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  1. passed test in 1996 - first car 1992 Rover 214 SLi. Then: 1984 Vauxhall astra 1600 - blue 1989 Mini Mayfair - red 1972 Mini 1275 GT - black 1990 Mini Cooper - red 1997 Vauxhall Vectra estate - brown 1998 Pug 306 D - green 1999 Alfa GTV TS - silver 2000 Alfa 145 - blue 2000 Alfa 145 Cloverleaf - red 1989 BMW 320 convertible (E30) - blue 2002 Citroen Xsara estate - silver 2004 Renault Espace - champagne 1997 Ford Fiesta ghia - red 1998 MGF - red 2000 Skoda Octavia TDi - silver 1988 Rickman ranger convertible - white
  2. So Sorry to hear this - ive enjoyed reading his posts on here. Lee
  3. do we have any Aprilia lickers on here? reason for asking is that i bought a new air filter and plugs for my 2002 mille, and then sold it before having a chance to use them. happy to post out to any of you fine shiters for postage costs can get part numbers etc on sunday when im home.
  4. not as yet dude, but I work away from home most of the time, so not put too much effort into it tbh. ive only advertised it here at the mo. the insurance and tax runs out at the end of this month, so i will be making more of a concerted effort then. I can probably do a shiters discount to make it more accessible.... will have a think Lee
  5. if you're on facebook, there is a group called classic trials - lots of helpful people there
  6. ACTC class structure here - https://www.actc.org.uk/info/eligible-cars/ MCC link here - https://www.themotorcyclingclub.org.uk/ the MCC do the 'big three' (there are more, but the three main trials - exeter in jan, lands end at easter and the edinburgh (in the peak district) in october) you can either enter the main trial, or they offer a class'O' which is less damaging, and a great starting point. it's still no walk in the park, and i only came away with medals for a few events in class O. not sure where you are in cornwall? my best mate is a member of the Launceston and
  7. yep, as regularly as i can just signed up for the MCC John Aley Trial in June Current steed is my Rickman Ranger. Lee
  8. the seller didnt go by the name of Matt did he? looks familiar thats all. well bought BTW
  9. 2904 presently. may go up a touch, but unlikely. will get some pics and more details on a sale fred sunday / monday
  10. thanks guys, i'll sort an ad this weekend
  11. well, after speaking with the boss indoors, she's really not enjoying the whole bike thing, so it looks like im getting rid of the little benelli TNT its just not getting used, especially now i have the GS. would there be any interest in a 2019 tnt for about the Β£1300 mark? if so i'll get a for sale thread done at the weekend.
  12. it does have a face only a mother could love 🀣 so far tough, I'm smitten. i didn't think i'd like the upright riding position as much as i do, but it just eats up miles with no drama at all. hopefully i'll be going for a ride out around bedfordshire on the weekend sans luggage, so I'll get a chance to see what she behaves like on some twistier stuff than the A1(m) and the M25....
  13. Finally gave in to the fact that the Mille will be the death of me - I’m just too old/fat/broken to be tooling around on a sports bike. so I went and did something.... vanilla. A 2014 BMW R1200GS. So far I’m loving it, comfortable, plenty fast enough, and has great hard luggage πŸ‘
  14. New bike has been purchased. Now I need to upset the adventure bike types by riding it in full leathers and garishly coloured full face helmet πŸ˜¬πŸ‘ can’t wait to be allowed out to ride it properly.
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