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  1. Its bullshit and didn't happen anyway, so no need to worry.
  2. Can you at least offer it up on here first? I've no idea how difficult the rose bush to rear hub is, but if that's all that stands between it and another years motoring someone may take it on.
  3. I'm just glad it wasn't for real money
  4. Cleaned this bastard today. We are under hosepipe lockdown conditions so I did it in about 20 mins with that "detail in a bottle" stuff. Did an alright job considering it hadn't been washed since the weekend I got it - just don't look too close. I don't think I would use that stuff on a car with decent paint, but I've only had one car with decent paint in my life so its probably not something to concern myself with too much.
  5. If you spent less time arguing about the rights of gender benders on the politics forum and more time looking after your motor you might have been able to keep on top of your affairs?
  6. Yeah but you can still drive the car with a major, you can't with a dangerous.
  7. I'd rather the Benz than the Jag I think. Edit: Also enjoyed the irony of a car full of holes being sold by "Solid Motors"
  8. Don't you work in IT, like half the folk on here?
  9. Squeeze yourself into the leather jacket you used to wear 12 years and 4 stone ago before doing so, too.
  10. Are you alright? I ask because reading your posts through the various forums recently I am getting major "early HK on the path of destruction" déjà vu vibes recently.
  11. Very popular with paedophiles!
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