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  1. all stuff from autodoc were getting,seems to take normal 10 days..
  2. so a 7 this morning,time do timing belt,had to finish by 10, as a neigbour needed running for 2 nd jab,so friday borrowed timing kit,pins,locking the cams etc,all went smoothly,tipprxed plug leads\the old belt did not look too bad,so bosch one fitted,as the waterpump left alone,as it runs on alternator belt,all timed up,running well..
  3. so new bosch belt turned up £6.97,so will put it on soonish,neighbours car came over 2010 1.6 petrol,he went halfrauds picked up 20w50 diesel oil.he put that in,crossthreaded the oil filter housing,revved it up,blew the oil out,funny,made my day,,even with snow..
  4. changed the front plate,stuck on sticker type one,hate paying for placcy one,removed the rear inner wheelarch/carpet type cover,red leaded the area,makes you wonder why they did not fit them on ford ka..tracking will be done today..goodies ordered from a/zon,
  5. if rear shocks are fine,just change the bushes,which are less than tenner..
  6. late post,from excellent shiter floatylight,so tues went on train ride down to stafford,it goes all the way to b/mouth,so do not nod off,met outside station,no petrol station shot,over half in tank,for a fezzy very very solid,have red leaded the rear floor chassis,all solid,more to do,tracking,2 tyres to be done,bought new cabin,fuel filters 1.67 each,changed the fuel filter,keep cabin filter,as f/light had changed the air,cabin filters,and left me oil,oil filter,have since done that job,drl lights now fitted,timing belt will be done soon,
  7. all drug dealers round here use golfs,😎
  8. done the rocker cover gaskets they had gone hard. just changed the rear one,front one i applied gasket sealant,will get front one next time round from autodoc,a lot cheaper,will monitor for now,jet washed the engine,will fit drl lights on tomorrow.
  9. i know it was beginning of march ish from top shiter robson yet to remove the locking wheelnuts,no key,i will do soon,today i will do the only advise,rocker cover gaskets,drives well,aircon good,easier to work,citroen seems to have put some thought into it,easy to change headlight bulbs,goodies ordered on sutodoc,picked up 3 oil filters for fiver,so cheap spares,no rot,joy no welding to do,.... picture borrowed
  10. so not much to report,did the handbrake,slacked off with 10mm socket,did the metal fuel pipe seems to be breather pipe,got a spare bit hose,copper pipe,jubilee clips,alldone,just waiting for rear back box,front discs/pads,changed the airfilter,than mot to follow..
  11. stripdown commences,removed rear wheels,placed trolley jacks,axle stand for safety,removed rear discs,pads,wound the pistons back in,luckily not seized,got some cheap discs on clearance mintex,genuine nissan pads 7.00.will put on tommorrow,wired up some drl lights,put new sidelight bulbs in,,more bits to come from adoc,service goodies,front discs,pads,rear silncer box from the bay.
  12. neighbour brought over his 2010 astra ecotec jobbie,his sparkplugs not been changed in 5 years,no wonder it was driving shite,back firing etc
  13. battery on charge,need a front exhaust hanger,time for some bodging..cold out..
  14. it seems ebay are cheaper on brake stuff,rear discs £20,pads genuine nissan £9.99,autodoc £33 for front discs/pads,so alot cheaper than euro..so it pays to look around..rear back box £30,have sprayed the brake bolts with wd 40,the 2 brake pipes mentioned light sanding down red lead will suffice..
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