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  1. comline seem to be better pads,and cheaper too..these where £9.00 pads also fit ren clio..
  2. its cold,snwy out,s/hand headlights fitted,comline b rake pads turned yesterday,so put them on today,
  3. new s/hand headlights just turned up,£20 for pair,old are too yellowed/new bulbs from amazon h4 jobbies,cheapies made by lncboc..underside of micra will get red lead primer made by johnstones,cheaper than hammerite,to touch up the red,found tin of red paint at poundland.more goodies coming in from autodoc,friend needed a clutch slave cylinder for n16 almera,autodoc again..
  4. first class work northern monkey,micra running great,great work as well moog..
  5. first class service,motah from northern monkey 🙈🤣,and moog for safely drive it here🐭 no pictures it snowed here this morning,yesterday i uprated the sidelight bulbs,thought i had a ghost,put key in ignition,started it up the wipers started up,,would not stop,left running for 15 min,than gone back to normal,more to follow..have a great new year chaps,
  6. excellent mover.10/10,perfect shiter..🐭🤣🤪
  7. did the other reg today,found broken glass bottom of the door,so had new window sometime,removed most of it,logbook came,all clear,
  8. first class from world of ceri,more work done on it today,got picture,not transfer,so giffer taped over door panels,black,could not find my silver tape,passenger side rear removed door panel to get window reg,well rotted,lukily cat left some new ones in,undo two bolts,removed rusty one,removed window,to push on new used sylicone spray,still abit tough to push on,done.hope to upload pictures soon...
  9. work done on new shite,black giffer tape,black sealer,kurust,tyres all ok,part worns but allfine,no need to change,fit uprated headlight bulbs,borrowed bus ramp,all solid,no holes,thats a win,have got round drl lights to fit,have applied some matt black rustin paint,thats all for now folks..
  10. pictures,and more maybe tomorrow......checkover,if its not raining,have got a tin rustins matt black
  11. new shite incoming,so suzuki will be going up for sale soon,£250,mot short jan 2021,newly serviced,cambelt,tensioner,done,tyres great.drives ok,heater great.
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