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  1. Doesn't look like it, but the socket set on offer looks to be made of Chineseum anyway, so save your £3 and put it toward a cheapy set in Aldi. ETA: Thanks @dollywobbler, the extra discount offered by that deal has got me signed up for the subscription.
  2. Great photo, thanks for sharing
  3. "Previously owned by Jas Mann of Babylon Zoo fame..... Yes that's right, they did 'Spaceman' ......£500 less?!"
  4. I would be scouring google images for pictures of tidy SEAT Leon's to list myself on Autotrader for a hugely inflated price in anticipation of the insurance company offering £600. "£8,000 for an old Leon?!" "It's a Leon microclimate in my area, what can you do?"
  5. Don't throw any of it away! You'll need it some day.
  6. Had a flick through this is WH Smiths earlier, was pleasantly surprised. Still jam packed full of the same old shit adverts (i'm fully aware that this is a large factor in how the mags keep themselves going) but the content itself seemed top. Debating a subscription.
  7. Eh? I agree about the supercub though, very cool looking thing, but cracking on for £3.5k .... 😲
  8. That looks "pretty alright" which is probably as best as can be expected with the amount of money we're talking about for the paint job. Hope the MOT goes well.
  9. Mally and family do stock car racing I believe, so presumably require access to the garage etc which scaffolding would block.
  10. Looks fantastic, great work. More pics of both the RayMK and Bradders59 yoke welcome please can't decide whether I like. champagne or duck egg blue more. Both look belting
  11. That looks fantastic Ray, looks like you've taken good care of it. Superb.
  12. That looks a slightly different, but to my eye, superior set.
  13. I've only skim read the thread,. Are some coming to loiter at the FoD and skipping the show? If so, may I registered my interest in doing likewise?
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