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  1. Having a mate that’s into cleaning cars, I don’t have the patience.
  2. Safely back in Shetland, just need to collect my other car next week and my fleet will be complete
  3. Called it a night just outside Carlisle. Quick run down of the car: Convertible Roof - doesn’t work Suspension - clonks over bumps Exhaust - heat shield rattles Tracking - wheel wobble between 65-70 Everything else works so have auto lights/wipers, auto-dim rear view mirror, heated seats, cooled glovebox etc Glovebox - Contains no Werthers Originals 😒 Just over 220 miles left to do in the morning to get back to Aberdeen then on the boat tomorrow night
  4. Sorry, minor disaster of a flat battery upon collection.......well it wouldn’t be Autoshite without one would it. So £800 buys you a virtually brand new car (in my eyes). A 2008 Ford Focus CC
  5. Train No2 achieved. Next stop - somewhere in Bromley
  6. Poo Count = 1 (managed on the plane) Now on Train No1 to that there London, seats pretty good, people non-smelly
  7. Hairyplane achieved. Now to try and get some sleep aboard this contraption. Must try and break my poo count duck whilst several thousand feet in the air
  8. Left home at 1am, now at Sofia airport. Flight leaves at 6am. Why I can’t buy cars closer to home is a complete mystery to me.
  9. Sealtainn


    I remember there being something on TV years ago about a company called Rent-A-Wreck and the guy was driving a yellow Mk4 Cortina Estate that looked absolutely hanging 😂
  10. Sealtainn


    Anyone up in Shetland wanting to not hire a Kia something-or-other from the local rental place are more than welcome to borrow this
  11. So in 3hrs I set off for another of my mega collections. Leaving Autoshite International HQ in Bulgaria and travelling by luxury French conveyance to Sofia airport before flying back to Luton. Have packed the essentials
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