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  1. On early DW8 both Bosch and DELPHI were fitted, with DELPHI DPCN being fitted to the later engines exclusively (with ECU timing control). Bosch drives better to be fair.
  2. Nope, pump is DELPHI (previously known as Lucas, previously known as Roto Diesel / CAV). Most DW8 engines are DELPHI, possible to see Bosch but rare.
  3. Guide sleeve procured, installed and new clutch fitted too. I’ve also fitted a new timing belt, the item fitted was pretty slack and the camshaft position was slightly out. With a new one fitted and correctly timed the van drives particularly well for what it is. The new clutch has also made a world of difference - normality restored!
  4. Pretty easy to fit cruise control to VAG stuff, if my understanding is correct. Buy the hardware for the switch pack and find someone with vag.com (or VAS) and code it in.
  5. Today’s findings, release bearing had collapsed and guide tube has made a bid for freedom. Pressure plate release fingers are also worn through which explains the variable biting point. Unfortunately I didn’t get a guide tube and don’t have one on hand, so the van remains stripped down until I can get back to it with parts. LUK friction disc didn’t look to have faired too badly though, I reckon it’s the original clutch too. Release bearing was hanging! I do like Valeo clutches, from previous experience. Prefer LUK if it’s DMF though, thankfully these aren’t!
  6. Clutch on the Dispatch has been getting worse, in terms of judder, while the biting point has started to become variable. Whilst fetching a batch of Panther parts from an enthusiast the biting point became progressively worse last evening, to the point where the clutch is dragging intermittently. Having to stop the engine, engage gear with the clutch dipped and then restart was entertaining* Ive bitten the bullet today and purchased a Valeo clutch kit from ECP, as well as a timing belt. That’s tomorrow sorted then, pics to follow.
  7. Away in Bogota currently. I’m surprised by the amount of Chinese stuff here and the fact that most trucks belch out smoke, but most of that is poor fuel quality and high altitude (2600 metres). Renault have an assembly plant here and are extremely popular, Renault Duster and Sandero are built locally. Lots of old 12s, 9s and 11s around. Got a couple of pics, apologies for poor quality. Kerbside motors and a suitably dire R12.
  8. I do like an unmolested early R8, that hasn’t had a Rover grill grafted on to it.
  9. Yes Vince, I did join the Y Register group and saw yours posted (having recognised it from AS). If you trawl back through their page you will see some updates I posted there too. There are a few people around that can code ECUs and modules for early R50s. BMW, Rover and MINI software is similar at that period of time. I’m having a guy do the engine ECU from my donor car. You should be able to reconfigure any BCU though, as far as I understand. Yours is looking good, that’s a surprisingly good colour for one of these.
  10. After the NEC Restoration Show I agreed to recommission the Panther Rio that was the star of the Panther stand. It had already had sills and paintwork done, to a decent standard but it didn’t run too well, dash woodwork looked sorry for itself and only 3 electric windows worked. A/C was disconnected (belt and tensioner missing) and the bonnet alignment was poor. Quite a job list added to a full service and MOT as well as a desire to have electronic ignition fitted. Having got it on the lift earlier today I looked at it for potential MOT issues. Sadly the right front chassis rail is badly deteriorating below the battery (a famous Dolomite trait) and the subframe needs to come down to make a proper job of it. Otherwise not too bad, but it’s now a long term project and will go on the back burner until Autumn time.
  11. Which Diesel engine? Can’t imagine any of them are a delight for that job.
  12. So far the interior and some exterior trim has been removed, power train needs to come out (timing chain is noisy and clutch is toast) and doors need sorting (window mechanism and locks). Luckily I managed to get hold of a mint non-runner, same colour and spec. Has the correct wheels and a decent amount of parts that can be donated to the Y reg. It was built 200 cars after the Y reg so has the correct early parts too. I have to go away to Columbia with work for a couple of weeks but have the motivation for a concerted effort when I’m back. Definitely want to get involved in some Mini celebrations this year. First need to get the ECU reset from the donor car.
  13. I do like these, they’re not a bad steer. There are issues, but what car doesn’t have its foibles these days. I now have a July 2001 Y registered car that awaits attention but previously had a 2003 car that was delightful. I think, by then, most major concerns were sorted. I am looking forward to having mine up and running though, I do enjoy these. Good luck with yours.
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