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  1. today strpped down the rear shoes,well worn,freed off the adjusters,both wheel cylinders not leaking,but pistons were seized,freed off pistons with tapping them back forth,freed,handbrake now on five clicks,footpedal great now.clutch cable to free of tomorrow
  2. drivers door lock barrel needs changing,it seems the berlingo,picasso,will fit with slight modifications,will be freeing of the adjuster on clutch cable soon,sprayed with wd oil,airbag light still ok,great heater ,will change the oil soon,,
  3. bought for £100 or 5 twenty pound notes,done service,plugs,front pads,clutch ajuster still seized,still drives with high clutch pedal,needs boot lock,drives door barrel seized,dents ive since pushed out,airbag light sorted,turned off passenger side one,than switched back on all fine now,,more to to do,drl lights etc.
  4. pictures on morrow,dented side panels,should push out ,scratched front drivers bumper,radio.cd wont turn down,poverty spec,windup windows,clutch high up,but not slipping,adjustment first,more to follow..
  5. its red,thats all for now folks,.
  6. same color as yours 51000 miles just passed its mot runs great for cvt.
  7. gasless is fine use one for good few years,clark jobbie,welded plenty shite motors,floorpans etc,will not use a gas one,,each to there own...
  8. new windscreen now in,changed pollen filter,air filter,sparkplugs are cheap at 83p each,
  9. here if first picture,steering wheel sunshade,
  10. have got front rear sunshades,various toon s..piccies soon
  11. new winscreen being fitted tues,rustproofed front crossmember,with rustins matt black,found abit of weed on rear floor,now in cordless hoover,
  12. previous was hit baseball bat,was off to be scrapped..saved just in time...
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