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  1. Very much so, they could have some black lines on and be the pod thing that Kai, last of the Brunnen-G, sleeps in on Lexx...
  2. Bring back some durian, and pineapple jam biscuits (actually got loads of those)...
  3. Lilith has been evicted from the garage, because insurance does say Desmond has to be locked up. But also Desmond should just be locked up for ASBO. Got warmed up and overtook a load of cars on the bypass and wow. That thing can shift.
  4. RichardK


    Problem with that is it doesn't retain a 'database' of wordpress, just served HTML, so it's not as rich and can lose external media and links very easily. One thing I'm sure of is that no-one connected to AROnline would just erase it, it will be backed up and restorable.
  5. RichardK


    When it was partnered with Honest John I did some of the support and coding to integrate it. A long-lived wordpress site like that without commercial intent is very hard to maintain, very time consuming to update, and it's astonishing just how much work Keith has done formatting, editing and publishing contributions, as well as the work of contributors that has gone into this. Although we work together still, I've been unaware of this issue coming up as I really don't do much with AROnline now (I was going to write up K666 MGR but life got in the way) and I'm not going to push or pry - legal hassles from third parties on top of the effort of just keeping this long-tail archive alive almost single handedly is definitely Keith's right to sack off and get out of his mental space. But I would be prepared to resume maintaining and updating it to keep it alive if that were a path worth exploring - I currently pay a lot of underused hosting.
  6. Pleasure, or Fun? Returning: Hole of Whorecum. LOL. Moist. ETC. As holes go, it's quite picturesque. Infinite Improbabilities. Let's head home via Leeds. What? Oh, FFS. Okay Waze, do your stuff. (hours later) Oh, VERY clever choice of Meadowhall and A61 DURING RUSH HOUR. Though everyone seems EXTRA twattish today. *sigh* To cap it all, the takeaway was shut when I got home and McDonalds have run out of those Halloween toys I didn't know they had until it was too late Philly Cheese burger is alright if you've never had a real Philly Cheesesteak. The SLK continues to be a little beast though, two hours of shitty traffic despatched with just the slightest climb in temp and any odd oily-burning-what? smells were just down to having a boot full of durian and squid.
  7. Adventures. Girlfriend says how much smoother this is since I did the cam magnet - this run up north was a delight.
  8. RichardK


