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  1. Nearly all the parts here - another supplier let me down so I still have no new fuel flap lock, have resorted to a secondhand one as it's the piece stopping me assembling the boot trim. I hate this pipe: It's solid and goes around the side of the engine so more removal is even more of a pain in the arse but it is in the way of pump or thermostat. Making that annoying is that one bolt on the 'stat is blocked by the EGR cooler so I wanted to install pre-assembled and can't. And the EGR cooler also makes lining the gasket up (no chance of holding bolts in and installing, it always finds a thing to snag on) also difficult, blocking tools and torches alike. Fuck EGRs and diesel emissions fakery. But the boot looks nice where it is done... And I can't wait to feel what this handles like now
  2. I need it now, but these weren't bad - £125 fitted each for Pirelli Scorpion seems like remarkable value given how long truck tyres last, and I'll get the survivor put on the spare wheel. Did consider just getting a part worn but the Nexen spare is too shagged for me to want to drive on it!
  3. I need to buy tyres. This is why economic activity is self-defeating. Last year: buy wireless Garmin camera to use with Overlander. It's not compatible. This week: decide to list it for sale, but also realise I could use it on the camper. Instead of selling, I buy a secondhand Garmin nav that works with said camera - spend £90 Drive to Burton to get said GPS. Something's dropped screws or nails or similar on the road near Derby. In pissing rain. On the A38 full of HGVs the day after a festival finishes. Borrowed SsangYong Korando Sports gets a blowout. Now I have to buy one (or two) Pirelli Scorpion tyres. It would have been cheaper to just throw the incompatible camera in the bin and order a new reversing camera kit for the camper! (the puncture is very obvious and in a fixable place, but it did a couple of hundred yards while slowing down on a flat so I suspect the sidewall will be fucked regardless - and the tyres have about 4mm so if I replace one, I'm landing friends with a 4mm mismatch on the front axle of a 4x4 - admittedly, that's the one diff I know is fully open, but I wouldn't leave my own car like that).
  4. Schrodinger's parts delivery: Well, the brands and size of boxes look promising Holy shit, the numbers match! So... how long has it taken to fit rear dampers? Almost a month?! Most complex and annoying eight bolts ever.
  5. And then the water pump and thermostat fell off the bonnet and broke. EGR coolers and other such bollocks can get in the sea. What a thoroughly stupid, pointlessly horrible job for a simple and essential bit of car maintenance.
  6. Fuck me, this is a twat of a job on the twin turbo And it just keeps on giving - one piece gasket with tabs to cut when replacing the pump, sharp as a blade... But this will go in as a module I think
  7. Just paid a deposit for another car. This cannot possibly be a bad idea *swears at BMW engineers and Autodoc*
  8. I'll have to look at the VIN plate... The only time it gets sooty is when booted. And I found a stray vacuum pipe which may contribute to that behaviour...
  9. This is a bastard of a job. The EGR cooler just sits in the way of water pump removal and it seemingly /has/ to be removed no matter how cunning you can be 😕 Coolant drained, bolts out, thermostat bolts mostly out in case the thermostat had to come off after all, but nope. Water pump is staying put. Sick of oil-soaked hands and swearing at BMW's otherwise good engineering - I swear they do this just to make it hard to DIY them.
  10. Take it where it went for the last one, or fit a DPF and restore the map to original, though I'd be sad to lose the exhaust
  11. Though I dare say the small forest of leaves /filling/ the space between radiator and intercooler like a carpet probably didn't do either system any favours...
  12. Internet: 3 series intercooler easy, two screws, drops out X3: LOL no. I shall replace all the missing undertray pieces, but the intercooler will have to remain as an oil retaining device for now 😕 I really CBA removing the bumper and removing the radiator gets the ATF cooler involved.
  13. I mean, it is a ballache - but at the same time it's not difficult except you know every half-trained, under-pressure independent garage will want a shortcut and that shortcut will be cracked and rattling until the car dies... As it is the car needed a deep clean and it got it. But I wouldn't like to be a mechanic explaining the 18mm bolt was easy but the 16mm involved at least an hour, really two, of painstaking trim removal and reassembly. today: water pumps, or at least, getting to the bits involved. Air cleaner out, radiator fan out... Plenty of room! Luxury! Mission objective Mission objectionable. The intake is predictably full of oil and I cannot overstate how grim I think modern turbo diesels are to work on. However, I have identified some missing clips and bits, traced the vacuum lines, and have a plan of attack. And it's a sunny day Note to self: don't pick up the trim right after working on the engine...
  14. My partner thinks I'm mad doing all this stuff on the BMW but likes it, apart from it being too noisy. I don't know how to explain the difference between noisy like the 208D which is toddler smashing a tin toy on an apparently never-ending bannister while repeating NONONO and walking on pistachio shells in clogs, and noisy like the X3 3.0sd with a stainless de-DPF setup which is a TOOL gig performed on a platform pulled by a Deltic and why the latter is acceptable, even desirable. The only bit I don't like about the X3 exhaust/DPF removal, other than legality/breaking my own moral code of "make it right like the manufacturer intended and make it work properly, don't bodge or bypass", is that it makes the garage into something resembling an early 1990s Scottish Borders Transport bus garage full of green-at-the-gills students adding NOx and asthma to their hangovers. And that's just reversing 20ft. On the other hand, I'm definitely getting my money's worth from the high VED.
