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  1. I bought mine 18 years ago for 450 quid, when they were in proper bangernomics territory. I was working in France at the time and needed a daily car when I was visiting home. I cleaned it up and made it reliable. It then sat for a while when I repatriated, on recommissioning I fitted power steering from a Gentry breaker, rebuilt the gearbox and sorted the brakes. It’s always run well enough and definitely gives smiles per gallon.
  2. New jet, new float valve, new diaphragm and a good clean up. Auto choke checked and set up. Basic settings done and job bobbed, ready to go back on the Panther Lima project (not my car but a project for a friend).
  3. This afternoon I’ll be mainly refurbishing a Zenith carb........
  4. I really need a C6 in my life.
  5. I worked in Paris when these were launched on to the market, suddenly they were everywhere! Your avatar caught my eye, it’s been a while since I’ve seen that logo. Good work.
  6. I can offer help where I can @Mrs Spart, I do have other projects on the go but can also organise my work plans and itinerary to suit, as necessary. Probably best to get a look over the MG and draw up with a parts list and then come up with an action plan / job list and engage other willing volunteers as and when. Just give me a shout when you’re ready.
  7. Desperately sad news, my condolences.
  8. It’s been an eventful weekend, springs arrived for the daily A4 Avant and are fairly easy to install. I also fitted new upper shock mounts and damper stops / dust shield. Injectors have now been removed for test / repair to cure a misfire when cold. Front end of the Polo TDi refitted but DTC P0088 keeps appearing, which I believe is an ECU software issue - I just need to find a decent tuner to install a new map (recommendations welcomed). The MG TF reverse lights were intermittent so a new switch was ordered. Fitted it today and after the fourth time of engaging reverse the reverse lamps
  9. With the Audi daily awaiting parts the Alfa has been pressed into service, it’s a decent steer and I do like the sound of the engine.
  10. Adrian Flux sent my insurance renewal today for the MG Midget, £95 for the year with agreed value and no mileage limit (not that I do more than 1000 anyhow). Happy with that. Awaiting parts for the Audi the Alfa has been pressed into service, it does bring a grin and the 2.0 TS sounds great.
  11. Is it wrong that I really want that Multipla in my life, or should I have kept that as a dirty little secret?
  12. I looked at my A4 Avant the other day and thought it wasn't sitting quite right, however it was parked on uneven ground and didn't think any more of it - until this morning. I emptied some work gear out of the back and set off to collect the BX seats from DavidB, only for a clunking noise to be evident. Managed to get a look underneath and I have not one, but two broken rear springs. The annoyance is that I fitted a pair of genuine new rear springs in November 2018 after the LH side let go in Wales, this time I will go with a known good aftermarket brand such as Bilstein (£60 cheaper per
  13. Filters are practically new and tank has been out and cleaned already, it was hesitating on low fuel level when I got it and that cured it. The fuel pick up pipe is quite high though so not much warning and no audible warning, apart from the engine going quiet, then it’s too late!
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