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  1. Number 1 son has just buggered off to that there China to live and has left this on my drive, its not much to look at but drives really nice and sip fuel, its the 998cc but is really nippy, has about 9 months MOT and a complete new exhaust & cat which cost over £200. had a water leak but sealed now and the silly sod used cat litter to absorb the damp so is a bit grubby inside, stereo is probably worth more than the car but hey ho. Air bag light is on but for a cheap runaround for the remaining mot its cheaper than the bus. He man stearing and wind up windows. too good to scrap. 1 headlight bulb is out and spare tyre need repair. Say £200 or offers. Car in South Manchester
  2. I have written off my lovely Renault Megane and I am now on the look out for something else, I fancy another Megane buy the cc one this time but I only have around £1000 in the coffers, I have also fancied a Freelander so may scratch that itch, I know the 1.8 engine is the same as the M.G. lump so I take it I need to keep an eye out for head gaskets and am I right in thinking these are the chariots of choice that rot out the rear floors? Paste the topic title into ebay and have a butchers yourself. Any FGS don't do it advice welcome please.
  3. My Princess passed her test today and is looking for her first chariot, what cc's is it please?
  4. Avoid sunroof cars, mine like getting in a bath. same as the Clio I had!
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I need a new up n over (eyeup missus) I'll give you £15 fitted. Bargainous.
  6. Moogs had my dirty shite mobile, not cleaned in 2 years.
  7. Yup thats my road map, had it over 25 years and used it for all our family holidays, pm me your paypal and let me know how much to return it, It does have sentimental value. Thanks by the way. I have had 49 MPG out of My Nibblet, she never let me down and believe it or not the abs sensor is only 12 months or so old, apparantly if you go through puddles the rain water corrodes the sensor ring so if you clean it the problem goes away, so I was told at the garage.
  8. Look at the back of Moogs new stead, all those I made.
  9. Complete with extra secure boot and petrol cap! Half a willow tree for camoflage
  10. Thanks Landy man for the help, been on holiday so did not see this till now, towbar is now on order, just need to buy a cheap trailer off gumtree to transport pallets.
  11. I have been looking for a towbar for my new toy as I can't get pallets in this one (its too nice) and according to the interweb there is not one, How much is likely to be different on the underside rear of the saloon/hatch/coupe/converible? I had the silly idea of getting a small trailer to cart wood for my stove.
  12. Is it the pulley part with ropes you need or a frame to hang it from. I may have a pulley part lurking in my garage that I used to hang from the rafters if any good to you, I'm local too.
  13. That wasn't in Ashford Kent was it, my friend had his engine and gearbox stolen from his car around the same era.
  14. By the way, if anyone wants Nibblet for spears or reapers its yours for £150 has 2 new tyres, and 4 new coil packs, sort the brakes and you have a cheap motor for 4 months. Based in south Manchester.
  15. The red one looks gorgeous, nothing seems to kill them, my one has never failed to proceed that's why I got another. Very under rated cars imo
  16. 'Nibblet' my silver chariot has given me 2/3 years of sterling service, she has been used and abused and still after 40k miles the cambelt lottery is still ongoing, she has been used to haul pallets and wood for the stove but as she needs a lot of work doing it was cheaper to get another. Now I have never bought the same car twice in my life so this goes to show how happy I am with the trusty Megane. She is still mot'd till December but has the exhaust blowing, the pads are replaced but they grind for the first few miles until they settle in place, the cam belt needs doing, she loses a bit of water over a month or two, clutch is at end of life but not slipping yet so is really the perfect car for this website! As we are going to Cornwall for the 30th time a replacement had to be found and I came across Dion (I know, I'm a sad bastard). It was the same price as the parts for 'Nibblet' and a years AA membership. Sorry no collection photies as I had to pick her up quickly before the wife changed her mind on me having it. I have always wanted a convertible car, and u know how it is, marriage, babies = sensible car, so now I am on my second midlife crises I have treated myself. The lady who sold it had just had the front brakes replaced, full service, 4 new tyres and a cambelt and water pump change along with a full mot, It was her 'Baby' and was upset to sell it but hubby came home with a new Peugeot 307 as a company car so it made sense to let the Megane go. I managed to get it for £600, the money she had just spent! So for the first time I have gone decimal on the registration plates! Insurance o Nibblet £440 , on Dion £240, how does that work? same engine size etc.
  17. Live with, it, if speedo's not working use a sat nav.
  18. It's the five years of paying for a new car that I don't like as well as the "you must have it serviced to validate the warrantee" My Megane cost me £300 to buy 2 years ago its not had an oil change in over 30k miles and has never failed to proceed once, waiting for the cam belt lotto so I can have an excuse to replace it, all for less than a service on a Focus. If It breaks down, I'll just lob the keys in a river and go get another one, not even covered by the AA, God I'm tight!!. Some one left a big dent in my door with their BINI, wife was like WTF, I was like his cars newer, he's the one who will be sobbing. Only HP I had was on a Mk3 Cortina in 1980. cost more to keep the bugger on the road than I could afford so it got repo'd. Never again. Cars are like phones to me now, Pay as you go. Must be an age thing.
  19. Don't like the sound of a camper stove in a car environment, do they not give off co2? Safety first young man and what about piss heads coming out the pubs and banging on the roof or windows for a laugh? Bed is more saferer!
  20. How many crap Renault 20 threads do we need? Asked Foad Does he speak from experience of driving a "crap Renault 20"?
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