??? Should I pursue it???? Damn right I should !!!!!
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