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  1. My 2004 fiesta is about to click over 138k and I know for a fact it's never had the rear drums off as I've had it since new, stops fine, handbrake is fine, no noises and it pisses the MOT year in year out ....... I dread to think whats under the drum
  2. You just know those seats are soooooo comfy just by looking at them , well bought sir
  3. You do know that wasn't jizz on her dress it was actually soup................cockaleekie
  4. Jesus wept , we get some odd creepy crawlies down by the docks, colleague had something the size of Tarantulas in her shed. Can you get a full size pic of that beast ?
  5. Looks ace, can I ask where did the previous residents poo go ?
  6. Had a nice day out today at Hack Green bunker , I'm a cold war obsessive and have been meaning to go for years. https://www.hackgreen.co.uk/ Went past a chaps house near the gates and he has the biggest collection of fucked Land Rovers I've ever seen, must have been 50-60 in his garden
  7. Made some progress with my project, it's sat for 5 yrs before landing with me and I happily managed to get her running again today with new fuel pump, filter and anything rubber in the tank replaced after the nasty petrol dissolved it all. Not so happy was the alternator which wasn't charging, I found a quirky little old school company locally who managed to replace all the electric gizmos inside for a reasonable £55 after someone pre me had fried them with a suspected dodgy jump start. Onwards and upwards !
  8. Fuck me that bill brought me right back down to earth but I'm trying to stay positive
  9. You can pay cheques in by taking a pic of it with some banks ! I didn't know this until young un showed me recently
  10. How much is it current ly
  11. This reminded me I've had a piece of Seat Ibiza glass in my shed for about 4 yrs that I liberated for Mr B in return for some welding he did on the Rover 220 SLI during my custodianship of it, no idea if he still has his Ibiza but can't bear to tip it. anyone need a rear drivers window for a 3 door MK1 Ibiza ?
  12. Quite a sought after engine for the Corsa boys if it all goes tits up, rocker cover likely culprit for the leak
  13. Lol, It's questionable if this green shite would even burn
  14. Current project has sat for 4 yrs and it seemed the fuel pump had seized, I popped the top off the tank and christ alive, the fuel is bright green, stinks and has dissolved all of the rubber piping within the tank to a sticky sludge, even the strainer on the pump has liquefied Research shows there is a bacteria that can flourish in petrol under the right conditions , never heard of it nor seen such thing before, I'm so looking forward to siphoning it out and replacing it all . Fortunately the pump being seized has stopped this shite getting sucked up to the fuel rail. Not sure how to dispose of the 20-30 litres of contaminated fuel as the local tip won't take it, any ideas ??????
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