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  1. I don't know what the model designations are, sorry... Our Lass ran an '06 1.2 petrol one for 11 years, getting it up to 160000+ miles in the process without major drama. It's still alive on this forum somewhere. She replaced it with a '16 plate Panda with the same 1.2 motor which is currently providing as little drama as its predecessor. They're uncomfortable, cramped and utterly miserable things to drive IMO (Our Lass would disagree, natch, but what does she know? She hates the BX) but if you want something as tough as old boots and cheap to run look no further.
  2. It's been a while since I posted on this thread, mostly because my Shite Mojo is disappearing at a rate of knots, The BX's gearbox issues were finally resolved when @twosmoke300 rummaged through his dad's stash of old BX bits, and found a gearbox that - while it looked like it had been buried at sea for 20 years - worked perfectly. This place etc. Unfortunately, the car only worked for another week before springing a mahoosive LHM leak from - or near - the rear height corrector. The Ami's voltage regulator arrived from France, and the car was restored to a running condition this afternoon, only for the ropey old wiper motor to burn out on the maiden voyage. So it goes, although it has to be said that the test drive up into the hills in South Yorkshire cheered me up somewhat. These former events are without doubt expensive, but the most unpleasant concerns a BMW C1 being sold by a relatively recent visitor to a scooter forum I visit. Said character had bought the C1 and was experiencing extreme buyers remorse. He offered it for sale, and then came back saying he was desperate to get rid and would listen to offers. I like the unusual, so I made him an offer. The reply I got back, calling me a profiteer, a flipper etc had to be seen to be believed. The few people on here that know me already understand that I would regard rolling a C1 in the urban scramble as one of life's great achievements 🤣 On the plus side I got my Velosolex and Tula NOVAd the other day - things have clearly changed rather drastically since that scheme was introduced, and for the better; drop me a PM if if what I did might be useful to you.
  3. How are you for space at the new place in Spain? I bet there's loads of interesting old shite knocking around over there,
  4. This was always my favourite colour scheme for a CBR:
  5. All change on the driveway since that shot was taken! Have you still not got your CBT, Chris??
  6. Yep, the SR50 I mention was out of action for three months for the want of a carb inlet rubber. There wasn't one in the UK and the factory had gone home for the summer, apparently...
  7. The Leonardo was quite popular back in the day on a couple of the scooter forums I used to frequent... I knew four or five people who owned them, and when they were going they were good, but they suffered from all sorts of electrical problems, and getting spares from Aprilia was always hit and miss (I had an SR50 for a while). If it fires straight up with clean fuel I would make a very low offer indeed, if it doesn't... as you say, walk away!
  8. Y'see, I like Soviet iron in spite of it mostly being 2-stroke. These little bikes are by no means quick, but heroic ride-to-work plodders built to the lowest possible engineering tolerances with a reputation for clattering on for ever. The one good thing about the Soviets never having money for R&D is that they churned these heaps out for decades, and spares can be had - surprisingly cheaply. Now I'm no speed merchant, and I could happily rattle and smoke my way to work at 38mph on just such a nail, I just don't want to take a huge hit on it when I come to sell.
  9. They were good scoots back in the day when running, but as unreliable as shit with poor spares reliability, and the passing of 20 years or so will have done nothing to alleviate either of these problems. As the good ole UMG always used to say "Pay no more than £50".
  10. Bikeshiters: help me out. I'm fancying this Minsk, the asking on which is 900 notes. It's tax and MOT exempt and runs well, UK regd and comes with some spares. Madly out of the park for Soviet crap, or should I snatch his hand off?
  11. Inverters are wasteful, but a decent solar charging system is well worth having if you plan on venturing further than the nearest electric hook up. My 200W system will easily recharge our van's 110Ah leisure battery fully during the course of a bright-ish day. *posted merely as a general observation, I realise battery charging is not currently at the top of snagglepuss' list of priorities
  12. Utterly minging Hyosung that's clearly spent the last few years in the sea: £80 opening bid, though... @UltraWomble? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hyosung-cruise-2-125-Motorbike-Spares-Or-Repairs-complete-bike-needs-service/233605146782
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