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  1. WARNING: this is the staff car park at Kw*k F*t in Devizes
  2. Really must get along to this - cycled past it loads of times, and it's only down the road from me. Thanks for the pics!
  3. D-reg Peugeot 309 GE in teh car park of the Andover branch of Aldi spotted last night, complete with giffer beaded seat cover. However I couldn't be arsed to take a picture.
  4. I have a post-facelift K11 as my daily commuter...don't rule them out if you can get a good one for low £
  5. Love that mustard paint underneath - the colour of all Austin 1100s in my childhood memories
  6. Two stick out: Miss Lewis the English teacher with a Triumph Herald convertible, and Mr Hurrell the physics teacher* who drove around in a Vauxhall van that once had been part of the BT fleet. This was in the 1980s.
  7. LJK Setright also had a column in a hi-fi magazine, which is where I first heard of him. And I couldn't understand what he was on about when discussing turntables, either.
  8. Vin, many thanks for this thread. I have added this to my favourites. This is top work getting the 900T back on the road - so much more interesting than yet another VW Splittie or Bay. And Fiats always look best when they are in light blue! Keep up the good work - this will be amazing when you finish it.
  9. This is great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdYn4lqHKSI Italian Shite
  10. Nissan Micra 1.0 povo spec - holding up BMWs and BINIs on a trunk road near you. And I'm not about to dispel that stereotype any time soon.
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