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  1. Happy Birthday. Sounds like a great day out. I'm seeing the Ministry of Sound Orchestra in August which is inexplicable not the same as Pete Tong's Ibiza orchestra apparently? Let me know how it is, if you can remember
  2. "Polystrong" is what they call it. And yes its very good.
  3. .....I'd rather the Fabia honestly But that looks like alright transport.
  4. @SiC any good for the runaround you mentioned you were after, or too old?
  5. The logo looks familiar, aren't they they ones with a reputation for selling Porsches with histories full of lies too? Edit - yeah http://911uk.com/viewtopic.php?t=125972
  6. I love that truck. Fantastic
  7. Uniroyal Rain expert have been my go to for a while now
  8. There's far worse shit on the roads, at least you are aware of their age and can drive accordingly. So long as there's still tread and no cracking etc then drive on. Good job with the robo-polisher.
  9. Simply talk the owner down by 65% of his asking price 👍
  10. Pete - I was away from the forum for a few months (as I am often am!) but have caught up with what I missed on this thread in the past few evenings. I didn't want to go through and "like bomb" every post, but wanted to drop a note to say I really enjoyed reading about the work that's gone into the car (even where it was fixing other's cock ups) and am keen to see what is next. Hope you're able to now get out there an enjoy the car as a rolling concern! Cheers
  11. This looks great fun. Good effort by all involved
  12. I had the same on my Micra years back. Liberal application of spray grease (with something behind the joint to prevent overspray on the carpet) was all that was required.
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