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  1. Ps I drain everything using the sump plug
  2. I flush everything...not with flushing oil but with an additive before a change. It’s basically 500ml of kerosine which acts as a detergent. I run for about ten minutes at idle before dropping the oil, never had a problem and I think it really helps.
  3. fraybentos

    NUTS !

    Buzzed em on with a gun without starting them by hand would be my guess
  4. I've got a nice ding dong....hacksaw
  5. Bba are very hit and miss used unit off eBay all the way imo
  6. I'd pull the in tank pump/sender and check for metal filings before doing much else I've just had one with the same fault..hp pump gone
  7. I have seen an entire 65 mustang floorpan held on with pop rivets...
  8. I've had three full 45 gallon drums in the back of my old w210 merc steering was a bit light coming back on the m3 tho!
  9. I guess if you leave it for a few days and try it it might be ok but you can lacquer over solvent base as long as you want to after but what they mean is you have to key it first, you're doing a great job btw!
  10. If you have used solvent base coat flat with 800 wet or dry and put 2k lacquer on it - 1 grab goat and 1/2 full coats - don't use cheap stuff as it may dry off colour try something like palinal which is cheap but good. Do not put cellulose on top it will react! If not just bang on some hs 2k and hope your colour match is ok
  11. V8 XJR job done! I sold mine start of the year and have been keeping an eye out for another as it was an awesome car and quickly appreciating. They are out there for reasonable money on eBay auctions but most classified listings are up for a lot more (1-2k) which could be your profit in 6 months time!
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