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  1. I remember these on the 744(?) from Bridlington to York via Pocklington? Fine views from the top deck and they used to go like stink IIRC.
  2. These. I wrote the MGF off smashing it up the arse of an XC90. The towbar folded the bonnet in two lengthways.
  3. Ex MASS Transit Dennis Dragons? Amazing. I used to see these around Sheffield all the time carrying kiddies to school.
  4. Not sure if serious. Teachers 100 years ago didn't have nearly as much bureaucracy/marking/governors to please as they do now. Joking apart, when my other half became a teacher I was firmly in your camp. That opinion has firmly changed after 7 years in the job. Regular 60 hour weeks for not much more than a cushty senior office based job with nowhere near the pressure. I know what I'd rather do.
  5. Come and live with me for a week mate, you'll soon see how stressful it is and how it takes over their life. The missus is a teacher and there are some days I wish she'd jack it in. The money is alright and the pension is good but fuck me it's not worth the hassle.
  6. Looks like there might not be enough interest for a roffle. Shiters exclusive discount - £350 before I pop my Gumtree cherry?
  7. As you might have seen on another thread, I bought this a month or so and after 300 or so miles I've realised i'm really not getting on with it. Don't get me wrong I love Rover 75s as much as the next man but I think its the colour. Plus this one needs a little bit more attention than i'm comfortable with (probably as a result of not viewing it before I bought it on Ebay!) and I'm really shit at spannering. I'm going to be completely honest about it and it'll probably put everyone off but I'd rather be straight with everyone. It's a 2.5 V6 badermatic Club SE in moonstone green with charcoal velour seats. It is lavishly appointed with dual zone temperature control (air con isn't cold), multi function steering wheel (doesn't work), power mirrors (doesn't work) and cruise control (actually does work!). MOT until June 5th. The bad points: It needs a service. Feels a bit sluggish so it could do with a good going over. It needs attention to the front suspension (MOT history throws up an advisory for track rod end so it's probably that). As a result of the above it tends to wander a bit. Interior is average, and it's obviously been smoked in before. The ashtray doesn't stay shut. There is a small water leak in the boot. I fixed the major one but there's still a bit getting in. Good points: It's only done 62,000 miles Service history up to 2009(!) Bodywork wise it's actually really presentable. It drives well, goes up and down the gears as it should. MOT history is good, no advisories for rot anywhere. It has a towbar (GR8 4 touch parking) Location is Oakham, Rutland although I can pick you up from somewhere more civilised like the stations at Peterborough, Nottingham, Grantham, Leicester, Loughborough etc. I could possibly deliver it within reason for the cost of fuel and the train fare home. Price - £400. I thought there might be some interest on it here so I've put it on here before I brave Gumtree. Wish me luck. Possible roffle, although I would really rather sell it normally. I would potentially be interested in a swap or P/X though Soz for the shit pics, my phone camera had some dust on it I think. It will be cleaned inside and out ready for collection.
  8. A small independent (now a fair sized company part of the Wellglade Group) called TM Travel had the contract for our school initially and they basically put on it whatever was left at the back of the yard at 2.30 in the afternoon. A pictoral record is included below for your viewing pleasure*. Then one day this turned up in full Chesterfield Transport heritage colours. It was owned by a local preservation group who kept some vehicles at their depot and I can only think that this was the only serviceable bus available. Keep in mind, this was in 2002! Then the contract passed over to Johnsons of Hodthorpe, renowned for their fetish for Bristol VRs, and from then on in it was as succession of elderly Series II examples: And then if you were really lucky, one of their Series I's that they kept for ages.
  9. Yes, otherwise known as the middle of nowhere, although collection can be arranged from Leicester, Peterborough, Nottingham or Grantham stations! I'll take some better pics today, weather permitting then put up a proper roffle fred.
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