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  1. It's perversely fun to see which other cars your Porsche is made of - I've just bought a new speedo cable for mine and the other vehicle listed to fit was a VW Transporter, and almost everything I've taken off broken off so far is stamped VW/Audi.
  2. If you buy Makita ones, register the bastards! Automatically gets you three years warranty instead of one.
  3. Peeled a large chunk of my big toenail back at the gym this morning. Only realised when the blood began to seep through my shoe and when I investigated half of the nail was standing bolt upright. Throb throb throb.
  4. No, it's a six. Not lousy but from my experience the sausage thing is correct!
  5. Cover your chin in Yorkshire toffee?
  6. I often hear two noises while I'm dreaming, one is the work phone ringing, and the other is.. the beep.
  7. Yep I like the cookie cutters too, those combined with the early (and brown) dash with yellow lettering makes it scream 1970s, hairy chest, medallions etc. It is in effect, a less shit Capri. And also the wheel offset is different on later 944s so I would have to piss-ass about with spacers and stuff. One for the "one day" pile. Also there is a dearth of photos in this thread, so have a picture of the car's lovely pert arse taken just moments ago. It really is a usable everyday classic, because I just drove it through a FUCKING MONSOON and neither the sunroof nor the footwells leaked.
  8. V5 finally turned up today, so celebrated by taxing it and opening the sunroof. An anticlimax. Still too terrified to remove the sunroof completely.
  9. Is that the one out of a magazine (either modern classics or classic cars)?
  10. I definitely went to school with her, just checked with my mate. She didn't look like that then.
  11. Seems like a good a place as any to ask, will DMB make me custom window stickers if I provide em with a high-res scan? Got this: Which after a bit of sleuthing turned out to be this: Which is my scan of a very old sticker I managed to get off eBay, however it's a regular sticker not a window sticker. Or will any old signmakers do this? One of the boys at work is quite pally with the company who signwrite all our vans, might ask them.
  12. Have fixed a few bits on this (including the boot latch, just need new struts now) and the ungrateful bastard has rewarded me with a horrifying belt squeal. Diagnosis is alternator bearings so have a new one ready to fit. In other news, and I apologise if this is a bit "retro rides" (and I have indeed posted it on there). I'm looking for some new wheels, but predictably I want the ones that nobody has got. They are similar to the 928 slotted wheels but came on the 944 (951) Turbo models. Whereas the fronts on the 928 wheels are slightly convex, these ones are dished all around, and are 7x16 front and 8x16 rear. If there are any Porsche lickers on here who could point me in the direction of a set, give me a shout, though I've got a horrible feeling they are US-market jobs. See pic below for reference:
  13. Am I on some sort of blacklist??? Mods, hast thou forsaken me?
  14. How does one change their rank on here? I see a lot of you with custom messages and have scoured the user control panel but can't see an option to change it.
  15. Fancyplates do a couple of different old fonts, I've got "style 2" or summat on my 90 and they look good, sort of a more roundy font. Also used to get old font plates off a fella on eBay who's obviously been rumbled for selling them as his listings have disappeared, but! I managed to scrounge up an email for them and they can still knock them out on the QT, had a new set last week to put on the Porsche. Will get a pic tomorrow. I am a confirmed number plate fetishist, my old man takes the piss out of me but correct font number plates on old rammel look 1000000x better in my eyes, it literally pained me to look at the front of my new car until I had them sorted. In the same vein, has anyone actually found a decent alternative for dealer plates now DMB has gone scat? The Porsche had an original dealer plate on the back which had delaminated badly, but the bottom with the supplying dealer details was intact. Would like to get a set made up in the future.
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