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  1. So nice to see the "Toledo Sprint" in good hands. 🤩 Memories flowing back. Have fun and great work with all your cars!
  2. If you want 126, I suggest you find yourself another one that is not BIS. Especially if you're looking at swapping engines. Much easier to work on and (I presume) parts availability is considerably better. 126 BIS were always considered a bit of a Frankenstein back in the days in Poland. Not particularly successful example of trying to improve space and performance of a car so that it fits export markets better.
  3. Brilliant work Zelandeth and good luck with taking it on. I am really glad that beige rough diamond project is still going on AS. It is the epitome of what this forum was all about few years back. I did fall in love with it at first sight...
  4. I'm sure I have mentioned to you that MrsOrange's job involves testicle removals from living things. She knows how to do it with and without anesthesia. I'd like to keep mine for now. Other than that, wouldn't get through garage doors and availability of cadillac chod round here is extremely good. 😁
  5. Obviously trying to jinx 😉 I am glad I continued as I'm happy with result
  6. Unfortunately not for long, it has emigrated with me so I will have to deregister it with DVLA.
  7. Thank you Eddy. I hope you're keeping well. The book from you is still in the car.
  8. Probably last update as I hardly ever log in here nowadays. But because this originated here, I felt the need to share some more. The Fiat is finally back at home with me. It is now pretty and runs great. Turns stops and all that shit. It also makes me happy whenever I look at it and that's what's most important, innit. It is a one of a kind car for me that currently I can't see myself parting with. That will probably change when the seasons change and I see something shiny somewhere. Here's the car everyone.
  9. Good morning. Thought I might pop in and write something. F133 is currently in car spa in Poland getting some attention. Unfortunately after closer inspection of the work done in UK by a regarded restorer, I lost any trust in people doing their job right without looking at their hands at every possible opportunity. Quite frankly I was stupid thinking that it can be done properly without me being there. I am not even going to start listing things that were fucked up, said to be done and plainly made worse. Fuck you Classic Vehicle Restorations Ltd. by Jeff Ball Here is my beauty in current state. You can also hear it roar a bit in a video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEwqINxh7lh
  10. They are not expensive and obviously I will be covering all costs. Problem is paying for goods on that website. I need someone in Argentina that will buy the emblem and send to me. I'm happy to send money upfront via PayPal or bank transfer.
  11. Does any Autoshiter have family, friends or any other contacts or acquaintances in Argentina??? The only thing I'm missing for the project F133 is the rear emblem, only available in Argentina... https://listado.mercadolibre.com.ar/insignia-fiat-133
  12. Jeff Ball. He is apparently a well known old MG restorer/ fixer.
  13. @purplebargeken I find your lack of faith in me disturbing, young man.
  14. Knew the S90 will get into JohnK's hands eventually. I think we exchanged quite a few swap messages few years back.
  15. Just checked my PayPal and there's still £80 left over from last collection.
  16. I was actually supposed to send a message about this the other day. I still have some money in PayPal account from the collection and I'm still the person on the V5c which I really would like to change.
  17. ? Oh how I miss driving these shit buses... Godspeed wuvvum
  18. Today is 3rd of May, right? I woke up to this view. Yes, the white stuff is the snow...
  19. Car is almost ready for painting. Holes patched up and surface rust got rid off. Brake cylinders were leaking so new ones are already waiting to be fitted. Also decided to do upholstery and door cards so it will be pretty much proper restoration/refurb. Job goes on.
  20. Few areas of rot around headlights but otherwise only spots of surface rust. Not too bad I say. I never really looked at it properly as it was there attached and didn't bother with it but the exhaust is rather interesting. It looks like shed made and to make it fit someone had to make a hole in the rear panel. Original ones sit nicely tucked away. I'm not sure I want to change it though...
  21. Drivable but little sorry looking wedge. Swedish MOT until August. Around £550 I think I can see headlight wipers! Fookin bargain mate! https://www.blocket.se/vi/84853912.htm
  22. So I just got a quote from the restorer. He effectively says it will take him just over a day of work to put it through MOT. Happy bunny
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