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  1. Sorry it's been a long day
  2. Yeah photography is not my strong point and as I took it on a iPad it looks the right way up to me but to the rest of the world is upside down no doubt.
  3. Citroen XM book covering the development of the car. The dust covers a bit damaged,but that's it. £3.00 + p&p. Or you can collect.
  4. For sale we have my uncles Rover 820i. Silver with grey interior. It has the o series 8 valve engine. It runs sweet and was wax oiled every few years. He's had to give up driving it because he needs an auto so has a got himself a Rover 25 auto which he loves. He's had this car for 23 years and it belonged to his boss before that from new. It's on an f plate and looks fantastic. The MOT has lapsed but it wouldn't take much for another.. I would have it but it not my cup of tea. The price is none negotiable,but it's worth it. Any interest pm me.
  5. To be perfectly honest,yes I would have. It's a rare car,and it's cheaper than me driving to Latvia and buying one in similar condition. And it's Rhd to boot.
  6. Pity that's in a raffle as I would have bought that
  7. I thought these had electric power steering. Main dealers are always going to rip you off with labour charges.
  8. I used a bottle of cooling system cleaner I got from halfrauds and used it to good effect in my Dads crossflow powered kit car.
  9. Bloody hell,I'll use it as heating for my garage then.
  10. Classic book covering repairs and servicing of the Renault Dauphine,Floride,4,5,6,10,12,15,16 and 17. Written by J.Dewar Mclintock. Printed in 1973. Nice little book to accompany your classic Renault. £10+ postage.
  11. I'm selling off some of my doubles,triples. Haynes workshop manuals for the following. Mercedes 190. Covers 190,190e and 190D. 1983-1993. £5 +postage. Vauxhall Carlton/Senator 86-94. £5+postage. Vauxhall Omega 1994-1999. £5+postage. Peugeot 205. £5 +postage. Citroen BX petrol. 83-94 £5 + postage. Citroen XM 89-00. Covers the petrol models except turbo and V6. Covers both diesel 2.1 + 2.5. £5 + you know what.
  12. That's what makes a difference to changing the plugs. I can't remember if it was number 1 or 4 that was a pig. Still not a s bad as a Fiat 1.9 Utd Doblo.....
  13. Oh and as for brakes,you need to know which callipers they decided to fit. There really is no rhyme or reason as to what they fitted.
  14. One of the glow plugs can be a pig but it's not impossible. I used to get my filters direct from pug dealer as they were cheaper and not filled with Chinese newspaper. I'm seriously getting the itch for one of these again.
  15. That air scoop behind the grill and goes over the top of the slam panel can be modified very easily to take in more air. I read about it years ago and tried it on mine. It was more of a benefit on cooler days. I removed the scoop and shaped some aluminium sheet around the back of the scoop to extend it further down so that air passing through the grill gets forced in better. The only down side was more wasps etc in the filter.
  16. I've had loads of these. In fact it was 306 diesels that got me hooked on diesel cars. I did over 50k miles in one year in my first 1. The last one I had was a HDi still good though. Would have another in a heart beat.
  17. CHRIS1980


    It was the same car. The dealer was advertising on autotrader and eBay.
  18. CHRIS1980


    It's not so much the idiots and crap being sold. It's more to do with price differences. For example last week I spied a Jeep Grand Cherokee on autotrader at £695. 4.0 in good condition. Same dealer advertised on eBay with a near £500 more,why? Also on forums for minis when it comes to parts you can get stuff much cheaper than on eBay. I know there's fees on there but why such a price difference?
  19. CHRIS1980


    Is eBay the worst place to buy cars? I mean from a price point of view. I've been looking at various cars on there recently and found differences on prices,sometimes small differences and sometimes massive differences even on the same cars. Where do you guys find is the best place?
  20. I had a D reg vogue SE a few years ago. Drank fuel,but was a joy to drive. It needed constant attention but I didn't care,I just threw money at it. I paid £525 for it,spent circa £2600 on parts and sold it 3 years later for £525. Worth every penny. D45FYP where are you?
  21. This. Stop building houses and the water will have somewhere to soak into. What does Mother Nature do with our 'green taxes' and 5pences for bags?
  22. I once test drove a Cherokee 4 headed monster with a view to buying it. I was put off by the heavy clutch,practically took 2 feet to press it down and dam near launched me out of the seat on the way up. Shame really as I like everything else about it. I also drove a 4litre but it would have financially ruined me on fuel. I would still have one but my 4 headed monster Frontera is fine for now.
  23. Joseph would drive a Peugeot partner with wooden racking in the back. Inn keeper would have an XK8. 3 wise men in SAABs. Shepherds in Daihatsu four tracks. Herod would drive some awful blinged up G wagen. Mary would have a Hyundai Getz. The Angels would drive nothing cos their Angels.
  24. Copper head gaskets are the best! Every time I put one of those Payen gaskets on it would be revisited very soon after.
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