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  1. indeed. my main stipulation was - no bodywork! there are mechanical things that need dealing with, but that doesn't worry me at all. the interior has been a welcome distraction from sorting out the ignition side of things (there were some interesting things going on there...)
  2. Thanks Agila, it won’t be perfect, but it will hopefully look nice
  3. Got busy with the new carpets today. Much gluing of hands to Floor, jeans to doors, in fact just about everything except carpet to car! Got there in the end though, so the newly retrimmed front seats and door cards went in 😎👍
  4. neatsfoot oil is supposed to be good for those. the GPA lantern boys swear by it for the leather pump cups
  5. Two things I remember from mine - check the fuel hoses. If they’re old and cracking, then change them Sharpish. They have a tendency to pee fuel in the exhaust manifold with disastrous results. Sidelights / indys - disturbingly expensive even second hand. I removed the bulb holders, put 16mm glands in the holes, then ran cables through to LED panels from fleabay. Nice and bright and the MOT tester was most complimentary 👍 well bought 😎
  6. thanks for that. I'm still struggling to find anything Wadham Kenning though. i'll keep plugging away. unfortunately i dont have the dealer sticker to take a pic of, but im sure i'll find one somewhere
  7. I'm having some fun with my number plates. the rear has the supplying dealers logo on (which i cant find anywhere on the net) and is of one style, the front is another style. no matter which typefaces i try, none of them match perfectly with either plate! so, 1992 car, which font should i have please? and any ideas where i might find an original dealer sticker? all help greatfully recieved! Lee
  8. 1979 Rickman ranger 1992 mini neon 2014 panda easy 2014 Focus estate 2019 Jaguar E pace (long term hire) 2002 Aprilia Mille 2019 Benelli TNT 125 2005 Conway Countryman (folding camper) 2019 motorbike trailer not bad for a 1 car drive 🤡 lol
  9. Back from work for the weekend, so much busyness ensued today! The handles are some sort of wood that isn’t burr walnut, and it’s kind of grey/black, so goes great with the door cards. I really can’t wait to get the interior back together. Some wiring to do first....
  10. I was driving Garethj’s octavia - the Autoshite dealer sticker led me here 😆
  11. And lastly, we trial fitted one of the new wheels. I’m 50/50 with them, but kez says the silver ones are best, so decision made 👍
  12. The frames on the front seats needed touching up, so I drafted in mrs groovy 😎 found some random things in the bowels of the seats 🤣
  13. Bit of an update - the new interior arrived on Friday, so we got a bit busy...
  14. you want one of these: if you find one cheap, please let me know so i can buy another
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