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  1. my 2 penneth... my first bike was a 1980something honda revere 600 shafty - deathly slow, but great as a new rider. within 6 months that was gone for a GPZ500s - felt fast, for 6 months. next bike was a 1999 R6 - do not buy one of these! it was a rocket ship, but they have some fairly terminal issues... an Aprilia RSV1000R followed. epic bike, very fast, bags of torque being a v twin. then finally a BMW R1200GS. 1200cc of Vtwin. torquey, lazy, but great fun. unless you are going to plan to budget to replace the bike after a year because it suddenly isn't fast enough / powerful enough to satisfy your needs, i wouldn't discount a litre bike if you can afford the insurance. I'll chuck the Yamaha FZ1 in as a possible contender - naked, upright, comfy and pretty quick when it needs to be. either way, good luck, and welcome to the fold
  2. Yep, with a wickedly heavy chassis, and disturbingly expensive mk1/2 escort running gear.....
  3. Well I found the problem...... Oops. All fixed now ready for tomorrow's trial. Much happier now
  4. It would appear that this thread has inspired me...... So I bought this for the wife's 998 mini neon. Wish me/her luck 🤣
  5. i think i know the guy. fully rebuilt it and it was indeed a zetec. it looked awesome
  6. so the new plan of attack is to work away this week, then on saturday, drop the prop and gearbox off again, pull the flywheel, and take a look at sorting out the sump gasket, hopefully in time for a 1 day trial on sunday.... nothing like a challenging time frame!
  7. Bad news from the weekend I'm afraid we set off from home at 20:45 on Friday night for the Edinburgh trial, we managed to get about 100 miles towards the start, but I noticed the charging light was on intermittently... Stopped at a Macdonald's and had a look. Ah, no dramas, just a loose alternator plug. Quick squirt with WD-40 and a quick pinch of the spades and it was charging fine again. Happy days! wait a minute, what's all that oil on the floor?! ah. Looks like we have a major oil leak into the bell housing. I bet it's that bloody sump gasket not sealed properly.... so we fashioned a nappy from a spill kit pad, and limped back home, having lost a litre of oil over 100 miles. off to bed at 01:20.....
  8. up until recently, i had a rule - never spend more than £2k on a car. for a long time that served me well, and saw me ususally end up with a sub £500 a year motoring cost all told (except fuel). then mrs Groovy wanted a mini, and it all went out the window..... i think im nearly £9k into that one, and it is a good £4k more than the 14 plate focus family car we bought 2 years ago. Bikes went on the same rule, until the current one at £9k, but ive been buying cheap bikes since day 1 and i fancied treating myself.
  9. And the newly extended sump guard so I don't have to drop that sump ever again!
  10. well, the front is now done, calipers fitted, clutch adjusted, sump guard fitted and wheels painted (badly, but hey, its a trials car!) i fitted the rear springs.... the front mounting bolt in the offside spring was seized solid, so out came the angry grinder. dismantled everything and replaced the rear shocks. then found that the rear mounting bushes are a bigger diameter than the originals, so need the pin drifting out of the shackles, the holes drilling out from 10mm to 12mm, and new bolts putting in. new bolts on order, but i have a temp plan in place. pics to follow later today Lee
  11. so, on to next weekends list: 1. remove nearside wheel, hub, steering arm. refit new steering arm bolts, torque up wheel bearing, refit wheel. 2. refit brake calipers with new bolts 3. minimum - replace broken U bolt. Maybe replace rear springs while im at it. maybe. 4. adjust clutch cable 5. extend and refit sump guard 6. check all fluid levels and make sure nothing is leaking. 7. hoover all the spiders out of the interior, or eldest minigroovy wont even get in! that should be it. i hope.
  12. much *fun was had yesterday..... so, to the list: 1. fit new wheel bearings to hubs - done with no dramas 2. fit discs to hubs - done, but only after a trip to th elocal fastener place, as the new hubs needed 3/8 UNC instead of M10x1.5s. Grrr. 3. fit hubs to legs - done with no dramas 4. fit brake calipers - yeah.... it turns out the imperial fixings theme is a recurring one... new bolts on order. 5. refit anti roll bar - done, with much grunting, swearing and ratchet strap action. 6. fit new track rod ends and connect up - about that..... 7. modify / improve sump guard - not got around to this yet. 8. change diff. - done. wohoo. so, every time i come across a fixing for the new legs / hubs, i hit the brick wall of the original (metric) fixings not fitting. why oh why did they use imperial stuff on newly manufactured parts?! anyway, all required fixings now ordered. i hope to god they all arrive before the next (and final) weekend fixing session before the trial! the steering arms proved mighty annoying also. it seems they are handed, and it took me trying every different orientation of the damn things before i finally got them fitted the correct way and looking normal. in the meantime i managed to strip the threads on two of the steering arm bolts (being impatient and grumpy), so new ones are on the way. whilst changing the diff, i noticed one of the rear bump stops was on the piss, so i set about loosening off the rear axle U bolts. SNAP! new U bolts on order now too. every turn this thing tries to fight me! so i wrapped it up for the day, made sure i had ordered all the bits i need, and wrote the final list out for next weekend. whilst doing that, my mate who is organising the new rear springs tells me they will be here early this week. now, do i change them? or will something else break while im doing it? lol.
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