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  1. Cat N should make fuck all difference, insurance companies can't invalidate an MOT
  2. Anxiety sucks ass , had major issues in my youth and the fucker is back with avengance at age 44 FFS , another day another battle to win !
  3. When your personal plate is utter. Bollocks so you have to add what you wished it spelled in small letters underneath ,M Booth apparently ! also got a bit of sick in my mouth when I saw this abortion in town
  4. Ooh I didn't know cuvva existed, looks to be just what I need should this deal come off and most cars I buy are within an hours travel any referral code would be appreciated !
  5. I need to shift a car for one trip, any particular company that won't sting me if I take out a policy and cancel after a day ? Day insure is £60 so looking to do it cheaper if you know what I mean !
  6. Offer the citroen owner a big bag of weed and a 3 litre bottle of frosty jack, she'll likely give you the car in a flash
  7. Yes really enjoyed it, spent a fair bit of time in 80's Germany as a kid so it was quite familiar
  8. Aye it's great, I love soviet stuff from the 80's. I'm also enjoying "The Virtues" on C4
  9. Would look similarly good en route to Knowsley with an Omega from Urmston on the back
  10. Whoa, whoa.. hang on a god damn minute, you has got recovery truck ! Jealous is an understatement ! how much for a borrow mister ? 😁
  11. There is a very tidy 19 in my local scrappy, it " may" be the same colour as this , I'll have a mooch next time there
  12. Ideal candidate for LPG conversion, makes you feel great booting a big engine knowing you are getting around 40 MPG equivalent
  13. Hit me up with 2 randomski's for this little beauty
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