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  1. cheers! i couldnt figure out what went wrong with that!
  2. well, the Edinburgh trial went well, in so much as i made it home under my own steam unfortunately, after 39 hours awake, i succumbed to a bit of man flu, so i have been off work for the past two days. daytime tv was getting on my tits, so i decided to go and tinker with a bit of wiring. so far i have managed to fit 4 little rocker switches - one for a reversing light, a fog light, the compressor, and the USB socket thing. one currently spare, but im sure i'll think of something to connect to it. i'll sort the final compressor wiring etc when i feel a bit better. I also managed to fit a shelf above the engine, where i hope to build a bracket for the trolley jack. pics to come later
  3. forgot to add - new brake calipers arrived yesterday - standard mini ones for now, just so i can crack on until i sort out the bleed nipples on the 4 pot metro units. i am waiting on the hoses, and i ordered a new brake flaring tool, as i wasn't totally happy with the double flares on the current one. this new one looks much better, so fingers crossed. ive also got a load of new crimp bullets coming, so i can crack on with the front light wiring. after that, it is a case of wiring in a reversing light, fog light, the compressor, and a USB socket for phone charging and a mini usb maplight i have. then finally it will be sorting out the timing and mixture, then i should be in a position to road test it! fingers still firmly crossed for the beginning of november. nothing much happening this weekend, as i am doing the edinburgh trial in the Rickman. hopefully i wont break anything on that, or i will have even more blockers.... Lee
  4. And this was the happy moment. I've got a new dissy on the way, as I don't trust this one, but it was good enough to check it runs. Forgive the blowy exhaust, I hadn't tightened up the manifold properly. VID-20221002-WA0027.mp4
  5. the intention is to get it running on this setup, get the first event out of the way, and then get it over to a custom exhaust place and ask them to make up a nice quiet stainless jobby for it. hopefully it wont cost too much, but i think it'll be worth it in the long run, as i can see this one not lasting forever......
  6. only just getting around to updating this from the weekend.... made a start on making a suitably shit(e) exhaust for this. now bear in mind im doing this with a stick welder, so it was never going to be pretty.... first up. ah. that wont work. time for a bit of dodgy cut and shut. and then a bit more couple more clampy bits and a suitably shite exhaust hanger. this is only temporary...
  7. im only down in shefford, so once it is up and running, i'd be more than happy to come and have a play around a few roundabouts 😁
  8. i'll let you know soon hopefully! fingers crossed i can get the exhaust done today, and then i might be able to get it started! although i guess brakes would be useful first.... 🤣
  9. started to mock up the rear mudguards: then got busy with some metal bits and ended up with this: then yesterday i finalised (for now) both side brackets, and got the mudguards mounted up, along with rear lights fitted: happy with that. spent the rest of the day wiring up all of the lights, so i now have working indicators, rear lights and brake lights. the way that the gear linkage is set up means that there cant be a reversing light switch in the usual sense, so i need to wire one to a manual switch on the dash, as well as a rear fog light. at the end of the day i picked yup an exhaust that i hoped would fit, but it wasn't to be, so i will mostly be cutting and welding exhaust today, as well as hopefully manufacturing an engine cover / shelf on the back. i'll try to take more pics today Lee
  10. Thanks mate, I'll give that a go on the other side
  11. Tonight I'm mostly pissed off. Managed to enter the trial with lily in November, so the pressure is on to finish. Full of beans, I got home and set to fitting the calipers back on and plumbing them in. New brake lines made up, new flexis. All going well. Then I went to bleed the front calipers. Snap goes the bleed nipples. 😭🤬 All three of the damn things on one caliper. And two on the other caliper are tight as you like. So they'll likely snap too. I've managed to drill one out, but it was a right git. I've ordered the correct M7 tap set to hopefully clean up the threads. Fingers crossed..... I may be tempted to just run standard mini calipers in the short term while I try to sort these out....
  12. nothing much to report today - had a busy weekend of rugby and work, so no real time to get anything done. i do, however, think i have the required parts to make some heavy duty rear cycle wing brackets. i think they'll mount on the rear steering arm bracket bolts, so i've ordered some 1/2" longer ones to account for the bracket. with a bit of luck, i'll just need to weld the three parts together, at the required angles, and then paint them, and i'll be good to go! something tells me it isn't going to be that simple, but hey, it's a starting point Lee
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