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  1. As well as my Midget I also have a 205 GTi that I purchased 22 years ago for £450, mine also has genuine power steering which makes a great difference at parking speeds. Well bought, enjoy.
  2. Got round to more fettling on the Dispatch over the weekend, belt job and coolant change completed. Onto the massive exhaust leak, at the catalyst to front box joint, revving the engine made it sound like you were letting air out of a balloon! Decided to take the catalyst off and see what was going on inside, finding the front face to be completely blocked with soot. Well, that’ll account for the poor performance then. The only sensible course of action, remove the root cause. So with a pile of catalyst substrate on the workshop floor and the exhaust reassembled I have no leaks and an engine that sounds much happier. Now to look at the EGR system………
  3. Fleet reduction didn’t last too long, having realised I really missed, and ideally needed, a working van. I do have two other ornaments project vans in the wings but that’s no good when you have bulky stuff to move (that’s too big / dirty for an estate car). So I obtained a running, MOTd Dispatch 1.9d from west Norfolk, you may have seen the for sale thread but I didn’t do a collection thread as it was quite a boring journey, in all honesty. However, it did do its best impression of Exxon Valdez and definitely marked it’s territory once parked. Had some time today, having accumulated parts. Access is quite good, with a few bits removed. Red hylomar isn’t the best at sealing here, black RTV will do a much better job. Cam cover screws were also loose. Head and block were covered, I emptied three cans of brake cleaner to get it somewhere near clean. Good job I got a new timing belt kit!
  4. Great thread, I’ve spent a lot of time driving in France and you are definitely passing through some lovely regions. Fantastic scenery and certainly a different pace to life. Enjoy the experience, makes me want a Panda now so I can take part.
  5. The balance of the universe is now restored, I have a van again. I’ve bought and collected a reasonably priced Citroen Dispatch, with DW8 engine, from west Norfolk. It drove back to Tamworth with no issues, although it does appear slower than normal for one of these. The exhaust has a strange whistle, almost as if it’s clogged / blocked - one to investigate. Over the next few weeks it will get a full service and timing belt, oil leak and tardiness sorted. I’ve missed having a van around, they make life so much easier.
  6. Finished off a power steering conversion using Suzuki Alto components, on a Panther Kallista over the weekend. Makes such a difference to the low speed manoeuvrability but assistance needs winding off at higher road speeds. Quite pleased with the outcome.
  7. Had a look at a Qashqai for a mate earlier, it’s due for MOT but won’t pass in this state. Apparently this is a regular failure point, but how can a modern car be made of such poor metal? Cost cutting from Nissan / Renault or supplier squeezed hard, so uses chinesium to compensate. Either way, I’d want to be able to trust my rear suspension arm for longer than 9 years!
  8. When I serviced my daily Audi A4 recently I noticed the rear pads were looking low, but not an urgent job. Well, yesterday the job became urgent as the inner pad wore down to metal. On replacing the pads (and now discs too) it became clear why the rapid rate of wear had caught me off guard, the upper slider pins were seized on both sides. All now freed off and reassembled the brakes feel so much better, we do get used to how our cars degenerate around us. Onwards and upwards............
  9. I drove a BMW 1 series last week, equipped with Lane Assist. FFS, the car feels like it’s fighting you with its superiority complex. Drift towards, or across to white lines and you get forcibly ejected back in centre of the lane, who thought that was a good idea? I did find out how to switch it off, thankfully but I really couldn’t live with that, it’s like the engineers got together and decided to find a way to force BMW drivers to use indicators!
  10. I saw those in the flight shed at Longbridge, I’d say 1996. I’d go to Longbridge most days and saw the MGF (Metro) mules too, along with other stuff we were working on with Powertrain dept. There was still an air of optimism around the place then.
  11. I managed to get mine for the right price, but requiring engine work it waits patiently in the project queue. It’s a 2009, swb with two sliding doors and barn doors at the rear. It has the 2.5 TDi 130 engine and is the 4-Motion version which I’m eager to get finished and turn into a day van. The reason I got it, apart from it being a bargain, is that the fleet of Transporters we have at work have been pretty good. The 2.5’s did have EGR issues from time to time and cracked exhaust manifolds, but drove particularly well and that 5-pot sounds fantastic, while being nicely balanced. These are really torquey with a good delivery of power across the rev range, driving position is good and the whole experience is almost car-like meaning Mrs T has no issues sharing the driving on long runs. I get that they’re not everyone’s favourite van, but I do like them. There is good parts support and modifications / improvements are easy to find and perform. There is also a good source of equipment from converters too, with endless layouts and options. There will always be horror stories of massive issues and repair bills, there is also hype for and hype against. Ultimately, it’s your money if you like them, buy one.
  12. Apparently it depends on the size, I’d selected a Polo front pipe that was too large to be shipped here but then selected a rear silencer that was ok for shipping.
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