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  1. Free fiery death / carbon monoxide death machine. Shame to scrap it, 1960s vintage Free
  2. I assume it was her husband driving?
  3. Yes I heard the local owl sanctuary had rescued some rare owls from Chernobyl
  4. Thanks for the offer. I have a lovely welder myself and good steel so I'll have a go at it myself. To be honest though, the fun in it for me is being able to do it alone.
  5. My days of doing this because I have to are way over. Nothing more depressing than spending the weekend including Sunday evening under a car just so you can get to work on a monday! This project is something interesting to do but only when I feel like it!
  6. Hmm, probably the issue there then... I didn't see the car it came out of. It came from Red5. I don't think he knew what car it was from either. I'm now thinking that I may use the DW8 box but put the 205 diff on it. How hard can that be?
  7. Even with its slightly shorter 305 shafts it is quite difficult to get the bottom ball joint back in. I've had to separate the hub from the strut, put the hub on the ball joint then put the strut in the hub.
  8. I need a trailer in any condition. Or bits of trailer! Condition unimportant as I will probably need to chop it up and remake it anyway.
  9. Same as ZXs and Partners then. Very odd. Am getting weary of this project now
  10. Done a bit more on this. Got the engine and box out again Hmmm which gearbox shall I use this time? A 205 box looks about right. Had to.change the selector arm though. Simpler clutch than the ZX one but it means swapping the flywheel Engine in but not sitting quite right... Had to modify the gearbox mount, that was easy enough. Also had to shorten this gear selector rod. Easier to just bend it for now though Bottom engine mount not quite matching up. Bodged for now, will make one at some point Driveshafts slightly too long so I found some 305 ones that were a bit shorter. Minor mod to the clutch cable too(penny washer with a slit in it) When I started it the gears engaged nicely but no reverse gear. Bit odd but did 205s have reverse in a different place to 306 and ZXs? I should know that but can't remember! Anyway that is irrelevant as the clutch pedal then felt odd and if you press it there is a stiff feeling and a horrible noise. I've done something wrong but what??? told you im not a natural spannerer...
  11. Just seen a Sierra BASE in Shaun the Sheep the Movie (Well, I'm pretty sure that's what it is)
  12. Yugo 513, bought for £10 from Telford Auctions. (£35 Inc fees) Brilliant little car. Surprisingly quick. Would love another.
  13. But which is better? Henry or Hetty?
  14. I like them. We have two every days cars, a Nissan X Trail and ZX. I prefer the ZX by far
  15. Good cars I have loads of bits for these. Or will buy the remains off you when you are done with it.
  16. Never driven a 2.0 auto but my mk1 turbo diesel was a brilliant car. I was really sad when it went. You'll kill it anyway
  17. It shows that not only are they deeply unhappy people already but it also shows that repression does not work and neither do people like being told how to think.
  18. Since the dawn of time women have been unfathomable creatures but we love them all the same. Been with mine ten years and still she baffles me sometimes. Again though, venom towards you is just a symptom of a bigger issue: the biased and non transparent moderation here is annoying people. You are the one to stick your head up on various issues so you are the one in the firing line. You are the one seen to be causing trouble, whereas the sneaky tell tale twits do it quietly and get no comeback. Sad but that's how it is.
  19. I have looked and it's pretty nasty and unnecessary but it is only the symptom of what is going on here. If a man cannot grump about his relationship on a grumpy thread with out you jumping in and defending women then the mods backing you up and comments being deleted then it's bound to happen. You need to rein it in a bit, let people vent. I appreciate you have your causes but this is not the place to be trying to enforce them. Most on here on three things in their lives. Cars, work and women. If we cannot grumble about them from time to time then it is one fucked up place.
  20. I do welding for others sometimes. If someone wants a Discovery welding I refuse. Not worth it. Always more rotten than they first appear. Same goes for Transits
  21. I had one like that many years ago! Spent all weekend t cut and polishing it until it was mint. Next week, pink again
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