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  1. The Alfa is a fine looking saloon, whether it be 156 or 159. I do think the BMW E30 is still the all time best looker, as it is proportioned so well.
  2. After I passed my test I would drive from Tamworth to Bristol or up to Bridlington for training courses, but not what I would really class as long distance. Shortly after changing jobs, in my early twenties, an emergency job came up in Vienna. The ‘special’ components needed for the job were in Lille and the displaced components had to be dropped in to Paris, on the way home. I had a ZX 1.9D as a new company car but was given a ZX Aura TD to use, which went particularly well on the German autobahns. A trip of 3500 miles in 4 days and I was absolutely f*cked when I got home. Fog on arrival in Austria didn’t help matters and I arrived at the hotel at 3am, needing to be up at 8am. Torrential rain and aqua planing were a feature of the Parisian part of the trip, with my hotel room having been sold to someone else. The whole experience did teach me a few things about travelling and looking after yourself and well-being during such journeys, definitely listen to your body and don’t be getting over tired. Mistakes can be costly.
  3. I’ve been working on Isle of Man this week with their transport authority. I never realised how strict their roadworthiness test was, but conversely how lax it is once the test is passed where it doesn’t need presenting again (if the vehicle is taxed within two years). I had to look at some Diesel engines fitted to shunters and had a personal guided tour of the steam workshops in Douglas, I know there are people that appreciate them here so have a couple of pics;
  4. Good tip and yes, I’ve also had problems with those plastic membrane inner covers. They’re called water shedders on some parts guides. I use silicon gasket to put them on, easier than contact adhesive and maybe more durable.
  5. Definition of failure and success in one shot; Having four major jobs to do on eldests 207 I decided powertrain removal was the easiest option, Wheel Bearing, Clutch, Head Gasket and Timing Belt to do. Just tightening on the final sequence and the b*satard snapped. Luckily I have spare bolts, but I don't have another Head Gasket.
  6. The French logic is actually sound*, thats the picture of the pump you need to park against to fill your tank when the filler is on left hand side of the car.
  7. Yes from me, always wanted to do this. Would my MG Midget fit in the convoy?
  8. Looks a good buy, well done. I do have a soft spot for R8 Rovers, I was resident engineer at Longbridge for PSA when the XUD engine was being installed. I would love a Tourer, diesel of course.
  9. It has never ceased to amaze me that people will look to save money on filters, where OEM prices are not really expensive. OEMs and dealers know that prices need to be keen and have mostly realigned their pricing on these. The genuine alternative for me is to use an OEM supplier, Mann & Hummel or Purflux (as a preference). The Purflux filter medium is pleated to give a greater surface area, these truly are a quality product. In my job I have seen the damage that poor filtration and bad quality filters can cause. It’s not necessarily having unfiltered oil that causes immediate damage, this is more long term. If debris gets to things like oil cooling jets then pistons overheat and then seizure occurs. This kind of case is more prevalent than you would believe, definitely not fake news. An engine or major repair can cost thousands, a decent quality filter is generally less than a tenner, £7.00 for my Audi. I personally would not risk a cheap alternative. I will look for some photos I have somewhere so you can see the effects.
  10. MOT achieved on a long standing family Citroen C1 today. Had to get the hazards working and I have some advisories to sort but nothing serious. Its now up for sale and will provide sterling service for someone, have a pic;
  11. It gets mistaken for a taxi but I would reckon a Skoda Octavia with DSG is a good shout. Certainly comes in on budget and a decent steer too. Estates are plentiful but the hatch also has loads of space.
  12. Good work, vans are getting popular! A free one is especially good. My Dispatch is so useful I wouldn't be without it.
  13. That ramp photo is calendar material, surely.
  14. Everyone loves a free car, been given an R50 MINI One supposedly on a 53 plate. Clutch and trim issues but nothing drastic, will add it to my R50 project thread when it arrives.
  15. Would really like to have done Shitefest this year but have commitments this weekend. However, this afternoon has been spent fitting new front springs to my daily Audi A4 - front RH had broken. I also fitted new top mounts, all genuine parts from TPS. Front suspension is now much quieter (previous to the broken spring there were a few noises on rough roads) and ride is nice, rear springs were replaced earlier this year. Next jobs are front discs and pads along with brake fluid change.
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