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  1. You guys make me chuckle 🤣 12 built in total by Chris, this being number 5 it seems. Bought it from the man himself. He's a very lovely chap, and gave me shedloafs of paperwork and history with it. There is much to do before November, including picking up an engine tomorrow. Oh, and poo count still zero 😱🤣
  2. Breakfast achieved. Not for me, that's for the wife 😅 Minigroovy#2 and I had cereals. Time to leave. Very excited 😁
  3. Well,last night I popped over to Bicester to borrow my mates trailer. I think it's overkill, but hey, It's not costing me anything so never mind. Poo count zero, but after the festival over the weekend, that could* change....
  4. i think, really small. next tuesday ill post a pic up with me stood next to it
  5. just been sorting insurance out for the Mosquito (it has been christened Leonard by the kids, due to it looking like the green pig from angry birds of the same name 😅) £85. fully comp. i couldn't pay quick enough lol
  6. i havent done. not really much of a blue forum guy tbh....
  7. Yep, top hinged. Not sure exactly what's what, as bought sight unseen, but the seller is the designer, and a friend of a friend, so all should be good. I'm assured that all I need to get is consumables and an engine/box. And a shitload of elbow grease!
  8. As you asked nicely.... It's a Hollier Mosquito. 😁
  9. It is a kit car thing, but not one of those.... There are lots of possibilities. BUT there were only 12 of these made in the 90s
  10. Minigroovy 2 (the final version lol) is going to be sharing this one. So no painting it pink lol
  11. Something has come up, and it is a bit too good to pass up, so Mrs groovy was duly consulted, and it seems mini groovy #1 is about to get her first car (only 3 years before she can drive lol). It's green. It will be A series powered (needs an engine and box). It's rear engined, and rear wheel drive..... The idea will be to collect it on the Tuesday after the BH weekend, then find an A series engine, and then teach the kids how to rebuild a car by making them do it 🤣 with supervision of course. Then minigroovy1 will be able to use it for production car trials and autotests etc. Happy days!
  12. not a problem at all! it was great to meet you too, and i can confirm that the MX-5 really is a nice bit of kit - get it bought someone!
  13. yep, just that. that said, ive been looking at the same kits, and I have to admit, it would have made this job much easier!
  14. She's looking a bit sorry for herself right now 😢
  15. Just waiting on a new bumper bracket (half of it was missing), two new pedestrian impact sensors, and a few new clips, then I'll be ready for paint. Thankfully there was no structural damage behind the bumper, so I can just refit and carry on as if it never happened! I also picked up the newly refurbished wheels. The guys had refitted the old tyres 🙄 but two of them have loads of tread, so two matching replacements have been ordered for the other pair with mismatched tyres, and then they can go on 😎👍
  16. Next up, the bumper got rat shit strapped together, and got the plastic welding treatment. It's not bad, but I'll reinforce it with some fibreglass at the weekend and get the front properly rubbed down to try and do a passable rattle can spray job. Fingers crossed I don't hash it up!
  17. And this is the end result! Not pretty, but functional again. I can order one second hand for about £40 if it doesn't last.
  18. Took the bumper off and retrieved as many bits as possible last night, it was a bit of a daunting jigsaw... All of those bits on the bench seat were supposed to be in one piece, so I set to with the soldering iron.
  19. well, lots has happened lately. as you may have seen, i put this up for sale to fund buying RichardKs MX5, but alas, it wasnt to be. with some help from richard we think the secondary turbo oil seal is the culprit for the smoke, so i am going to look at changing that out. i took the original wheels for refurb on monday, and should be picking them up today. the drivers side rear door has decided to stop locking, so i ordered a replacement lock actuator, and will fit that when it arrives. then, this morning, the shit hit the fan. or, to be more precise, the Jaguar decided to eat a deer. bugger. pics to follow, but needless to say, there is plenty of broken plastic 😰
  20. ive been looking at something like this for trials use, as i have an on board compressor, so would be useful on muddy ground etc instead of lugging a 2 ton trolley jack around. i'll start having a look again
  21. yeah, it really looks it. i couldn't have one before as two seats with two kids kind of doesn't work. but we have the mini at full strength now, so there are other options. it just depends if i can get the jag sorted and sold before it goes....
  22. mine could be up for sale, as i fancy the MX5 thats up for sale at the moment.... need to spend some time sorting out some niggles first though i do really like it though, proper luxobarg wafting around
  23. And some pics from the Falcon classic tour around Northamptonshire and warwickshire
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