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  1. Its in Manchester. now here's the photies. Now if no one buys it in 24 hours it will have a banger stuffed up its arse then be sent to the oval then turned into a grass track racer then weighed in SO BE WARNED

    Hyundai's are for Christmas NOT for life. Lived the life etc.






    The roof doggie scabs




    the rust found so far




    luxury inside




    Fang goo for looking and please look at me other items 4 sail.

  2. As most of you know me Laddo's Renault Megane has been up for sale and he has now done a deal and the car has gone.................HOWEVER................he has taken a red 1999 (v) Hyundai Accent Coupe 1.3 in part exchange.


    Now don't get me wrong, it is a shed BUT it has mot till November 11th 2015 and the owner has just spent £377.90 on getting it through this last MOT. It has an advisory list as long as your arm but in my opinion is not that bad, it was MOT'd at one of those autocentres so is guaranteed the attached list. It has 127k on the clock and can you believe the owner wants the radio cassette back so that will have to come out.


    the bill is for: 


    Track control arm

    lazer wheel alighnment (surprise surprise)

    CV Boot

    Fuel Treatment????

    2x tyres (ditto above)

    Stabiliser bar


    Advisories are:

    Near and offside indicator light slightly discoloured

    Offside headlight obscured but not more than 50%

    Parking break has little reserve travel

    Offside cv boot slightly worn

    light misting of rear shock absorber

    oil leak

    Fuel pipes corroded

    Alternator belt worn

    Spare tyre defective


    So a lot about nowt really. The car needs a good clean and the laquer is peeling a bit on the roof. eBay photo's to follow but I thought I would see if there is any Hyundai love out there first, especially for Autoshiters price of £250 drive away. Thats nearly half of the mot money, nearly a full yaers mot and any crap in the door pockets are yours.

  3. post-194-0-12896100-1415794435_thumb.jpgpost-194-0-11291700-1415794447_thumb.jpgpost-194-0-33807200-1415794458_thumb.jpgpost-194-0-47444800-1415794468_thumb.jpg


     He's now desperate as he can't get a part time job whilst he is studying, if anyone is interested here his advert. 


    Hi and welcome to the sale of my Renault Megane 1.6 Expression. Mot'd until October 2015 with no advisories. No tax. She is clean and tidy inside and out and a great runner. The car is cheap to run averaging approx 35-40 mpg around town and 45+ on a long run. Insurance is quite cheap too. Everything works as it should and the heater in particular is fantastic now that winter is upon us. The stereo system is a Kenwood and has front loading CD player, Aux jack and USB port as well as FM/AM radio. Big boot space for a hatchback and a spare tyre with plenty of life left in it. The car has remote central locking with 2 keys and an alarm system too. Cam belt was changed by previous owner so nothing to worry about there. Any questions please ask. Viewings are welcome and encouraged. Thanks for looking!


    P.s: Reason for selling is that I have just become a student and use public transport (sadly) to get to and from uni.

  4. I have Hampshite on my bucket list, I want to come back home and see my childhood stomping ground before I slip off this mortal coil 51 next month and feel every year, I will have to fight for a leave pass from Satan and summer is best for me, even though I have lived in Manc land for nearly 30 years I am still a soft mardy southerner who likes to be warm. South downs hold happy memories as does New forest and Beuleau  (if that's how its spelt) I then can move on to Portchester castle and Fareham afterwards. I'm up for slices if some are imported and can you get White Lightning darn sarf?

  5. I know how you feel about rolling around under cars 'at our age' it something I try to wiggle out of especially as winter approaches and as luck would have it mot time is winter so my local garage seems to be getting more work from me these days but only the big jobbies that I really can not be bothered with.

    Have you seen that lovely Rover 75 for sale on here, only £300 notes and auto? I see you like big engine ovlovs so why not?

  6. After all this you have to keep us informed on the next chariot, I know how you feel when you have a very limited budget for wheels but with respect, we ain't going to get much for our bucks really, I always look at it as all I can afford is some one elses trouble and they must be getting rid for some reason.

    Good luck and fingers crossed you come across a good un.

