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  1. If anyone wants any bits, I also have a very similar sounding Xantia that I am unsure what to do with. May break, or sell complete if anyone is crazy enough. May even keep, who knows!
  2. Raleigh Alpha Sport. Good original condition. Tyres flat, rest seems ok. £80 to someone on here.
  3. Not sure if it has the same set up as the diesels, but this housing was very slightly cracked on mine. Didn't leak all the time though
  4. That's the one! Although looking at his photos, it now has a different number
  5. The ex-Bramz and BEep ZX is still going strong, but the seats were giving me backache so it now has 405 front seats. Much better, 405 seats are the best Thought I would try to cure one of the persistent coolant leaks this car has. Most hoses have weeped at some point in my ownership but at the rear of the XUD is a plastic union where four hoses join. This was slightly cracked so as Haynes would say 'simply undo the two bolts and remove' Er, no. It still has the original hose clips which are so much fun to remove in an awkward space. Cue much cursing and butchery I replaced it with a much earlier cast aluminium one off a 205. Much better. Next job, replace another crumbling gearknob. Even the one I replaced it with has a crack. Not many decent 1990s PSA gearknobs left! Next job, take a look at the advisories for rust at the rear... Oh dear. I'll do that another day. I can't see there being many of these left in a few years. Besides me, who on earth is going to bother welding these up? To make myself feel better I treated it to new shoes. It looks so much better than the 13 inch wheels with trims
  6. New acquisition So how many on here have owned this? It seems mostly ok. Desperately needs a cut and polish. Rear axle seized unfortunately, but I do have a spare. No rush fixing this up, I have plenty of other things to do for now!
  7. Interior is very good other than carpets missing and it has a split seam in the drivers seat. Two spare seats are provided for you to swap covers. All black vinyl Photos don't really do much on a car like this. Come and have a look at it anytime, where are you?
  8. I had a Mini automatic once just because it was cheap and I couldn't afford a better car! I was expecting to hate it but thought it was quite good really. I assume it's the same box but I suppose the lack of body weight helped. Glad to see the VP on its way to being fixed, I was never going to do it!
  9. Probably something wrong with her phone. Not sure how good those BlackBerry devices are?
  10. No sorry, sold that. I do have a broken DW8 though if he needs any ancilliaries but the camshaft has seized
  11. The thing these twats don't get is that if they rang up, viewed and were polite and offered a sensible lower price then I would meet them in the middle, shake hands and off they would drive into the sunset, leaving us both happy with the deal just like the good old days.
  12. I saw the previous owner the other day. He has have the light somewhere but it's not high on his list of priorities to look for it! Try PT Moore breakers in Leominster. They have loads of old sh ite stacked up. Bound to have one. They will post it too
  13. I do something similar. On a £400 car. "what's your best price? " £450 "But it says £400 on the ad" Well there is your answer m8.
  14. I wouldn't bother with the plate. There was a bill for £800 for clutch replacement a couple of years ago and it hasn't done many miles since. £190 is still bad but I'll wager the plate is fine
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