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  1. "Do you like hospital food" isn't much of a threat when they bring you a menu of post-op choices... But also there was a Volvo 340 at the front door!
  2. Google suggests under passenger seat as one possible location and under battery tray/under fusebox. It sounds delightful* to get to.
  3. Fuel pump relay, any form of ignition relay, crank sensor - I reckon a sticking fuel pump relay is most likely but you could maybe diagnose that with some easy start - if it fires up sensibly on the gas it's sparking at the right times...
  4. Cranking no start or no crank? Cranking no start I always look to cam sensor/crank sensors first, no cranking, I'd suspect a relay overheating. Not familiar with this specifically but ignition relay getting hot, how's the alternator output? My Scorpio used to pull this crap when the alternator was failing, overvoltage, cooked ignition relay, would work okay, but then fail to restart.
  5. Last weekend enjoying this, so spent the afternoon messing about with it after investigating the state of the rear knuckle/hub carrier. It's weird seeing springs/dampers - original Bilstein as this is a Sport - looking like this after 104,700 miles. I seem to remember the brakes being a recent job in the history. Cleaned the back of the wheel with the Bilt Hamber purple smelly spray and wheel back on, trusty torque wrench and a new 21mm wheel nut socket 'cause it turns out I only had 17 and 19 and I don't like incomplete sets (plus it was on sale). Welcoming. I seem to have got comfortable with ramps and jacks, so I'm getting a set of axle stands and changing the diff oil. Probably cheaper to pay for it to be done, but I have oil, and an oil dispensing can. I shall dispense oil. From a can. It needs 0.7 litres +/- 0.1 so shouldn't be too unpleasant.
  6. Dibs. Like seriously. My original plan in the 90s was having my Ventora done in purple with purple/white seats, white vinyl top. At the same time I cleared obsolete vauxhall spares FE stock and filled my VX2300 estate with panels - but then my twat of a garage broke my Ventora, lost the chassis rails I'd given them to fit, and I sold my VX (panels included) because I was so thoroughly fucked off with it all. This is my /dream/ spec from the first things seen and I really hope it turns out amazing.
  7. Unknown, Tavria Obtuse, Cruiser Brave, RX-8 Easy, MX-5? We're missing a resident there, and it does get occasional poking. The Tavria's going to go, as will the MX-5, but the RX-8 remains in the hope that I do make a proper recovery from surgery. RX-8 now = Capri when I was 27. Ford should always have made a new Capri based on the RX-8 platform with MX-5 engine.
  8. Since I'm playing with ramps, let's clean under the Cruiser. It's not THAT bad, though I am pretty sure it's had a trip into a verge. Cracked bumper visible now the black wax has worn off, alignment out, damage to NS sill (shallow), damage to OS floor (bad jacking). My instinct is the shitty garage repairs to free the sticking brake (smear copper grease ON THE BRAKE DISC) caused the car to pull violently to one side and that spooked the owner for the final time. Same age as the MX-5. Definitely not the same condition. The other speaker showed up. Door trim off, 2 minutes. Okay, not just a metal basket, there are A FEW differences. Look at the size of the magnet! It's not dynamatted or owt and the rear speakers are now comedically bad, but actually a pretty worthwhile upgrade. Also checked the MX-5's MP3-capable CD player works with an MP3 CD. It does!
  9. Swap around: Now. How good /is/ my MX-5? Before: After: That's a fair bit of dirt gone before the bike chain wax on the suspension treatment. Stupid surgery. But I need it so, actually, hopeful I've less pain and will still be able to enjoy the RX-8.
  10. I'm actually in favour of the three spokes - they're not the ideal shape (could do with wider/flatter spokes I think) but they are bang on for the era and quirky, short nature of it.
  11. The resprayed bumper alone makes a huge difference
  12. It looks like the car being sold wasn't actually what it seemed to be at all - which I'm very glad about - and it is being looked after.
