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  1. you sir have a lot of patience.
  2. good to hear it's getting some attention at last.
  3. has the ole girl ceased to exist?
  4. Hi Alan, more the merrier
  5. bodyshop and mechanic on site, very friendly rates. will ask landowner if ok to publish pics, building is waterproof with elec, cctv is being installed next week.
  6. Offering undercover car storage near Lenham in Kent £20 a month any body interested or for more info, pm please. Thank you
  7. will go back tomorrow and look
  8. engine is missing, but there is b10m on the front of it, couldn't get to see underneath, but the interior is suprisingly in good condition.
  9. tour europe at your leisure,
  10. reliant scimiter (spelling) first pic and a good ole ldv pilot.
  11. hi rustycarlover, the collection is on private land in kent, the owner( he must be the last person in the world that doesn't do computers/mobile phones ) has come to the realisation that nothing is going to be done to them now and wants rid, if any of the pics peaks an interest, i can get some prices, then you are more than welcome to haggle.
  12. dodge ram v8 petrol or on the left is a mgb roadster
  13. Have some more from yesterday.
  14. i was wondering about the moggy 1000 beside it, that's got to be flintstone material.
  15. hi guys, i was allowed to walk around this place yesterday, many many interesting vehicles and apparently owner wants rid of.
  16. that's easy to answer, vw tax scene, crap spare parts/panels from mexico that last until the first rain fall, under powered, no heater unless you can find genuine heat ex changers, normally end up in a fire ball where the engine bay gets so hot or the fuel pipes leak.But hey millions have been sold and millions have been made repairing them, only one to go for is the small oval window.
  17. few more for you all, sorry you will have to stand on your head.
  18. hi DodgeRover, I am down there tomorrow so i will take a look and let you know, i know some of the tractors are fordson dexta's i think, there is also a marshall, international and one under so many brambles i can only see the big rear wheels.
  19. thanks for the replies guys, gives me some starting points to look at
  20. no mk1 /2 sorry, plenty smiley face and later ones, local metal yard have been contacted but arn't really interested unless we remove tyres etc, few mgb gt and roadsters, rover 95, rover p6 2000cc beetles, skoda pick ups, plenty of oldish merc estates, bmc threepenny bit chassis cab, loads of old plant machinery and bicycles,old horse boxes iveco, cargo's, tractor's, land rover 109 pick up scimiter gte 5eb i think, couple of reliant 3 wheelers (later robins) mini's, morris minor, bedford tk's , some later jap and british motors. p38 v8, merc 450sel, merc sl with no engine,various 4x4 jap stu
  21. hi all can you give me any suggestions as to the best places to contact regarding selling a lot of old vehicles,from a disused scrappy? have a taster of the vehicles in the yards. kind regards Graham. kent based
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