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  1. Might allow narrower gauge wires and/or higher current same as modern cars going to 48V architectures?
  2. The classic, the famous, the beloved... heater matrix. Take the Red Coolant, or the Blue Coolant...
  3. Will trade Yamaha Clavinova for trailer large enough to carry a Yamaha Clavinova 😂
  4. Not always with the EML but there's no mistaking limp home mode...
  5. Also acceptable! I don't have one at the moment and I'm worried if I get a small one I'll forget it's there and put my foot down...
  6. Had to collect a greenhouse. Range Rover isn't as big as you'd think inside, I should probably have spent the money on a pickup for the way I do things! On the other hand not many 4x4s have the, er, pickup that this thing displays. A New Defender tried to catch me on the bypass and failed. And I suppose it could be pretty and fast. If I chucked £185,000 at a Cheiftain.
  7. From what I remember the P38's body, thanks perhaps to BMW's influence, is galvanised and therefore considerably less rot-prone than contemporary Discos or RRCs. Or L322s because clearly they felt they'd given up too many traditions.
  8. It was at least vaguely weird looking? Maybe 1007.
  9. Glad that Voyager is a diesel, I'd have been sad seeing a V6 one go for some fixable things. I think 307 is peak PSA porridge and the 308 was when they started to improve...
  10. Just looks like a North East Derbyshire pothole to me.
  11. Paying attention to this one, I like the P38 Commercial idea 😂 Sort of the antidote to my modded RRC which has a boxed in boot that makes it hard to get anything big in there.
  12. Liberace was never as cool as Cherry. And holy shit how much effort did the Torygraph go to to find an image where she is missing one significant detail when discussing fame and roles in '50s arts?
  13. I've seen builds for working screens playing video, and proper voice synthesizers, and so forth. They should be standard given the cost of these kits 😂
  14. Nearly finished. Some impressive bits, some bits that really should be better for the price, and a LOT of wasted plastic packaging...
  15. It isn't always a thing, but it's quite common for EPAS/traction control systems that have a steering angle sensor involved!
  16. Isn't there a recall for those belts and the impact on the brake booster from rubber bits falling off?
  17. Steering angle sensor: did you do full lock to full lock to centre after reconnecting the battery?
  18. So new front right ABS sensor arrived. Removed old one (which is a pig - you have to pull a body clip push thing out and it's right over the brake pipe in a part of the engine bay only reachable from under the chassis leg and then loop the wire around the subframe mount behind the brake pipe). Has Mopar logo on and part number so now I'm aware the passenger side has been changed before, and also slightly twitching with "perfectionist" that it has an OEM one on one side and a genuine branded one on the other. But it works! Test drive and live sensor reading checked for glitches. Next stop, MOT. After I do more waxoyl and general faffing and clean the wheels while they're off the car. At least the sensor is done.
  19. I hate ferul brake hoses. So vicious compared to domesticated ones
  20. PT Cruiser ABS light came on. Code says front left open circuit. Buy new sensor. Fit it. Code says no signal: Return sensor. Fit new one. Code says no signal. Get annoyed. Do test again. Peer at code reader. Swear lots. Order front /right/ sensor. Gives me a chance to clean and lubricate the front brakes at least. Everything is like working on a new car, which is pleasant.
  21. *fishes keys out of bowl* *ignores partner, drives off in whatever car it was*
  22. 2015 Consumer legislation, 30 day, hand it back, get refund. If they argue, let 'em. And the 30 days pauses while they "give me a chance to fix it mate" stall...
  23. What could possibly go wrong*... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/7557589014299156/ *that hasn't already fallen off or broken...
  24. Would £10K be enough to get a V12 XJ-S and make a Harold and Maude hearse tribute (not an E replica, but more of a Lynx Eventer with a goth attitude. And hood irons).
  25. My other £10K build - and I wish I had done it - was seriously considering having my mint, well specced Goodwood Green SW20 MR2 T-top built up with a Woodsport V6 conversion. I abandoned the idea when I moved house and got a Citroen C6 and I think the MR2 would have been a much better way of blowing £12K in 2 years.
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