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  1. Another Vito with skeletons in the closet... wonder what this one used to do for a living? Hmmmm... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/698113621136990
  2. People are asking up to two grand for a Suzuki A100 these days, an absolute dog turd of a bike. I should know, I had two of them. If that's possible then anything is. The simple fact is that every bike that manages to live to a decent age magically achieves classic status even if it's complete and utter wank and, yes, that will eventually include some Chinese rubbish. Look at the Iron Curtain stuff now - bikes of last resort back in the day, yet the 650 flat twins, Ural/Dnepr (with or without sidecars) are making the same sort of money as British bikes. Even some of the horrible 2-
  3. They used to have good offers on LHM, which when you had a car that got through it faster than Father Jack does a bottle of floor polish is no small consideration.
  4. I'd rather have crabs than than that Chinese cruiser.
  5. My experience is that most of these off-brand Chinese shitters have already become IKEA cutlery by their third birthday.
  6. Yep, those loose pipes are all as a result of our final fiddling session. I never got round to putting it back together, and then it had to be moved to where it was until yesterday.
  7. No pics of the interior... wonder why? by William the Conqueror presumably. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/motorhome-american-rv-dodge-winnebago/184668728474
  8. Probably leaking somewhat, looking at the state of the headlining, but it's a lot of camper for £2600: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1167272140332828
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/703478440317093
  10. Sorted then - prise the badges off, find a wrecked Whang Dong Golden Shower 125 and ring it to that. No one will ever know 👍
  11. What is it - SH300? NOVA isn't the problem it once was, even if the bike is already in the UK. However, I suspect that is under 10 years old, in which case you might end up paying tax on it. Then you're looking at £55 plus whatever it costs to get the dating letter/certificate that you'll need in order to convince DVLA to give it a UK registration, plus the cost of a new number plate. I would agree with blackboilersuit - it's a lot of ballache for a daily hack. If it can be had super cheap, then his suggestion of getting a wrecked one and doing a bit of jiggery pokery would be the
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