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  1. gasless is fine use one for good few years,clark jobbie,welded plenty shite motors,floorpans etc,will not use a gas one,,each to there own...
  2. new windscreen now in,changed pollen filter,air filter,sparkplugs are cheap at 83p each,
  3. here if first picture,steering wheel sunshade,
  4. have got front rear sunshades,various toon s..piccies soon
  5. new winscreen being fitted tues,rustproofed front crossmember,with rustins matt black,found abit of weed on rear floor,now in cordless hoover,
  6. previous was hit baseball bat,was off to be scrapped..saved just in time...
  7. drives great for auto,needs windcreen,tyres are old,cracked,still tested,no rot,will dig out some drl lights soon.
  8. 49000 miles,bill from 2018 was sold for £1395,now knocked out to me for £50\ needs that will be telling,just out to get pictures..
  9. your not putting on them shite circoili waterpump are you,they are really really shite..
  10. cheap high mileage oil being sold in asda £10 for 5 litres.is that the silverhook stuff..used quite a few..
  11. all stuff from autodoc were getting,seems to take normal 10 days..
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