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  1. Quick sit-rep on this little cracker. Found a water leak on a heater hose and replaced the jubilee clip, sorted but still needs a thermostat. Gearchange stiffness sorted with penetration oil and loosening the bolt that seemed too tight. Both CV boots need replacement as does RH steering gaiter. Rear brakes could do with adjusting. Earth cables need sorting to the battery, for some strange reason there are two large cables to the gearbox and none to the body. Alarmingly one of the earth cables is red!!! Needs a LH fog lamp if anyone’s got one knocking around. It’s really solid underneath, surprisingly so. I really like this car.
  2. Well it’s got me home without any drama and back to Tamworth on 20 litres of Tesco 99. Not bad that.
  3. I’ve collected the Skoda that was roffled back in Aug / Sept time. Unfortunately it’s taken this long to find a good time to collect. First thoughts then, after 50 miles or so. There’s a slight misfire / stumble at wide open throttle, progress is steady but not dramatically slow, it’s got a steering vibration at 65 mph and the temperature sits at 70 or just below when cruising but climbs to 2/3 mark when left to idle. Steering feel is on the vague side and whilst there is no PAS it’s not unduly heavy. It’s a bit of a buzz box at 65 / 70 but that’s to be expected, it’s comfortable enough and cruises well, but speed is a guess in the dark and the rev counter only joins in at 4000 rpm. Surprisingly the heater works ok, not toasty but not cold. So far, I like it.
  4. Neither of the above, just finished some work in Norwich and heading towards the final destination.
  5. As stations go this one looks rather nice. Pretty much how Tamworth was before being levelled and replaced by the concrete monstrosity.
  6. I’m on a long overdue collection mission, having been working away for a while my first day back sees me on this exciting* adventure. My previous collections have mostly been with a trailer or a short drive to fetch the new delight so never did any posts for those. The first leg this morning was walk from my storage / workshop to Tamworth station, for a change at Nuneaton, I’m heading east.
  7. I would absolutely love a C6. Good luck, these are lovely things when sorted.
  8. tommotech

    Tyre quality

    I put a set of Hankook’s on my Audi daily, they’ve worn well and had 3mm on them but unfortunately one of the rears blew out yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve had a tyre fail, particularly in this fashion. I heard a pop from the rear end and a slight shimmy, the ESP corrected things nicely. I check tyres and pressures on a regular basis and was hoping to get another couple of thousand miles out of these, not sure if I’d go Hankook again if I’m honest.
  9. This seems to be thing on C2, the plasticised coating delaminates and harbours damp, leading to the horrific corrosion. Same happened to one my dad had, which we scrapped.
  10. A quick update, unfortunately things aren’t great for HK at the moment, I’m not at liberty to divulge the details but do respectfully request that he is given some space and left alone for a while. If ever there is a time to think about how we treat vulnerable members (and each other in general) it’s now, I’m sure HK will be along at some point to let everyone know how he is. Please take that opportunity to get around him and be supportive . Be kind………
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