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  1. Some sort of killdozer in Bolivia. Presume its a cash van or something
  2. Its fucking fucked, mate
  3. Requires only light recommissioning. Imagine turning up with £200 in your hand and smoking about Peru in this like an absolute hero.
  4. Not entirely convinced I'd pop into the minor surgery clinic here. Although, decent taxi rank round the corner to take you home
  5. Case in point - what is hiding under here?!
  6. I enjoy it and pay for a monthly "pro" membership. I mostly like it for the puzzle solving element, but its nice to see the old heaps that you encounter along the way - and quite often they offer a clue as to which country/city you are in
  7. Thanks both. The eventual GeoGuessr answer was Argentina. I found a battered Sierra and a Renault 21 Estate right round the corner. Not a shill for them or owt, but GeoGuessr is quite a nice way of turning up all manner of obscure shite, especially when you are dropped into Eastern Europe or South America.
  8. This started out as a "what is this car" thread, but has changed into a "look what shit I found on GeoGuessr/streetview" - feel free to add your tat finds. I'm sure there was a thread for this previously, but a quick Google didn't turn it up. Mods; please merge it if a thread already exists I've been playing a bit of GeoGuessr tonight and it turns up a huge amount of old shite as you find your way around. Not sure what this is though - anyone?
  9. Hahahaha I bet that was a right laugh.... 🥺
  10. No idea what the engine that's got everyone bursting their zipper at sounds like, so I request a video ASAP
  11. Ah man that is an absolute bastard. Hope you can get it overturned. My grump - supposed to be moving house today, collect keys from letting agent at 9:15. Turn up "we're still waiting for the landlord to sign some documents before we can give you the keys - can you come back at 11:15". Ok... Phone call 10 minutes ago "They still haven't signed the documents, can you come in this afternoon instead?" Yeah sure, I've got all the time in the world love. Not like they've had 2 weeks to get this shit sorted.
  12. I've considered buying one myself a few times, I'll be interested to see how you get on with yours.
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