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  1. If you have a snorkel and a hacksaw there should be a £400 catalytic converter attached to that
  2. I can confirm that google maps does not work properly in New York, been sent on several wild goose chases this week, bit shit as I like it normally
  3. Travelling to New York tomorrow for the wifes 50th, the stress of having a supervised covid test this morning was immense !! Negative so good to go Reminiscent of my driving test !
  4. The c*nt who gorged himself on 27k worth of takeaway food during lockdown, he wouldn't know struggling if it smacked him on the arse
  5. Tesco currency idiots, got a quote online earlier for dollars which you collect from the local store but could not collect until tomorrow, I happened to pass the store this morning so popped in and the rate was a LOT lower, I asked and she was resolute that you need to order online to get the rate I wanted....to be collected from.....the same kiosk.....the same lady......the cash coming out of the very same safe Irritating !!!
  6. When your private plate is that vague and shit so you have to explain it
  7. My brother is a vicar, I've added you to his weekly prayer list
  8. Not forgetting the Rottweiler on the flat roof !!!
  9. If you fall in love you with it Vaux offered a fridge unit that slots into the useless bit between the rear seats
  10. Prepare yourself for a blandness overdose
  11. Would scrap for double at least, some Vaux cats are quite valuable
  12. Had one briefly, bland in every respect, bought as a non runner which I knew to be a faulty fuel pressure regulator so fixed it for £60, caused me no harm at all but I was glad to see it go
  13. I swear this house would withstand a direct nuclear strike, walls are so solid you can't even chop in a socket
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