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  1. He was Dyson with death doing that!
  2. Yeah i'm ok thanks, thought i'd cracked my wrist but was able to finish the job so must be ok, no head bump Self medicating with a drop of wine in anticipation of being v sore tomorrow
  3. Was re-felting my in laws shed today and inexplicably fell off, 7 foot fall onto concrete so now bumped and scraped to hell , you have to laugh though don't ya
  4. I hammered one of these on an off road day, was mightily impressed by it's capability in mud and ability to do very scary angles of lean
  5. Micro bore copper heating pipe has got me out of the shit in similar circumstances. Chop out the rotten metal pipe , CMB is easy to bend by hand and then whack a bit of flexi pipe with decent fuel pipe clips on each end, usually fits into the existing pipe holders too
  6. Oh just you wait till I get some shots of the most unlikely lambo door equipped piece of shit lurking near me, tried getting pics but the proud owner was showing the turd off at the time
  7. omegod

    Budget X Type

    I follow a couple of the rescue organisations on youtube, "Howl of a dog" being one that does tremendous work and always brings tears to my eyes Jag looks a bloody bargain !
  8. omegod

    Budget X Type

    Max is looking quite regal there
  9. omegod

    Budget X Type

    Brucie bonus may be that the cats off these can be worth up to £200 dependent on the code on it, easily viewable from the engine bay and check for sold items on ebay
  10. Sounds like this might be something a bit special, absolutely fucking minging but still special
  11. Digi dash in a Montego, when,what, how, omg ...never mind i'm off for a quick w*nk
  12. I recall doing one on daughters Iphone6 which as firmly glued, it began to get extremely hot very quickly so was ripped out and lashed in the garden
  13. Droplinks are what angle grinders were invented for !
  14. I assume the bolt letting go suddenly sent a shock through your back/neck ? if so I've done it loads of times and really fucked myself up
  15. Sounds like some people must be breaching the non essential travel guidance, outrageous !! 😉
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