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  1. sat changed the autotransmission fliud,easy job,14mm socket,drain into washing up bowl,only needed 1 half litres,oil change was done aswell,went on amazon,set discs 9.99,cheap as chips,blueprint,pads cost a bit more.bought 1 tin dinotrol to spray on rear,
  2. small update,cd player works great,service started pollen filter,bought engine oil from poundshop plus £15 duckhams qs,jacked up rear check for corrision advise,just surface ,slapped on kurust,than black underseal,all good.drove fine,next day flashed up misfire,easy fix put in new denso plugs £8 for set four.strange about cat n,as logbook turned up,,but all clear in notes section,rear dent on passenger side,filled with fibreglass filler,painted hammerite smooth silver,looks shite,who cares..
  3. bought collected delivered,,22nd bought,delivered 30th,first class purchase from hmc shitemaster matt,ceri delivered,first class,more to follow....
  4. autodoc goodies turned up ,so have put on fanbelt,pollen,airfilter,changed oil filter, regal backbox from ebay turned up,not got gasket,so just nut bolt jobbie,seems fine,bought some inner steering arms,so both wheels of,passenger side held on by 3 wheelbolts,the other seems to snapped of,so remove both trackrod ends,innerarms removed with stilsons,came off ok.n/side had more play,put new splitpins in trackrods,of to tracking place,£20 so all done i get new wheelstud,still drives well.
  5. will try 1.99 stark headlight resto kit in cloudy headlights,handbreak needs doing,battery tied down with rope,plastic w/arch shelid missing.
  6. normal service ,bought for £50 at 11.30 last night,back box is in boot m8,fag burns on drivers seat deffo not from smoke pet free home,poverty spec ish model no aircon,has electric windows,cdradio,1.0 all that power/
  7. i also put on front disc/pads,service,never had a problem smell of fuel...
  8. leaking oil from oil cooler housing,have strpped down,ie heat shield,manifold.undone front pipe,loads of space now,odd the oil cooler is new looking,bottom left of it you feel fresh oil,have a previous messed up the gasket,new gasket kit being sent from fleabay,£5.00 for 15 pieces,battery coming aswell 25.,bar that leak,drove fine,have also spied a micra k11 27000 miles 1 owner mmm,more pictures on astra tomorrow
  9. reversing sensors,yes its one of those
  10. battery fooked,started with my trusty jump pack from lidl ,£50 was handed over,value of scrap at moment,i drove away sharpish,discs allround,front fogs,black interior,some mould,should clean up..
  11. been stood since oct,nov last year,its modernish,but still shite,no mot,black
  12. was dry so changed out sparkplugs,had genuine fiat ones in,denso now fitted,new airfilter borg beck no less,drivers door strip now glued back on with gorilla gllue,than onto heater switch,what job t hat is,connector burnt,
  13. so the c1 has gone to first class shiter,the spirit of the punto has stayed,so work to follow,clutch is fooked,sent to a mates with a £25 clutch kit of fleabay,yesterday,now fixed,so all in £95,,more jobs to follow if it stops pissing it down.bought the punto for £15.due to above,so this will be staying
  14. boot lock now fixed some numpty had painted over the lock,drove over to nursing home this morning to pick up a 2 door fiat punto grey 04 up for sale soon..
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