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  1. Sorry, wheels and tyres spoken for!


    On a related note, anyone got any 13cm car  speakers available at the end of the month when I have some money to pay for them? All mine are ruined!

    Possibly... I have several doors from various cars. I'll take a look in them.


    As usual though, if you want a quick and efficient service you won't be getting it here! Remind me in a couple of days if I haven't got back to you!

  2. No it goes back to whoever owns title to it, be it the previous owner or the finance company or whoever. If you buy a car and it turns out to be nicked then you’ve done your money.

    Yes, but you don't want the car taken first without questions being asked. Even if it was all some kind of mix up I can guarantee you would still be stuck with the removal and storage fees and possible damage whilst in storage.


    What needs to happen is have the legal technicalities sorted out first BEFORE the car is taken.

  3. [quote name="SierraMikeHotel" post="1764522" timestamp="1551959964"

    Let's keep the police-bashing to a minimum too, shall we? I'm getting a bit sick of it.


    Nobody is bashing the police.


    I state fact and reality. Sorry but it is not exactly unknown for the police to try to force their wills and opinions on the public and claim its law. This happens a lot. The police are the same as any organisation. There are good guys are there are cunts. You have to be fully prepared for when you meet the cunts as they are not just cunts in this instance but cunts with the law on their side and other cunts ready to back them up.

  4. I had a ZX that locked me out. 5 am. With the engine running. In the frost. With the house door locked and the keys in the ZX ignition. Had to rummage round in a flower bed until I found a stone large enough to break a window then drive 40 miles to work with filthy hands. Great start to the day...


    Email me a list of bits, got loads left

  5. I need a trailer in any condition. Or bits of trailer!

    Condition unimportant as I will probably need to chop it up and remake it anyway.

    Many thanks for the replies but I have just picked up a boat trailer locally off Freecycle. It's for moving my unfeasably heavy 1960s compressor. I'm going to make it so it is part of the trailer and easily movable in future
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