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  1. Well, I've figured out how the handlebar assembly works, thanks to BMW's online parts ordering operation - stick in the last 7 digits of your VIN, and you get access to exploded parts diagrams and part numbers - very useful indeed 👍 This one explains everything: The reason there is play in the bars on mine is almost certainly going to be because the roller bearings (#8 in the diagram) are knackered. A nice chap on the C1 Facebook group has given me the SKF equivalents for these and the front wheel bearings - now ordered,
  2. Cheers, it was a very enjoyable way to spend a day... no appointments to keep, forget the worries of the world and all that; just spanner away, and brew up at regular intervals! I've got to do a bit of shopping now, but hopefully this shouldn't be too expensive to put back on the road, Fork seals and dust caps, front wheel bearings and possibly also the rubber bushes under the handlebars but I won't know about the latter until I've had a look. Happily the PO left a workshop manual on a disc in with the paperwork 👍
  3. Bad speedo drives can make some hideous noises; personally I have had this happen twice... I would definitely try the bike without it before spending coin on anything else.
  4. I find rear discs a ballache on smaller bikes; the rear brake does so little in reality that it's easy for the caliper to partially seize. The C1 I'm working on now has done exactly this.
  5. I have no words. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/393429928310911/
  6. The bike has some damage to the OSF wing, but there was a better one thrown in with it. Seems silly not to fit it while everything's in bits like this.
  7. Time to see how much work this C1 represents, then. First stop is the inoperative front brake. Laddo claims he'd put new pads in it... whatever, the front wheel is pretty much stuck solid, and the lever pulls back to the bars. Let's have a look: The pads weren't seated correctly in the caliper, so they were never going to work properly. They aren't new either; presumably he took it apart to check the wear and gave up on the job when he couldn't turn the front wheel any more. GR8 JOB M9. The Brembo caliper looks in pretty good nick, with the exception of several chunks
  8. "One life. Live it"... because nothing says Living The Dream louder than a fucked old Discovery that's just had its MOT revoked 😂
  9. I am also a biker, and I give zero fucks about the likes of these two oxygen thieves. In an ideal world they'll take no-one else with them when they go straight on into the celestial bend at 155mph, but the chances of that happening are slim at best. No, when they do go, if they don't kill someone else in the process, they'll ruin the life of the poor dude whose car they spread their guts all over the front of. Dob the cunts in.
  10. You say that, but the Fleur de Lys job in Wakefield is a long-established and massively popular show that happens on a Thursday evening...
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