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  1. Price reduced to £200 to my fellow shitters. ... surely someone wants it at this price?
  2. Will accept £250 from a shitter or there abouts.... Just need it gone before my nether regions are!.....
  3. It is actually quite nice to drive and yes Jan 2016. DURHAM and the vents have been sprayed silver at some stage....
  4. Would be interested in more details and some pictures!
  5. That is my exact liking for them too strangely!
  6. Any love for this at £290... full mot - taxed can be driven away with massive smiles on your face... like this >>
  7. Not far away now!... car looks cool as feck - you are nuts though
  8. Hahaha oh dear Ben! Nice one though... you are most certainly worse than me I have equally fallen for that old eBay trick of thinking 'nah - too cheeky, never going to happen...' ...... 'sh-------t it just did.... Have a good trip! I expect many photographs of updates, countryside, more countryside, a bored - tired - asleep Shitpeas.... I will stay tuned...
  9. More pics on Raspberry Gumtree - here.... http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/2000-hyundai-accent-13-gs-12months-mot-many-new-parts/1110971935
  10. Someone must want this fine piece of two-tone Korean Automobile?!.... Spares that can come included are: 2x Headlights2x Rear lights3x Wiper arms (+ various blades)2x DriveshaftsCentre console (with clock and original Cassette!... sexy)4x Genuine wheel trims2x Spare wheelsFull set of wheel nutsA bag of assorted screws/bolts/plastic clips/knobs etcDials/clocksVarious interior panelsAirbags a plentyThe above list is not exhaustive, I can even include the original gearbox with awesome cracked bell-housing if one would wish...... Therefore keeping it going for more than the 12 months MOT for sure! Space needed for some other automobile shaped shite! Will consider swaps.... no zoo animals, ex-wives, unwanted Christmas presents (unless it was a Ferrari?...) or your Nan!..... Matt
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