  15. This is just faffing - I'm going to do waterpump and thermostats soon but continuing the curse of "messed up parts delivery" Amazon have /damaged/ the parcel for the Febi pump that was supposed to arrive today. I'll probably get the intake pipes out of the way then decide "oh I'll just do the turbo vacuum pipes as well" and by the time I'm done will have refurbed everything 😂 Running totals: Secondhand tail light: £24.95 posted (yeah, I missed one at £43 and was annoyed then that one popped up - arrived next day on Fedex!). Central locking solenoid for fuel filler: £33 but not here yet Both EGR and main thermostats: £76 (Behr - OEM with BMW number ground off) - was £130 from dealer but they messed up first time so I never picked them up. Oil filter, oil, air filter - irrelevant consumables but about £100 using proper oil. Rear dampers £120 Bilstein B4 plus £17 for bump stop kit Parts needed, in order of "ease of sorting" Upper air cleaner housing - a whole box is £25-35 on eBay so not worried Wheel arch liner NSF - £40 secondhand typically but I need one with an extra cooler vent - only one I've see so far has damage. £700 new so that's not happening! Front dampers: Bilstein B4 look to be around £250 for the pair, plus any useful things like upper bearings. They aren't stiff or noisy, so might be okay. Front suspension R&R. It clonks a bit, and has a little wander, so like the dampers is probably all original. There are kits of all the links for around £200-250 but I don't trust the quality, and a polybush kit is eye-wateringly expensive and hard to fit without a press. Prop centre bearing: ££ - who knows. Part is cheap, but fitting involves getting the old bearing off, plus it's wise to replace the guibo/flex disc and those are expensive for good ones. Say £100-500 depending on what I end up doing. Transfer box: £700 if it needs it. I'm not convinced and suspect the right wheels and tyres, a fluid change, and recalibration may be all that is needed. Differentials: oil changes for sure. If I drop the centre bearing and it's not worn, the rear diff may be the source of the noise but I think @Robson3022 mentioned that the previous owner had had something done with the diff. Again, unsure, as I don't see much sign of anything being done major maintenance-wise with the car bar the freaking obvious stainless noisy exhaust system. It does have a history of investigating a turbo issue that was down to vacuum hoses. Turbos/oil/crap: it chucks out reek when the second turbo kicks in, only momentarily, and sometimes feels off-boost despite hearing the small one spin up right away. Lots going on with these engines, but worst case seems to be a core exchange on the turbos, at around £200. However, it's not a new car and the breather/intake system looks like a pacific island disaster movie after an oil tanker crash. My gut feeling is that if I can find the mojo to strip and clean the intake manifold, breathers, anything related and change the cam cover gasket carefully to try and eradicate leaks, the car will be cleaner overall and more economical. The discouraging aspect is how grim and filthy the engine bay is around the engine. Typical diesel things, but I wonder if steam cleaning an engine bay is still a thing and if it's a monumentally stupid idea on a modern car. Cleaning the inlet manifold (I don't know if this has swirl flaps, but that area usually gets really coked up) would be a bigger win than chasing down the weakness in the rocker cover seal that drips oil near the EGR, but also I take a holistic view - breather systems are important on low compression, clean-running petrol cars, so on a high compression soot-filled derv burner I suspect they are really important to the original design's performance. While I'm repairing it, I have a dream* car to drive. There are some remarkably cheap ones for sale and I suspect I'll buy one when the Range Rover finds a new home... I had the current Musso Sports and always wanted to try the Korando Sports, which had its own racing season for a while. On Pirelli Scorpions this one does handle very well, though you can feel the SsangYong wobble from the light steering. Some BMW content. You can't smell or feel what the trim in the boot was like before but I can assure you it is now fluffier and softer than I thought possible - when I can put this all back together it'll be lovely. Well, mostly. I don't like to wish ill on people but I hope the inventor of late-90s to early 2000s "soft touch plastic coatings" has a corner of the afterlife waiting for them where they suffer from eternal, skin-peeling sunburn that also goes sticky and claggy to touch.
  16. I am astounded anyone who has travelled in a Merc 208D Autotrail camper has any rattle sensitivity left 😂 (It hit 75mph on Sunday - well, indicated 75mph - and the rattles found an eerie silent harmonic spot. It scared me and I slowed back down to normal rattle levels)
  17. Thankyou, that is very much appreciated! You can see I'm into the X3 for the long haul I think, hopefully won't waste too much money on stupid things but I'm trying to get all the preventative maintenance done and servicing, rather than just fix problems. Cannot believe that a previous owner of this thing - 286hp, 580Nm, £45K and clearly looked after and cared for in some regards, given I could undo the shock bolts left-handed while lying on the ground and the underside is so clean - had never replaced the suspension. It definitely needs the front shocks doing as well, which of course opens the gateway of "well I'll just do the springs at the same time etc" - but 17 years and 135,000 miles of high-performance car, worn out suspension for must be 7 years of that at least? Even that's being generous IMO, dampers never used to last a decade.
  18. If all four are like that or those are the worst, yes please - that's a price I can justify for core wheels to refurbish before getting new tyres It'll need to be next month - partly because the X3 is currently without rear dampers so probably hilarious to drive for two seconds before guaranteed death.
  19. I wondered if it was a safety pressure overload feature but looking at that it seems like a stuck thermostat binding to the housing at the outlet could push piece 1 the wrong way... Either way, ordered a pair of thermostats as a bundle for the price of just the main one from a main dealer - Mahle/Behr OEM ones so exactly the same part. Dealer had chance, dealer lost out.
  20. May as well lift the seat and clean more... Worth it! £3.56 scavenged - the hoover got a hidden £2
  21. The mystery leak source possibly? This looks broken... But can't see how it would break!
  22. Ah! A place for everything, and everything in its place. Draining cold oil takes ages...
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