  7. I'm Glad to say I had an Omega 2.0 GLS automatic for a few years and it was a dream, never let me down, was good on juice for an auto, I just tickle around these days, roomy large boot and comfy on those 380 mile trecks down to Cornwall for me jollies. I would have another one at the drop of a hat but would like a cd for the bum warmers now I'm getting old and feel the cold!

    Go get one, you won't regret it. (Had Nova, Astra & 2.2ltr Carltons before this), I likes me Vauxhalls.

    Not all Vauxhalls are crap :-P

  8. Oh dear what have I started here? I have no problem with day time lights I just think they should operate on the rear lights too, like Panhard 65 said above I saw someone join the motorway from the slip road, plough straight across to lane 3 and wondered why someone shunted him up the arse in the pitch black. Motorways have switched off most lights at night now we are in a recession, I was flashing him to turn on his lights because you could just not see him and actually illuminated him enough to be seen once by a car coming up lane 3, in the driving rain and wind along the side of a lorry.

    Side lights are better than no lights on the rear.

  9. I deffo say go for the Xsara, I miss mine and as in my previous posts this is the only car I have kept for over 5 years and had to fit 2 lots of brake pads and full exhausts.

    It is economical in 1.4 form, smooth over speed bumps even though it has conventional suspension, its not as big as a 405 in any way, my neighbor's 405 was head and shoulders over mine. 

    Watch out for head gaskets on the later ones and the c3, I was in the Citroen dealers and there was a load of 03 & 04 plates going for scrap for that problem, the fools part exed them for another Citroen as it was cheeper than getting a new engine ?????

    Failing that buy me laddos Renault Megane, just as lovely, more economical and cheeper to insure? 1.6cc and the heaters in Renaults cook you nicely. win win. I got one after my Xsara too.

  10. What a stupid idea these are on todays moderns, I was driving to work this morning in the dark behind a new Nissan Joke who had no lights on, as always I said to myself 'what a pillock' that person was and he obviously does not use his speedo. came to a set of lights and the Nissan fell behind me, as I looked in my rear view mirror I thought 'oh he must have just realized and put his lights on', driving along for a few miles a happy bunny now, we come to another set of lights and said Nissan pulls along side to turn right, well again no rear lights, thinking fook me a 64 plate car with electrical problems I shout across to the driver, 'hey mate, your all new expensive motar has no rear lights on, you had better take it back to Nissan pronto'. He said 'no mate its on daylight running lights, no speedo lights either'.

    Well does that make everything alright then? no rear lights and no speedo lights in the pitch black, call me old fashioned but I'd like to see and be seen.

    Then bugger me with a rotating pineapple in a black and decker drill, a Fiat 500 tank was doing the same thing down a country lane 20 minutes later.

    Daylight running lights says it all to me, I'm sure Ovlovs rears are on during the day but can't find one to see if I'm wrong.




  11. Me Laddo's 2002 52 plate Renault Megane 1.6 Expression is up for sale as he has given up work to get a degree in English using the open university Course,

    11 months mot with no advisories, in metallic silver four door hatch flavour with steel wheels (2 wheel trims come free). 

    Just look around you to see what they look like for now as photo's will come later when He takes some.

    Has a radio with mp3 slot thingy if you really need one.

    65.700 miles and clean and tidy. Wants £800 or near offer as he wants to take a motor bike lesson and so he can save up and get a 125cc riding machine. Me laddo's 23 so not been boy racered, infact he spends more time in mine cos we used to work together so Daddios petrol bill is betterer. These things are good on juice, I easily get 43 around town, 48ish on a slow motorway journey.


    Any questions just pm me. fanx for looking.

  12. They all do that sir.......................she has told her insurance that I swerved to avoid a car pulling out of the side road thus hitting her car, I have been fighting this since March 12 and I am starting to lose money as well as my insurance policy went up tho I did get it even cheaper using the Merecats and my wifes car policy went up even though I had to be taken off just to save her money, it cost me money to be removed.

    I am usually a push over but I am adamant that a young whipper snapper ain't gonna get a whip lash claim or two outa me, My insurance said they have put aside 11k incase it goes in her favor, no wonder me laddo and others pay £stupid for insurance

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