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  1. Nice cars, thanks for sharing. That Polonez has cleaned up really well.
  2. He doesn't think they'll fit his - I'll leave them for someone else. Thanks
  3. I didn't realise there was more than one type - I'll send the pic to my Dad (he with the Freelander) and let you know if they fit, thanks
  4. Are these still looking for a home? If so pls let me know
  5. What happened with ETG then, did he just vanish one day? Last I recall he had a few cars "pending collection" from shiters
  6. That is quite possibly the shittest thing I have ever seen. And I've seen some shit things in my time.
  7. IT'S FUCKING FUCKED MATE, BIG TIME (IFFMBT): Phrase used by the MOT man to inform a shiter that his conveyance requires the lightest* of recommissioning in order to return it to full road-worthiness
  8. It is never going to be blow your socks off exciting, but it seems pleasant enough as transport. Seating position and comfort I'm happy with thankfully, horses for courses though enit! The huge B pillar is wank though, and already noted by me on the collection. Nothing. Except the fuel gauge shows full when its empty and vice versa (brimmed the tank and drove 130 miles with the low fuel light on), tyre pressure sensor fault that won't clear, a few knocks and dings from being reversed into a driveway between gates, smells a little bit of dog (but not too much), the AC doesn't wo
  9. Since last update I: - Bought a Saab 9-5 Aero from the forum. Ran for around 12 months and sold on to the forum - Bought an MX5 from the forum. Ran for about 1000 miles and sold on for spares and repairs - Today bought this absolute shagger's mobile: Complete with roof rack and tow bar for carrying all the clunge that's going to be throwing itself at me when they see my grey trainer on wheels. Its actually pretty good.
  10. Big ups to @maxxo for giving me completely free of charge Picasso knowledge/advice via PM ?
  11. That's post watershed filth. And by the way, I believe it's pronounced "cham-pagne"
  12. You lot have lost your fucking minds. What happened to that beige Citroen BX that everyone got a stiffy for a few years ago? As far as I know everyone lost interest after a couple of weeks and it sat for months, before being "resurrected" for a weekend then going to sit back in a garage again. The Sierra that @BorniteIdentity has/had only got rescued because he took it on as a mostly personal project and pumped a load of money into it (and @Cheggers helped out with the purchase fee as I recall) and made it a labour of love. That rover is a fucking shed and wants scrapping. Which is w
  13. Just put it on eBay and be done with it....? If someone on here wanted to pay £4.5k or £70 a ticket for it, they'd have done it by now.
  14. Well yeah... Otherwise everyone would dump all their old shit on them and leave them to foot the bill for disposal.
  15. That looks great, well in Ken
  16. Fair play, that colour combo is the mutts nuts. Look forward to reading more about it.
  17. That's the bollocks. Love it
  18. How depressing is my life that I looked at that picture of a beige house with a dark grey sky and thought "fuck me that looks a bit of alright"? decent hard standing driveway, little interaction with neighbours... might be worth relocating 540 miles for. What's the internet speed like up there?
  19. Nyphur


    I've smashed the ever living shit out of a Bahco socket set for 7 years without a single complaint. I think we (Dad and I) got it for around £40 in an Amazon sale. They don't appear to do the same set any more, but the equivalent looks to be around £220 these days so I consider that a result.
  20. Welcome to the club ? Want to buy the one vital component thats missing from @djoptix's genuine SAAB dog guard? ?
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