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  1. Agreed. Its not me chucking em out but I already have a set! @Six-cylinder@N19 hopefully @clayts450is having em if that cool with all parties.
  2. NG10 mate. I'll double check the scrap man hasn't took em and PM ya.
  3. Metal car ramps. Collection from Notts area. Hurry before the scrap man takes them. I will store them for a short period if someone genuinely wants them.
  4. I would love to re-home that, alas I am nowhere near Fife. ?
  5. Bit more work on scrambler. My mate welded in this hoop for me. I think it finishes the rear of the frame off nicely.
  6. So true. The only worry is when I pass my test I might end up with a garage full!
  7. That sounds terrible. I think its all down to how its looked after. My mates has done over 5k miles including all weather commuting it still looks great. We went for a ride today after which we cleaned our bikes. Also I think this blows the "Chinese bikes rust/break so much because of cheap components" out of the water. No more likely because they are so cheap people don't take care of them. See Citroen Picasso's for further details. I also think you are spot on about the price though. My mate reckons if the WK had a Triumph badge it would be 5K.
  8. Land Rover V8. Should never have sold.
  9. Mate I just did that in November after years of nagging from mates!. I have ridden crossers and field bikes before. CBT was about £120 with hire of everything. My exact thoughts were I can do a CBT to see if I like it. Put it this way I booked my first lesson for my full licence today!
  10. Works great on reviving faded plastic trim and cricket bats. Puts the oils back in allegedly but not too greasy. Available for about a fiver down the DIY shop. Just rub it in with an old rag. Top thread by the way @Slowsilver, just read from start to finish.
  11. Yes, I have. I am about 5'10" and fit fine. The seat is like a big marshmallow! I would say it accelerates faster than mine and cruises best at about 55 although capable of 65 when really pushed. This is probably down to the 4 speed and smaller wheels giving lower gearing. Turning circle is amazing! My mate is shorter but a bigger build than me and it carries him no problem. He loves it and says he intends to keep forever, it lives in his front room!. His other steed is now a GSXR1000 and he always says how much fun he has on the monkey. He had the original 50cc version when we were teenagers.
  12. My bike was second hand some rust was starting to form from not being cleaned but I managed to clean off most and repaint the exhaust and some brackets. The main concern for me if I was commuting would be rust and spares availability. I use mine for fun really and its kept in a garage and I keep it pretty clean. In all honesty I don't know how it would stand up to a salty winters road commute. Saying that my mate has a full licence to keep the miles down on his Hayabusa he bought a grom 125 and commuted on that all weathers then he replaced it with the 125 Honda monkey bike that he did ab
  13. Cracking cars. Mother had one which I threw around a bit great fun. Sold in 45mins on mongtree.
  14. Thank you I get quite a few positive comments when I am out. I took the rack and fender off the rear because i prefer the look. I still have them and they just bolt on. I am going to get a hoop welded into the rear to finish off the back end. I have the under bar style mirrors on, I just had to take them off to get the bike through the side gate to where the pic is took!!! Apparently the engine is a cb125 clone? Not bad for £900!!!
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