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  1. smoll donation sent via PPF&F thanks for all you guys do
  2. *Unhooks caravan and backs away slowly, whistling* "Not me" 🤣
  3. Not sure I'll be towing much with this one 🤣
  4. New car day today. Not particularly exciting, but I do like it 👍
  5. Today I replaced the throttle cable (it had a broken strand inside that caused the throttle to jam wide open on a test drive!), fitted the jack and tool box to the rear shelf. Also adjusted the mixture as it was running a bit too lean. Also cranked up the preload on the fairly knackered shocks to gain a bit more ground clearance. Test drive was awesome, but the steering is very twitchy at 60 mph! Tomorrow morning sees our first event over at ivinghoe beacon, and lily's first time driving!
  6. And then it got late, so I wrapped the steering wheel with a 4 pack of badminton racquet grips until I can be bothered to get it retrimmed properly 🤣
  7. Next up was cutting the slot for the door lock on the drivers side. Not got many pics of the lock setup, will get some more tomorrow.
  8. Managed to kill my trusty old DeWalt drill doing it 😟 new brush less one on order 👍
  9. Got busy over the last couple of weekends. First up was building a spare wheel carrier. Nothing too special, welding functional not pretty lol
  10. Three for me please, off to do PayPal now 👍
  11. strangely the nearside strut snapped at the bottom! I can't figure out why at this point, but needless to say they will both be getting replaced.
  12. wow, just came across this thread that i had forgotten i started! the good news is that the engine work went well, and the Rancher has been doing sterling service for the last few years. until now.... it seems i may have had a small incident on the way to the edinburgh trial so it looks like there will be a new rebuild thread. i'll try to keep this one updated this time! i just hope its all repairable, or my parents will disown me. pics to follow
  13. It is now sat on the drive awaiting a few jobs... Wrap and fix the exhaust into place so it doesn't rattle around in the engine bay Fit the required extinguisher Find a home for the jack and tools Build a spare wheel carrier Fit some catches / locks to the doors All by the 15th of October. Should be doable...
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