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  1. Rise and shine! Wake and shake! Quick rinse off with the hose and a foam brush, like washing an elephant. The camper-port is very effective. Then avoid last year's tea-making error.
  2. RichardK

    More tax

    They pay the surcharge still. And the free after sixth year is going.
  3. RichardK

    More tax

    https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/654884 Yes, the PT Cruiser is absolutely horrible to tax – for just 240g/km and a car that has done 14,000 miles in 16 years at current rates it would have contributed £11,440 in tax. When a 2010 Citroen/Ford/whatever HDI or VW diesel could have covered 150,000 miles and cost nothing while putting out serious levels of pollution (and it's worth bearing in mind the DPF doesn't really clear pollution, it cleans up the tailpipe until the car is at extra-urban speeds then dumps a shitload of it in the countryside).
  4. RichardK

    More tax

    The stupid thing is these bands were based on CO2 for emissions reasons – and all the free VED DPF-equipped diesel shitboxes that pump out more NOx and particulates than any V8 petrol beast are still getting free or cheap road tax - and a new car made with zero shits given about CO2 because ££s is £180 a year after the high first few year rates. Most Euro 4 petrol cars are cleaner than even the latest Euro 6 diesel in real terms 😕
  5. I've always been tempted by them, but then the Volvo C70 exists...
  6. That looks like the height for 17 degrees C... I appreciate it's been warm, but has it been that warm?
  7. How's the inner wing/bulkhead/plenum interface? I remember a very impressive Nova resto on the blue forum and it was that three-layer fiddly area near the A-pillar that seemed to be the utter bastard of a job.
  8. Found this one again: Oy. Wake up... Anyone in? Guess not! Sills and wheel trims not fitted as I need to see if I can get them to send new door windows - the winding mechanism is shite. Also I think an overhead light LED has gone walkies at the plug end but now the plugs are sealed in a rear arch well...
  9. This actually looks like a real ad! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1094036811861191/?ref=browse_tab
  10. See, I've been working on the basis that you were offered it and no-one else should be looking 😂
  11. That Woody looks excellent! But the Camaro... that would probably tip me over to selling the camper if there was a Camaro to walk past every day to tempt me. It'll make the Astro feel very at home though!
  12. That's probably a good thing. The Deville looks gorgeous now I peer at the picture but I couldn't afford it, realistically. The Riviera would be perfectly fine to put a projector in the garage and play GTA:Vice City in first person mode in.
  13. Yes. Interested. Sort of vague glance at the Deville but I am very much into coupes or wagons, and I was rather envious of this one when you posted it.
  14. I love that 480 so much. Also I'm wondering if I saw a spotted pic of it on Twitter...
  15. When I started collecting computers a Dr. Horace Bernard-Smith gave me his Apple IIgs and paperwork collection, and I picked up some Apple ///s on the same trip. It was packed up to the roof on the back seat... My Jetta Syncro looked stanced at the back and they have half the boot space to fill!
  16. 18, but he's had his eye on it since 10?
  17. Well, wire brushing, and a load of black waxoil (the parts shop sold me spray on copper grease, what a horrible mess that makes) and... Not sure whether to sell it now. Hmm.
  18. I have brushed them with a wire brush, but it seems I have no grease or black underseal lurking so I'll have to get some in the morning. The rattly exhaust is the heatshield that's dropped because a corner has corroded where it fits on. WD40 on that then a BIG WASHER. I can see a couple of bits of surface rust on the floor so I'll treat those 'one day' if I don't sell the car. It does seem to be SLK season on Autoshite again.
  19. I could use some tiny axle stands to feel comfortable, but I think these should be okay wire brushed and greased - for now? I reckon the tester wouldn't suggest it if they looked too bad. Definitely not the worst SLK I've seen!
  20. Yeah, I will try and get the brake pipes brushed, checked and greased this weekend - the steering tie rods are cheap so I'm tempted to fit one of those as well. I might have preferred the PT once, but that timewaster buyer, taking plate off, losing insurance (and wanting the money after buying the RR-XKR then going through winter without, instead having to swap cars around to try and keep the RR garaged but not wanting to leave the PT outside either) has made me absolutely hate the damn thing. At the same time it is a 14,000 mile, rust-free, serviced, large interior four seater convertible automatic with heated seats, air con and tyres, brakes and everything as you would want on a car so "new" - and I just can't stomach the thought of it only being worth the same as a 150,000 mile knackered New Beetle or Audi cab. Hell, if I found a new Beetle Cabrio with the horrid 1.6 and bare bones spec with 14K miles I am sure the asking price would still be crazy - and they handle just as badly, are more cramped, are equally badly made (the roof is worse, IMO) and use more fuel! Maybe I should sell the Range Rover instead but I just know I'll get pisstake offers if I actually want to sell it, so I'm keeping it until someone actively wants to acquire it, I can afford to send it to a restorer for a mad refit (never, then) or something goes bang (unlikely, it's actually really well converted and the chassis is excellent).
  21. Well, the SLK failed the MOT, but not in a big way Need to clean up and grease or replace the brake pipes. I always lean towards replace, but then there's the risk of bleeding them, and of course they go over the subframe. And I'm really busy. So either sell it as an MOT failure needing brake pipes and with an advisory for a tie rod, or wire brush and grease but then worry if the pipes are weaker 😕
  22. What hacked me off was the Huddersfield dealer who came down during October storms, shook hands on £4K, got me to remove the private plate ready for collection, eSure then cancelled the (cheap) insurance when I tried to change the plate "due to a computer error" - chased them, they confirmed they wanted it, then... just nothing. Before that I was only mildly irritated by its existence! If I keep it I'll put the plate back on at least.
  23. So... now I have a dilemma. The blue SLK MOT is up, I have too many cars. The universe has demonstrated that no-one wants a 14,000 mile PT Cruiser Convertible for any amount of money beyond a 150,000 mile knackered shitbox (and to be fair there are 26,000 mile and 54,000 mile examples which have been unsold on eBay forever) and the increase in VED may be small ish in numerical terms but it looks fucking horrible at £710 a year after April. Given the number of ULEZ-banned, smoke-belching knackered-at-80,000 mile zero VED diesels that this petrol punishment inspired, it really annoys me that a 355g/km new car pays £180/year but surviving 226 and up pre-2017 petrol cars continue to be hammered 😕 (I technically qualify for PIP though it's a nightmare to claim. Almost worth it to get the disabled class on the Cruiser). Do I try selling the Cruiser again and keep the SLK (which has not put a foot wrong since I got it), flog the SLK as-is with a couple of weeks MOT left and save myself the mental space, or MOT the SLK then sell?
  24. Oh, snap, sort of! SLK next... I am not as confident 😂
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