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  1. Reverse polarity? Was it from Positive earth car or Negative earth, or did these always have Negative earth? Does the fuel tank fill up as you are going along?
  2. Just got back from a weekend away, stayed in the Pennines not far from Burnley - stunning views and a relaxing time. Audi charging issue was sorted before leaving, CJF Rotating Electrics in Hednesford tested my alternator before relieving me of any cash and then reported it to be in good health, electrically. However, the clutch drive pulley was knackered which was no surprise. I was surprised that the one way clutch was so knackered it was also slipping in the drive direction when the alternator was loaded, leading to lack of charge. £30 was a bargain for a replacement pulley, fitted onto my alternator. Unit bolted back to the engine and faultless, quiet performance restored. Now to make preparations for the incoming XM estate, getting excited but I’m sure reality will soon hit!
  3. I was looking forward to Saturday but unfortunately not able to attend now. Enjoy the atmos and death burgers!
  4. My mission last weekend was to replace the cambelt, water pump and engine mounts (judder on take up of drive) on my Audi daily. Job completed without drama but I did think the alternator was noisy, one to monitor I thought. The ungrateful bastard decided to shit it’s alternator today, I think on the way to work as the idle speed was above 1000rpm and stop start wasn’t operating. On the way home the dash lights looked like Christmas and the power steering assistance ceased. Message on the panel stated ‘Battery not charging’ but I managed to limp it back to my storage unit. In other news I have an XM estate incoming..........with clutch troubles. WCPGW?
  5. After the 9N Polo had a new timing chain fitted last year it’s mainly been sitting around and doing the odd learner trip for younger T. That has stepped up over the last month and I’ve been using it for shorter journeys, quite a nice car to drive. However, last evening there was an FTP. It would crank, start and cut out straight away but no dash lights on at all. Main live supplies checked and fuses / relays with no obvious signs. Lives at engine management and instruments fuses meant getting the clocks out to check there. On removal the main connector didn’t feel quite right, outside of the connector was loose and pushing it home bought the panel to life. Further investigation showed the connector block pushes into the PCB, so I glued the plastic in place and soldered the pins back on the PCB, happy days a free repair! The offending connector / pins Front row soldered, back row of pins were also ‘blobbed’ All good after deleting error codes for missing comms to Gateway (Airbag lamp was on) Happy New Year All
  6. That’s majestically grim, good luck!
  7. The broken mirror, that was gaffer taped for MOT purposes, has been replaced today. I also took the opportunity to replace the LH door lock barrel (two more to do)
  8. If I’d seen this early enough I’d recommend CJF Rotating Electrics in Hednesford, first class at what they do. I’ve messaged you @Tamworthbay, speak soon.
  9. Not had a great deal to post on this, it’s just gone about its business without fuss. Heater has been ineffective recently so I treated it to a new thermostat, temp gauge sits nicely just below 90 now. Radio hasn’t worked for a while so I’m on the lookout for something, preferably DAB.
  10. Victim, sorry match, received. Thanks for organising @95 quid Peugeot
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