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  1. Despite feeling like death with a chest infection I had to ride to the rescue after my daughters friends had let her down for a planned visit to "Horrorcon" in Manchester today, she'd paid to get her picture taken with some Hollywood hottie she loves from the film scream, entry was painfully slow for some reason so so we stood if the fucking cold with 5000 very creatively dressed horror fanatics and got in after 10:00 instead of the advertised 09:00 entry the upshot being she'd missed her slot with said hunk and was resolutely told she would have to wait till 5 pm but as she had to get home and start work at 4 pm. I could see she was really knocked/disappointed due to this so I applied some creative persuasion to the staff and then sweet talked the head lady ( very hot !) which worked and much to her shock she was then ushered to the front of priority line and popped between said hunk and ,as an added bonus, his other hunky co star for a lovely picture. Fuck me this convention game is a racket, she's paid £40 for the single pic but the double and queue jump would have been £150 ! She's been having a tough time lately and ended being over the moon, it felt nice to still be a bit useful to her
  2. Complete bullshit show that, One of the early episodes they blagged that they found a pair of mint MK1 MR2 front wings in the correct red for £20 each that were obviously brand new and freshly fucking painted. If I ever meet Brewer he's getting reminded of the fact !
  3. Guess which knobhead went to the walk in center this morning with a very weird virus involving high temp, strange breathlessness + cough, Triage nurse was horrified that I hadn't had a PCR test prior to going in and had just done a negative lateral flow test. She was even more horrified to find out I am a frontline NHS worker who should have known better, I even got a finger wagged at me when telling me to piss off put of the building I genuinely hadn't considered how stupid it was of me but been feeling terrible for a week, keep feeling much better then it dry bums me again, apparently I still have my huge and embarrassing gag reflex which the tester at the walk in testing station found amusing !
  4. Z549 Satin Red is my fave Vauxhall colour, but I'm a bit biased with this 17k Omega
  5. I once sold a lovely 2.0 Xantia VSX to some very odd scallies who didn't even want to test drive it , knock on the door a couple of mornings later from plod as it had been used in a crime and left with it's doors wide open in Chester, they wouldn't cough as to what the crime was but it seemed summat serious an I later got a letter from a storage company asking me to collect it, I was tempted as I had a spare key but left it alone
  6. I read a comment today that tickled me: "Marriage is just two people asking each other what they fancy for tea every day until one of then die's" My wife didn't think it was funny though
  7. May the gods of shite smile sweetly upon you this fine evening
  8. omegod

    Stop smoke

    I have a very good 2005 100k 1.6 Focus engine with fresh belts in my stash , I'm 10 miles from you, and tis but a weekends work
  9. Not grumpy, more sad really. My daughter is moving into uni digs on Sunday, we were walking round Tesco earlier pissing ourselves laughing at stupid stuff like we normally do and it just hit me like a truck that these regular things we do are going to be quite few and far between now as she fly's the nest for the first time. I'm delighted and excited for her starting a new adventure but we are really close, just wasn't expecting it to hit me like that. Think i'll need a new project car to take my mind off it !
  10. I misread the thread title , am disappointed
  11. I once saw a model village catch fire, was awful to see, you could see the flames from 10 feet away
  12. Original post now edited to reflect it is sadly available for sale, not cheap but it's the best one left for sure
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