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  1. it was starting to rain,will get round to putting it right way up.shocker swapped out,so 7 clock this evening,with smoll torch undone light bracket,put the right way way up,resealed.
  2. did the timing belt yesterday borrowed gazebo, it was pissing it down, the old timing looked old,but tensioner seemed newer, changed both,in the kit was dayco belt,now used by vw,thats fine than,ritek tensioner fine, alternator belt in the kit,not used too small,gone in spares stash,have fitted the drl/ind lights,,new rear shocker to fit tomorrow,the other new one is bottoming out,it was new one,but just bit too small..temp job,till today,new one own brandcheap jobbie anschler 5.00,hope its not raining,gazebo gone back,they were not my oily hands,honest.new pictures later.
  3. get the proper socket remover on it,torque wrench on it,,socket is black with split down one side,for the wires,less than fiver on flea bay. use plusgas its better..
  4. sand the brakes lines down,than underseal them,save money the autoshite way,spend asless as possible,to keep your old beater on the road.
  5. proper job that nowt wrong with that.keep it up the doctor,a paint roller is your friend,,
  6. zebras are cool,dont change that interior,🐭🤣
  7. service done today,0,44 pence each sparkplugs fitted,others well worn,oil filter change done,2.99 10w40 oil,no name cheapo,also changed rear shock,slight leak,cost nil,had one in spares stash,was for agila version,fancy drl/indicator lights from amazon,fitted drivers side,pass side faulty,replacement winging its way from amazon,autodoc timing belt/tensioner on its way,12.87 kit,changed the air filter,valeo fitted,new wipers fitted allround,from my spares stash of about 100 wipers,picture tomorrow.
  8. what a tosser,on your wingmirror,any paint flecks,.
  9. undo filter from whole mounting,easier to undo it than,cataclean not good,waste of time.so says my local mot guy,he said its like pissing in wind,my sparks plugs on suzuki were that bad,bought set for 44pence each,put copaslip on,to aid removal..
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