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  1. Just done the drop links on a 2010 polo and the new ones have flats behind the thread and I had the perfect thin spanner to fit...... the old ones didn’t have the flats...... out with the grinder. As has been said, these parts are really cheap (£10 a pair) so out with the grinder when the wouldn’t unbolt.
  2. Just the gearbox? And a hundred other things.....
  3. fastblatt

    V8 itch.

    I had the same itch. Had a stag up to to 2 years ago and just recently bought a petrol L322 Range Rover. Glorious sound and very refined at the same time. Not expensive to scratch the itch but I know it’ll bite me at some point.
  4. Just read this whole thread. Brilliant work and to a great standard. The car should last you many years now.
  5. You have fifteen heads and it’s a six cylinder........ Are you expecting a lot of failures?
  6. I would guess that because it has to be one or the other, ie taxed or sorned. if there is a gap in the tax then it should have been sorned and that is the starting point to get it retaxed. I found this out when I couldn’t tax mine after 3 weeks of buying it but having registered it in my name. Had forgotten about sorning it as I was going to tax it the next month so entered a web chat on line with someone from the dvla. Mark
  7. If a car has been untaxed for some time and not sorned then you can’t tax it until you do SORN it. Similarly if there is a change of keeper and the new keeper doesn’t tax it straight away but registers it in their name the car then has to be sorned before it can be taxed. This was explained to me when I couldn’t tax my car by the dvla. Don’t know if this helps..... Mark
  8. I’m really surprised that’s all it failed on considering the pictures. Becomes a rolling resto as son as you get a ticket.
  9. Definitely replace the pressure switch first. Cheapest part and all that.
  10. I’ve got a 3.2 roadster with the dsg gearbox. I think it’s great and looks brilliant . Shitbag to work on though. Very tight in the bay. Was 33k new (bought mine for a lot less two years ago) Don’t know any hairdressers that could afford that. Things do go wrong and are well documented. Check out the tt forum.
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