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  1. fine today,so have wired in dash cam,cost only a fiver,than put on the drl lights,tiny front,found somewhere to fit them,
  2. last one i had from a owner who wanted it moting, failed on rear shocks,prices coming back for Β£400,he sent it of to scrappers,love to rot underneath..cheeky bid 50 or less.
  3. new spark plugs fitted,set of four Β£4.00,crosland filter Β£1.33,it may have aircon,but it does not have a cabin filter fitted,new interior shots,drl lights just turned up from amazon,still pishing it down,fit sat,if it stops raining,
  4. yes, fully stamped service history upto 2019,were mileage hit 21281,autodoc goodies are winging there way next week
  5. more to tempt has fog lights,aircon,locking wheelnuts,
  6. picked up last night,new only in name,but only 21000 miles from new,been stood since dec.no pictures yet,due to pissing down,covid extended mot,timing belt was last done 2013,non abs model,even as its 2000 model,
  7. not in my budjet,Β£30,so they can go swivel...
  8. fibreglass is your friend,watch out for certain relay,that will ftp it,i flogged one,before ftp on new owners 2 weeks later,πŸ˜„
  9. you just need to have more front than woolworths,and a great ad...😎😎😎😎😎😎,thats all folks....
  10. it should be for Β£30,still has mot for feb 2021,last owner his daughter gave him a four door corsa,gulp.she wanted the old banger sent to knackers yard,still has original crossmember,floors,sills,rustproofed rear axle etc with krust,than matt black paint,...
  11. camera charged up rareing to go,put a new cabin filter in,last person had put the old one back to front,piccies,they do flatter it.it was cheap,found a haynes manual in boot,cost previous owner Β£1.service goodies winging theyre way from autodoc,have done wiper blades all round,50p each,made valeo,on clearance,so i bought a few,they have gone over to bosch,im not paying them prices..
  12. truely shite,too cheap to turn down,8.45 tonight,gloves,mask,hand sanitezer,smoll clue,silver.flaky paint...
  13. they only rot because dozy ford,put 2 sound foam up there,get them out pronto,acts like sponge,than rots them out...
  14. theshadow


    it serves it purpose,you forgot to tell me it had an alarm on,neigbours know about it,at 4 am this morningπŸ˜€πŸ˜€,cheap sunblinds fitted from aldi,46p for 2 ,pollen i got this morning,,yet to fit,have to fit tom jerry front sunblind yet,..cost only 10p...
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