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  1. I think you went one letter too far. I'm going to guess* XJR
  2. A Christmas card arrived from a lawyer today He specialises in technology law, can you tell?
  3. Lower it, drill holes in the bumper, big sticker across the window that says "Because BMW" then abandon it under a tree. In 6 years, list it for sale for £4200 as needing "light recommisioning"
  4. Bloody hell, he doesn't not look like my dad, just with worse teeth.
  5. Another one of my "doesn't sound like a big deal" grins. I am, generally speaking, alright. Nothing meaningfully bad is going to happen. It's reasonably unlikely The Man is going to turn up and take me away in the back of a van again. In fact, they seem to be quite receptive to me expressing a need for additional types of medication to help me get where I need to be. I have had reassurance that I don't need to worry about going back to work sooner than I'm ready to, and they're very supportive of me pursuing self-employment. Doing what? Wait and see! (I.e, I've not quite ironed out the details yet) Money has got a lot less stressful now that I've switched to cash for everything I practically can. Money that exists only as a number on a screen my brain sees as a challenge to spend asap, whereas coins and notes feel much more like something to be looked after and grown like a prized orchid or whatever it is giffers spend their lives tending to. I've gained a few acquaintances in the form of the entire staff of the local tattoo shop, I pop in just for a chat every week or so, and they seem genuinely happy to talk to me. I was there the other day for the artist to check how my most recent work was healing, I expected to be there for a couple of minutes at most but the apprentice made me a coffee and we chatted for an hour and a half as they were practicing drawing designs. They were interested in the fact I'd done tattoos on myself, and gave me a practice tattoo cartridge with a ballpoint pen instead of a needle so I can practice more without wasting needles. I've been slowly dragging my house kicking and screaming into feeling like a proper home again, in which I've realised I have far too much stuff! I'll be offering up a decent chunk of the useful but redundant stuff up for beer money soon I think. A lot of the rest of it can go in a skip tbh. I've also more or less quit smoking, admittedly I've just replaced it with a vape, but I can feel my lungs clearing up every day and the nicotine stain on my front teeth is fading. I still don't really know who the fuck I am, but I guess it's not that important really.
  6. I had a Ladybird book with a picture of that in it! That book is also why I think of 80s cars as very modern despite being somewhat more modern than that myself.
  7. If the engine is a goner I have an XUD here that you could fit and become an AS hero.
  8. You've heard of Guinea Pigs. Get ready for... Guinea Big.
  9. reb


    You could do a Car Throttle and pay somebody else to make the content for you. Shame you don't know anyone who always wanted to be on TV and has far too much free time.
  10. reb


    If anyone could make a regular income from hashtag content, it's someone who's already spent years building an audience. I wouldn't totally write it off as a possibility!
  11. Tidied my junk drawer. Mostly by removing the junk.
  12. We're not the young team anymore.
  13. I've used rainX on quite a few of my cars, it has the interesting effect that the faster you drive the better you can see. Watching rain flow steadily and quickly upward on the screen is also somewhat hypnotic.
  14. reb

    Rozzer Shite

    A month or so ago I was walking up the hill from the village, heard a siren behind me and looked round, it was a nonmetallic grey XC60 with blues in the windscreen going warp speed up the hill. Usually such a sight is followed by marked cars and/or other emergency vehicles. No such luck.
  15. I remember taking my Golf to a main dealer to be rinsed for a second key. I was nosing about a brand new GTI, I made a critical error in that I said "I have no money" so they left me alone and I didn't get a shot of any of the shiny new cars.
  16. reb

    EO the Clio

    Mine was the most fun car I've owned. Until it caught a little bit on fire. Then I poured red bull on it, let it cool down, then it continued to be lots of fun. Unfortunately "drive it like you stole it" only works until enough bits fall off that it won't pass an MOT, so it went to the scrapyard in the sky because I didn't have anywhere to fix it at that point. Sounded filthy on the way to the scrapyard with no exhaust!
  17. reb

    EO the Clio

    The 1.4 16v I had was the same. As were the two 1.2s I've driven.
  18. Impressive. Though I have to ask, why are you feeding a hire car V-Power?
  19. His response to me calling him a chancer was to threaten to punch me in the face (which seems kind of pointless to me, if you're going to punch someone just do it!) then shout to the two in the van "He's a pedo! He just touched my bum!" which is funny because he was at least 15 years older than me, though he did appear to have the intellect of a 9 year old.
  20. I had them at mine on Sunday too. Wanting to buy the "starter engine" off my volvo. Telling me I'll get fuck all for the car because "Scrap's at £22 a ton".
  21. I'd rather just settle for a Penguin than pay those prices!
  22. You had my hopes up there thinking I might be able to get them with my weekly delivery, no such luck. I think the foreign food section must be done outside of the online shop side of things.
  23. With the way my door faces it would have got the guys face but not the fact the van was there at all let alone the plate. It is something I'm considering now though.
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