    I am sure the content won't be lost, and content creators can licence their work under many terms (I see a remark in the comments about Facebook and social media sites protect themselves very carefully - by uploading images you act in accordance with the terms and conditions of signup which include assigning any image a licence for them to redistribute and sublicense without remuneration - and downloading the image is a license, however, reusing it is not but they're protected at that stage). It costs a lot to host and maintain a site of that size and complexity, and ads don't make that much revenue. Arguing with copyright trolls over image rights is tedious - I'm from that industry and used to give seminars on the social media side of it for photographers. The fees paid for licenses for editorial use are miniscule and if a photographer with an image on there had any sense they'd take the two-figure fee, get the DACS credit for relicensing on a popular website, and move on. The minute an agency is involved in retrospective claims the fees become obnoxious.
  9. Bleeding brakes: it's pressurised. Pedal-pushing device on pedal, open bleed nipple, duck as jet of LHM can potentially hit ceiling (at least on a CX).
  10. I think so - apparently it's a popular destination, I was on my own and didn't trust the potentially wet conditions so didn't do the full lane right after floods as I'm not sure how waterproof some of the wiring is (though I know this car has done some serious off roading in its current form, it's been with other people around - though I'm told apart from the lack of submersible ability it is more likely to be recovering others than getting stuck!).
  11. Car dealer came from Huddersfield, looked over the PT Cruiser, made an offer, I accepted, shook hands, said they'd call to arrange collection so I took the private plate off... no call yesterday. Hmm. Retrieved my SLK from Tottenham where it's been sat hiding in the Tesla centre car park for a week. It started first time, then tolerated 2 1/2 hours of being stuck in central London traffic. Friend commented that it sounds better than it did last time she was in it (that'll be the oil change and cam magnet) but I couldn't change the air filter as Amazon sent the wrong bloody one. Worked out what the strip of foam someone had added to the parcel shelf was for. Noisy rattles when roof up! I'll figure out how that can be fixed /properly/.
  12. Years ago my friend gave me some Ram Mount parts. Also years ago I got a Garmin Overlander which is, frankly, too big for any vehicles windscreen. Let's see where we can go... BOATS needed. This one not made for fording though so I didn't go far - the BOAT goes down to the valley (I saw a very messy Disco go there) and the road over, while clearly used by vehicles once, had a sign saying walkers only. Don't think it meant crisps. Not that most people there seem to give a shit about anyone else...
  13. It's in my thread - the Range Rover that forums and experts everywhere said couldn't happen and then crops up in any search for AJV8 into Defender. Built by a friend of a friend who has worked as a consultant for JE Engineering and JLR at various times. It is a little prototype-esque in places... but does have 390bhp, uprated powertrain to match, and shonky appearance in places aside, drives better than most RR Classics I've encountered... And I bought it, when the original plan was to look over it and see if I could recommend an auction house. It needs to be prettier (but I should check Brightwells' last results)...
  14. We had floods. The Tesla Model Y handled the roads brilliantly. Which is good because I think I left something switched on I shouldn't have - one miserable StRange Rover today 😕 Left if on the Ctek for a bit and it was fine, but voltmeter looks unhappy when I have the heated screen, lights and fan on. Insurance hilarity: this beast was cheaper and easier to insure than the Pontiac...
  15. I use a dish sponge scratchy side - plastic - to clean the mating surface on the head then vaccum the threads for the bolts as the little gritty bits go in them.
  16. From Newcastle MB via eBay - £58. You need a tube of black RTV - no O-ring, just clean up the surface and some loctite 5750? (MB sell it but expensive, VW same stuff half the price), torx bolts reused - they're only 5Nm + 90 degrees. There's a channel for the RTV so be more generous than my 2-3mm bead was. The weeping is internal seal failure then the plug - the RTV also fails but it's oil in the loom that causes the upset.
  17. It does, I forget the model but it isn't supported anymore. If Franc can find the original schematic I could look at megasquirt instead; what I would ideally like is something that can handle gearbox, standard and LPG setups in one box then have parallel systems.
  18. No spare headlights - but the trucklites are a proper upgrade that cost £750 or thereabouts, and they work. I do have original signals but like the LEDs, they contribute to the overall post-apocalyptic vibe
  19. The way I look at it I paid a fair price for a V8 RR classic in running order with MOT and then the cost of the upgrades and adaptor to fit the engine. But not the engine, ECUs or time to build it. If it looked like a classic-dealer, unmodified Range Rover but with this spec I'd expect it to be around £25K, but that would involve a lot of work I think. Did come with some spare parts... (Those are NOS front wings)
  20. I think that would depend on the price 😂 It is also the most expensive car I have bought like this. But then again the nearest relative is a Land Rover Defender "Zulu" by JE Engineering. Recent auction I found for (much prettier of course) one? £60,000.
  21. Every time I get a British car I hate it. So of course I bought another one. It's a 1990 Range Rover Vogue SE. It's had A Life. Here it is exploring Spain. You might have noticed the Dakar badge - if you know RRs then you know that means a 4.5 V8 from JE Engineering. But that was a few years ago. Franc's had this car since 2001 and he's not afraid of adapting it. Purposeful. Need to protect that oil filter though. Bit shabby. I have spare panels. Interior is a bit interesting. But look at that face. Comfy, too. Chassis is alright... Wait. What? Okay, let's have a look under the bonnet then. A new XKR engine was installed in 2009 when the car had 130K miles on - it now has 165K. That's roughly 390bhp... It has an Ashcroft rebuilt 4HP24 (IIRC) autobox with electronic control, an ATB torque biasing front diff, an ARB airlocker rear, remote damper kit, bespoke steering, custom ECU, LPG system, rebuilt chassis, rock slider sills, four pot calipers, and a decent length of MOT. I am not sure if I have done something incredibly stupid here. But it drives rather nicely!
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