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  1. Have taxed worse etc. He's gone a bit heavy with the tinting film on that back window, mind.
  2. @LightBulbFun - the V5c came today. After all the arguing about the model designation - 2200 - being omitted from the NOVA record, and me having to contact HMRC to get it added, they've left it off 🤣
  3. The reg on this one looks familiar! Funny that it shows as unknown... that was why DVLA kicked it back the first time. I had put the model as 2200, but that wasn't shown on the NOVA declaration. So I had to call HMRC, and then confirm that I wanted model details added to their record, which they did. And after all that it appears DVLA have left it blank anyway! Not massively important, but irritating all the same 🙄
  4. Possibly, but I've known the brushes cause the same problem. The car starts first go every time now, so the diagnosis looks to have been correct in this case.
  5. I'm not laughing. but my inexcusable, if perhaps explainable, inattention and my dear old car's unfailing ability to fuck up might give you a giggle. The BX went to the garage this morning because it had been making a hideous rumbling noise (from the front, or so I thought) which sounded like the mother of all wheel bearings about to explode. I got a phone call early this afternoon: "There's nothing wrong with the wheel bearings, the noise was one of the rear wheels that had worked loose. We sorted that, but then we had to push it off the ramp because it wouldn't start. The battery
  6. When we were on family holidays in my Uncle's old Thames 400E minibus, me and my cousins used to argue over who would be allowed to sit on the engine hatch between the front seats... as you say, how times change!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/406044523916527/
  8. @UltraWomble made the definitive post on witticisms* made by the general public when you're trying to get a job done. Fucked if I can find it now, mind...
  9. Congrats on getting it up on the trailer in (mostly) one piece!
  10. I wondered about that too. I imagine it's the weight of all our parcels in the back. So next time you get a flattened box from your Yodel courier...
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