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  1. Well if we are talking Primera stories, take a look at this one I borrowed off an ex father in lawI had three days to repair the rear quarter before I gave it back. The chap at Saltbrook scrappie let me have a wing for £5 and I managed to sort it out.being silver it never looked quite right but nothing was ever said.
  2. I spoke to him yesterday. He was pulling your leg about weighing it in. I stuck a 'humorous ' note under his wiper blade and he thought it was you...
  3. Sorry all Austin badges are now sold to an Australian BL botherer. I'll sort a Fiesta Mk1 out and a couple of Ford ovals. None left are all that good condition really. They are good for £1 but really nice ones are fetching good money now and I don't have any. Pm me your address and I'll send them out
  4. 30% of my cars are Road legal. 20% would drive fine but not legally. The other 50% are works in progress
  5. I was joking. That car needs keeping standard. The bit about knowing a chap who does vinyls was true though
  6. I know someone who does vinyl stickers and wraps. Could get you a good deal on a Union Flag for the roof?
  7. Shropshire, particularly the southern part is horrible. People should stay away. Please tell everyone you know
  8. Haha only on Autoshite could someone buy a P reg Punto to try to make some money on.
  9. I'm pretty sure I can beat you at Shite Trumps. I had a 3.3 Mustang once. Don't know the bhp, but didn't feel like very many!
  10. It should be ok now, every message since joining was in there!
  11. I knew you were in the force but I didn't realise you were a detective
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