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  1. Yep, as Bramz says, TADTS.
  2. You could be forgiven for thinking that, given that he very kindly housed it at Castle Cleland for so long (and hosted working parties), but no, Joe's not one of the custodians. He needed the space back, though, hence the move after the car's surprise appearance at Cholmondeley.
  3. Krujoe hasn't got one, it's his brother @explosive-cabbage who has a TD estate. Mine is the infamous 19RD estate that seems to have been owned by half the forum: I've owned it for about three and a half years now, and for most of that time it's been my main form of transport (I use the bike in nice weather). It's looking decidedly scruffy these days, but still going well. Updates can be found in this thread. I'm also part owner of the suitcase-engined beige 14RE, which is currently sofa surfing at djimbob's gaff. It's not been forgotten, and there will be an update soon, I promise. This weeks free time has been eaten up with the collection of a certain electric car, though... anyway, it's a fine old thing, and we are confident that it will be roadworthy sooner rather than later. The car has it's own thread here.
  4. Dude, you seriously need to start bringing it into the house at night.
  5. That's how we got ours, a friend of a friend's mum passed away and we got given a 3 month old Braun. Although I then did the thing you say no-one does, when I gave away our functioning Indesit simply because we'd had a free upgrade
  6. Have you put a meter across the battery? Sounds like it's flat to me.
  7. Interesting! Well, the transporter s booked and djimbob and I will be collecting it on Thursday, so I will have a look and report back after that.
  8. It can be done. The cheapest one I've seen was a Mega City like mine with ruined batteries for 300 quid, but that requires you to find a decent 2nd hand set of batteries or shell out 1200 or so for new ones, making it somewhat less of a bargain. I have seen allegedly functioning but battered G-Wizs for as little as 700 albeit with absolutely no provenance on the batteries whatsoever. Mine was only a bit more than that, but the batteries are OK, there's a new auxiliary battery and new charger and an MOT, and the thing looks reasonably tidy.
  9. I think the niche market that Aixams and the G-Wiz etc. enjoy (giffers with motorbike licences who used to drive Reliants) is what keeps the prices up. That said cheap ones do turn up if you look long enough - the bid I placed on mine was really no more than a cheeky punt, as I was fully expecting the price to end up around two grand (the seller paid £2800 for it two years ago).
  10. Renault 5L, complete with dashboard gearchange. First (failed) driving test in a BSM Metro with a dodgy gearbox, and subsequently passed in a Datsun Cherry.
  11. Meanwhile, back in the Ami the n/s floor pan is looking all the better for two coats of black over the two coats of Zinc 182: Time to start on the next bit...
  12. I truthfully don't think there's any better way of spending £175... well bought.
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