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  1. Here in Manchester there seems to be a few garages that sell nothing but German cars and they seem to have a good turnover of cars so they still seem to have a bit of a prestiege tag on them. Have you seen how much a Mercedes rusts these days...........Ford too.

  2. My sister in law has just got an 02 plate and has a few problems, few gremlins with weird electrical problems which turned out to a knackerd battery which was cured with a new one, worst thing was she has had to replace the clutch which cost an eye watering £700.


    Good luck with yours Vince 70. Looks nice ;-)

  3. I want one for the colour of the dash lights, a lovely hue of red and blue. I used to work for Gilbert Lawton in the valet department and used to get these ready for delivery. Hated the left hookers, made me feel claustrophobic for some reason, The rhd beetle and the 1.4 lupo was my fave. Lupo could fly and the GTI version, WOW.

    Well bought. I am jealous.

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