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  1. +1 for replacing the gearbox oil. It’s an easy enough process but go with OEM oil.
  2. The cleaned / renovated suspension has made it from the floor to its rightful position in situ. Good progress today, noticed some hoses that have been affected by the oil leak though. Replacement parts to be ordered tomorrow.
  3. What’s the worst that can happen, they tell you to go away but you’ll know where you stand. If you’re genuinely interested and want to save it then definitely get writing that note.
  4. When putting the new plugs in I noticed that a connector was off the vacuum capsule, this appears to operate flaps that lengthen the air path for improved torque. Does anyone know if there is any good reason for this to be disconnected, is there a known problem? I will reconnect it but would like to know if I’m lining myself up for an issue. Thanks in advance for any comments/info on this.
  5. More inner wing fettling today, it’s had three coats of underseal, two coats of colour and two coats of lacquer. Should keep that area good for a while, suspension back in tomorrow. The gear change was sloppy and not springing back to centre, the cross pin on the selector mechanism had some corrosion and bushes were a little worn (but not terrible). Gear lever feel is better and centralises nicely now.
  6. Bit of help needed please, any knowledgeable Alfa Romeo people know why this vacuum capsule may have been disconnected? Is there a known issue with these or has someone just forgotten to replace the connector? Its a 2.0 Twin Spark Alfa 147, thanks in advance.
  7. I knew the oil leak was from the rocker gasket so ordered a replacement and assumed a straight forward job, not the case as it turned out. On releasing the fixing bolts the outer centre positions, inlet and exhaust side, were both spinning while not protruding up. Lack of clamping force definitely accounts for the oil leak, but someone has been there before, judging by the amount of sealant used. Luckily I have access to an insert kit so was able to make an effective, permanent repair. Sealant cleaned away, new gasket and cover reinstalled. Longer than expected but job bobbed.
  8. Managed to get time on the Alfa and progress a few jobs this weekend. Firstly got through the rust on the inner wing and put rust converter and a coat of under seal on. Had to chip some of the bigger chunks away as the wire brush wouldn’t budge them. Without treatment here the rust would surely have taken hold and a trip across the bridge would be the inevitable outcome, at least that journey will be further down the road now. Here is a before and current condition collage, I plan to get some body colour and clear coat to complete the task. More ‘bite-sized’ updates to follow.
  9. Been a busy week, work wise, so no real opportunities to get anything meaningful done on the Alfa. Treated a few bits of grot on the rear floor where the plasticised undercoat and seam sealer had come away, again metal not rotted through so got to these in time to save future damage that would have killed it as a going concern. Managed to replace the rear exhaust hangers today, but no photos I’m afraid. A good weekend planned on it though, MOT soon I hope.
  10. That’s a lovely looking thing, would love to see more updates when appropriate.
  11. Agreed, I got Mintex discs off eBay for the Alfa 147, half the price found anywhere else. Autodoc is good, if you’re prepared to wait for their (ever extending) delivery times. I’m not trying to tell you how to suck eggs but I’d be careful making a call on brake pipe corrosion. Sometimes it’s just easier to make new pipe sections and you’ll sleep easier as you know the job is done right.
  12. @Yoss I remember the race being in Spain but had to Google it to check the exact details. It was in ‘94, he was indeed stuck in 5th for the majority of the race and he finished second. Hill took the win, 24 seconds in front. As you say, a massive achievement - as you were.
  13. My lads Pug 207 has been providing good service since the last bout of major surgery, although cold start had become awkward and once started a misfire was noticeable but quick to clear and drove ok otherwise. Decided plugs were the most likely candidate, on removing the coil pack there was evidence of damp and further evidence on the plugs themselves, had a worrying moment when number 1 plug didn’t want to unscrew any further so I filled the recess with penetrating fluid and worked the plug back and forth. I had visions of seeing bits of aluminium on the threads as it released but all was
  14. Alfa is an itch I’ve needed to scratch for a long time, this one fits the bill at the right price. It’s not that bad once you look past the surface grot, it would pass a test as is but I want it to last a while and not do the Italian dissolving trick. The job list is fairly easy to be honest. I’m hoping to get a good chunk of work done on it this week, definitely more to follow.
  15. That moment when the hex begins to round out and the bolt isn’t going anywhere, you just know your on for all-or-nothing fight. At least we have heat and angle grinders on our side.
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