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  1. What about the Range Rover with the extra indicator in the rear quarter? £2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. See you all there. Puddlethumper I will have readies for the vice and maybe some of your other interesting wares!
  3. Possible "logbook loan" bullshit. A loan secured on the car. One would hope a HPI check would pick this up, but maybe not in this case. Best of luck Vince70
  4. Would old fuel (around 9 months) cause a higher CO reading at MOT time?
  5. Got it Sidtron 2 degrees C V. Deffo M9
  6. I am going to aim to attend this one. I would also be interested in the Michael Faraday book if available I sort of collect/enjoy old electrical engineering books esp if it has illustrations!
  7. Cheers cortinadave. This is the very last of the well built Audi's in my opinion. I love the 80 shape. If was in and had won I would probably have been more likely to go through with a divorce than a cartakeback scrapper!!!
  8. Only just seen this. If someone wants my ticket number 8 you can have it. If not I will pay up before the Weds draw and in the event of a win I will offer car up here first / cartakeback. To say this has not been well received at home would be an understatement. Soz for the inconvenience mr rofflemaster.
  9. My wife will kill me. Just 1 random please. But I really like these.
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