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  1. wire brushed the rear axle,floor rear areas,kurust,than sprayed with comma clear anti.rust,this thing is still mint underneath,very very original,put new front bosch brake pads on,still had original nissan pads on,quite a gap on mot history mot 2011,2013,2017 one year had only done 15 miles ie 2013 59317 2017 59332 mileage still only 59566 2019,hankook tyres on front,still original nissan b/punt radio/cass,...
  2. they drove onto sand dunes,deffo no droopy suspension😎
  3. good luck.👻🤔🙃😥 carefully wirebrush,,than spray with matt black from £1 shop,are wrap fibreglass tape over..
  4. they owned it for few years,dont know what happened to it..
  5. my mother and her other arf sat in front of brown jobbie down in lake district ,few years back,will get copy of photo soon,
  6. i got £30 for aa badge,still pissing it down,no go on rust proofing today...
  7. original battery knarkered left to charge all night,stuffed,pissing it down,went scrapyard,got varta£ 10. cheapie,slighty bigger,strapped it down,will do for now,starts,drives fine,ltd edition is called mauritius,some surface rust,so needs rustproofing asap,seems to have been prev garaged,and on off some years,tyres have 6mm allround,oil clean,filter like new,non pws version,seems better without it,quite a few old school tools in the boot,aa badge removed,now flogged,wait for weather to stop...
  8. has genuine micra mats,,thats a saving already,
  9. here is some piccies,battery looks new,had to jump start ,now on charge,scrapyard for another maybe,been stood for a few months,non pws steering,does not need it,mileage 61000,ltd edition version,pre nats, has got alarm on it,
  10. and a petrol station shot,i know about bloody time,..
  11. for all micra lovers,lickers,😸🙂
  12. have rustproofed there yesterday on red micra,has some giffer owned shields added at the rear to keep rot away,painted on red rust buster,than sprayed aldi finest matt black,than black under seal, all done without the luxury of a ramp,and was raining,watch out on the dist cap they are getting rare,mine had hitachi cap harder to find,they try fob you off with normal one,it needs intermotor 46994,got one on fleabay,blueprint no longer stock it,only the one you dont need,changed the oil it was minging...
  13. allways excellent service from cavcraft motahs,put the rear wiper back,helpfully found in the boot,as is good s/hand wing mirror,have now fitted that,wiper arm was worn,so slapped on some pegatanke,than pushed on arm,stuck like shit,another first class repair,picture on morrow.
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