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  1. If you'd not said Yorkshire, I'd have guessed this was in Zimbabwe
  2. Thought you wanted the C2 as a track car anyway? It's already undergone some weight saving. For speed, add lightness etc. Potentially passing up a track weapon there honestly!
  3. Bad luck with the C2.... following the civic 😦 "not paying" Reb for the car you agreed to buy is a joke though I presume? Presumably no actual deal was reached?
  4. This is one of my favourite threads on here, thanks for the updates 👍
  5. Wow that guy kicked him out single handed
  6. Ah right I read on TDW that it had developed a knocking noise under load so presumed it was that which had killed it.
  7. Swear you could be making a killing offering out your services to major manufacturers for stress testing. I've never known someone with a stronger proclivity for fucking up otherwise fully functional motors.
  8. You can easily look up his business name and see the residential address it's registered to.
  9. Sky are bringing it back - Greg Davies to host https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/entertainment/never-mind-the-buzzcocks-returns-sky-greg-davies-newsupdate/
  10. @catsinthewelder - I was trying to find your topic about that massive camper you bought but couldn't find it - do you know where it is please?
  11. Another vote for these, and another person who found it so good I bought a second. One lives in the boot of the car for emergency repair duties (would easily fit in glovebox/seat back mind), and another in the house for "I can't be bothered to get the right tool from the garage, I'll make do with whatever I can use from this kit" duties.
  12. My old Connoisseur CDTi. Really fantastic car, used it for my ~60odd mile roundrtip commute every day for a couple of years. Did have to replace an injector with a £25 job from ebay, needed a new fuel pump and a few servicing bits and bobs. Oh and a crank sensor. And was run with the MAF unplugged and and and.... I can't really remember why I got rid of it - I think I was just tired of there always being something broken/breaking on it and having to spend the weekend looking at it so I could use it for work Monday. But still a great spec and lovely way to commute.
  13. Just been catching up on many pages of this thread. Interesting and terrifying in equal measure! Did the C license get achieved in the end then? How did the roadrunner fare at its MOT and did it survive the stunt driving?
  14. Good effort to continue on for the trailer collection. Here's hoping for a rain free passage home 🤞
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