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  1. New bike has been purchased. Now I need to upset the adventure bike types by riding it in full leathers and garishly coloured full face helmet 😬👍 can’t wait to be allowed out to ride it properly.
  2. about 95-100kg (15 stone ish?)
  3. I have one of these. picked it up at about 6 months old for £1500. pros - cheaper than a grom, approx 90+mpg (im 100kg and managed that real world), tyres are cheap (ditch the stadard tyres, theyre deadly in the wet), great fun, easy to ride. cons - upgrade parts availability is not as good as the Grom, but still ok if you can wait. stock gearing is not great for the heavier rider, but an £8 front sprocket change will see you topping out every gear with ease, and still hitting approx 65 in top. i love it as a quick, fun alternative to the Mille it shares a driveway with. it's no
  4. the buses are chinese no name. ones a no name airport bus, the others a KLM branded one. £4 posted sound ok for the camper? i cant believe its the same age as me!
  5. how does a fiver posted sound? let me know if thats too much, i have no idea lol Lee
  6. Almost forgot this one. Unopened, with a funny storage tin and a calendar card from 2005 🤣
  7. The minis are in various states of repair. The other stuff is ok though. They’re in the way really, so I’m not sure if they’d be of any interest to a shiter.
  8. Random selection incoming!
  9. I have a small number of small cars, some more modern, some older. Is it worth posting them on here in case they are of interest?
  10. i think 'Proud' would be a stretch.... i would say im comfortable with it lol might miss a few, but rough history Rover 214SLi 1992 mini mayfair 1989 mini clubman 1275GT mini cooper 1989 Vauxhall astra mk2 sierra 1600 BMW E30 320 cabrio Alfa GTV Alfa 145 1600 alfa 145 cloverleaf citroen xsara picasso estate vectra mk2 diesel estate renault espace mk4 nissan terrano 2 VW passat estate skoda octavia mk2 relaint rialto rickman ranger cabrio rickman ranger saloon rickman rancher peugeot 3
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