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  1. The roar is immense and without pushing it at anytime it feels like it could pull a train at anytime if one should break down.
  2. Yep I just thought the description was funny and wasn’t sure where to post it!
  3. Built for class and touring and of course it really bringings out the Italian in you ( if you have any ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Very-Rare-Modern-Classic-Alfa-Romeo-166-2-5-V6-24V/372886773970?hash=item56d1c8a0d2:g:liUAAOSwLrtd~yus
  4. Ps I drain everything using the sump plug
  5. I flush everything...not with flushing oil but with an additive before a change. It’s basically 500ml of kerosine which acts as a detergent. I run for about ten minutes at idle before dropping the oil, never had a problem and I think it really helps.
  6. fraybentos

    NUTS !

    Buzzed em on with a gun without starting them by hand would be my guess
  7. I've got a nice ding dong....hacksaw
  8. Bba are very hit and miss used unit off eBay all the way imo
  9. I'd pull the in tank pump/sender and check for metal filings before doing much else I've just had one with the same fault..hp pump gone
  10. I have seen an entire 65 mustang floorpan held on with pop rivets...
  11. I've had three full 45 gallon drums in the back of my old w210 merc steering was a bit light coming back on the m3 tho!
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