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  1. well, for reference, im 6ft in my boots. and best part of 15 stone. it managed to pull my lardy arse up a long hill at 60, so its all good in my book. a real hoot too. I rcommend trying one if you can Lee
  2. Well, the muppet P.O. had actually glued the camo fleece to the seat! So that took a bit of sorting out. Much better now though. Went for a ride, what a laugh!!! So glad I got this now 🤣 IMG_3323.MP4 IMG_3319.MOV
  3. It is indeed a tnt125. It has been seriously barried by a previous owner (not the one before me) but is on the road to recovery, and I’ll finish it off. On paper it makes a lot of sense for my 25 mile commute on A and B roads, and should be a good laugh to boot 👍
  4. Not 2 smoke unfortunately, nor gpshed. Trailer attached and off we go!
  5. Coffee machine is waking everyone up. Ho hum. todays steed will mostly be this. Except it seems to be missing an important requirement of this collection mission... ah, better pop over to groovydad on the way then...
  6. What better way to start the day. Tea and shite browsing. will be leaving shortly to collect the new toy. It could be fun, it could be awful. Oh well, I was bored at home anyway 🤣
  7. picking up a new plaything tomorrow morning. should be interesting after riding around on a Mille for a few years.... 🤣
  8. indeed Cort, the problem is that there are so many different options, it is getting a bit confusing. everything seems to be geared up to fast road use, which is almost the opposite of what i need lol Lee
  9. Thanks for that, i'll give the gaz ones a wide berth then Lrr
  10. morning all, the ranger is currently sat on a tired set of mk2 escort 1600 front struts (with the fixed steering arm) and replacement shocks etc are a bit hard to come by. also, the legs are past their best. I'm thinking of changing them to a more adjustable coilover setup, but there are so many options it is making my head spin! essentially, i need a decent amount of suspension travel, and the rest is open to compromise. it needs to be 'standard' escort fitment to get through scrutineering, so i cant do anything too radical. one option that has been suggested to me is this - https://www.motorsport-tools.com/escort-mk1-mk2-gaz-complete-front-struts-adjustable-coilovers-pair-long.html but they dont look like they have that much suspension travel? i think that i'll also need different hubs, as they all seem to be the RS2000 type, which i gather has different bearings and such.... budget is negotiable, but i certainly wouldn't want to be spending over a grand on it. any mk2 escort lickers on here that might be able to offer any advice? thanks all! Lee
  11. groovylee

    Austin Maxi

    ive met that very car, and it's lovely pilot, on several occasions marshalling the rally stage at goodwood. it's great to see it being used in the way it should be!
  12. nice one dude, well done on finding us, and welcome. there are a lot of BX lickers on here, so if you have any questions, i doubt you'll have to wait long for answers Lee
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