  13. Mazda 323 wheeltrim. There's another one but it's really scruffy...
  14. Hah! Christ. 16.5 CM, should be 6 3/4" All the specs right, they were just grim.
  15. Oh, there is one thing I'd be keen to do a deal on. Smart ForTwo/City Coupe. Cabrio also considered. LHD is also fine (preferred actually, I like the way the original ones ride compared to coil-sprung facelift/RHD.
  16. Android head unit returned, blown speaker discovered (actually rusted solid). Tried some £29 Kenwood 16.5cm (6 3/4") components, sounded /awful/... so got creative on the eBay searches based on adaptor ring compatibility lists. A replacement from a Jeep Cherokee rear door! But look! Cor! Infinity! Bought the matching side for the passenger door. Bass is better but I think the crossover for the dash tweeter is the wrong spec so I'll probably end up replacing the dash speakers with infinity ones as well. Then discover the rears can be upgraded with Jeep front 6x9s or similar hilarity, but they're a pig to get to. While searching - Cruisers didn't have many radio options. You got this: Or a shitty satnav. Jeeps use that shape of radio. Small hitch. But it'll be worth it! The CD changer made many noises when I powered it up. Wonder if the previous owner of the donor car left any music in it...
  17. Well, I have a working, mobile Tavria, but I also have two weeks before ankle surgery. What the Tavria needs: Letter from IFA for age - in progress. New tyres - not a big issue. Last tester was happy to let these pass but they're obviously old. A warning light for the foglight switch - the switch HAS a warning light in it, but it's not connected! Battery hold-down clamp - this is probably like a VW Polo or similar. Registering. All paperwork is present and correct. It is currently starting first time, etc. If anyone will give me what I've spent on it, I am happy to let it go to a new home with better storage and resources. Not looking to swap for a car, but I'll certainly consider offers.
  18. PT Cruisers are really grim: Ignition switch. I actually did this quickly once I'd sussed out the dash panel. The wheel adjustment lever blocks the switch, the attempt to fit the new one with the ridiculous access snapped the extension stick which activates the key-in chime. Upside. No more relentless chime when door is open, it still chimes if ignition is on. This panel is a bastard. To remove the lower driver's side dash panel on a Mk 2 PT Cruiser... Pull forward at the top to disengage these four metal clips below the instruments and either side of the column. Reach through the steering column space and push the three plastic tabs in the middle down to disengage the panel. Then remove the column shroud and you have clearance for a T2.0 security bit and some means of turning it... Then pull the switch away. The stick poking out of the actuator is the key in lock chime pokey-bit. It snaps off easily. Old and new switches but you can't see the worn old one. Trim removal tools are useful. Window rattle: worn guides, worn weatherseal. Nowt I can do. But the speaker's bust on this side. Washed, brushed, jenolited, Hammerite undersealed over the bit where some asshat jacked the wrong part.
  19. Calibration would make sense - it used to sit level on the drive for weeks and drop very slowly and evenly. The Cruiser has those cursed chrome nut covers too - but a new set of 20 is £19 on eBay... (nuts with covers). I wonder if there's something weird electrical going on as the CD changer was also fine before - maybe some sort of earthing in the boot?
  20. The state of it. I think hammering the rust and crap off the caliper has helped but this isn't pretty. And what is it with people not jacking cars up properly, and then doing nothing to remedy the damage?! I hate the state of the motor trade in this country.
  21. Radio went back - it crashed and powered off whenever reverse was selected, coming back on with a thump - that, and the lack of hardware/physical volume buttons spoiled the otherwise impressive first impressions 😕
  22. Also I'm gonna repeat myself: it's still rolling on the same tyres? I would not judge /anything/ until they were replaced. That car spent ages sitting, they could be flat spotted, twisted, flattened and reinflated (I never had to inflate but you said pressures were wrong, so they'd merely stayed up enough for a visual peer) - my hitlist-without-budget-to-do was osf brake caliper service, brake pads/discs, and tyres. I would have learned more if I did tyres - like crossed nuts - but I've chased too many weird ride/steering/suspension things and wasted money only to find it was a badly fitted or knackered tyre.
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