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  1. One random please. LOLd at this from Mot2013: Reason(s) for failure Horn sounds harsh or grating (1.7.3c)
  2. Just seen this on Facebook, to me it looks entirely believable for a 2002 car. Doesn't look 'modern' but the R75 shape was debuted in 1996 or something. Click for the full effect.
  3. Yes quite possibly, especially if it's an original part rather than an aftermarket replacement. 'BANGERS R US' facebook group is useful for ballpark figures.
  4. So he wouldn't check them 'properly' if you told him they were new? Congrats on the pass
  5. It looks a lot better in real life, really good in fact. Saw it when I took the 75 V8 for a service. It has a fancy 3 valve engine too. A huge amount of love, work and effort has gone into the car. I don't mean to sound all 'blue forum' but its a bit off to call someone's hard work 'shit' on a 1 second inspection of some duff camera phone pics.
  6. Noticed my 75 wasn't making as much heat as it used to, turned out to be low on coolant!
  7. This rings a bell actually (mine is cort16's old one). Turning the key left and right while operating the handle. More of a quick, flicking turn of the key... or am I getting confused with the Scimitar door lock?? Either way, have a piece of carpet or a jacket or something to cover the catch with in case you do open it, you don't want it to fall shut and lock again.
  8. Here are some pics of my S2, which all jokes aside does have a massive hole in the wheel arch so you can see where the bolts for the catch go. I've used the attach feature so I'm not sure what order they'll come out in. The catches at the top of the seat back are fixed with two countersunk machine screws but they're not really accessible until the seat back is down. The screws go through the panel and into a 5mm plate behind, you can kind of see it in the pics but tbh it's not much use to you either. I'd guess your best be is to take out the hinge bolts at the bottom and see what state that leaves you in.
  9. The bench and seat wings are out of mine atm as I'm doing some welding, the seat wing only has the one screw at the bottom, then you have to wiggle and push it upwards. I'll try to get some photos of the catch etc. to help you come up with a plan.
  10. Found the pics, sadly not a lot to see. I packed out the catch with weld as it wasn't hitting the striker. I'm still not certain how I got in, it's possible it just worked once as I remember it did work occasionally.
  11. I had the same thing happen on my blue one. I've just looked through all my photos but I can't see any... I definitely took some so I'll keep looking. I think I lifted the parcel shelf from the front edge so I could get to the folding lever for the rear seat. then climbed into the boot to unscrew the catch... I think... maybe. Are the S1 parcel shelves in two parts? On mine about a foot of it stays still while the rest levers up with the hatch. It was the first (static) section that I could move.
  12. Are 135bhp RV8s really worth that much? I thought an old RV8 and autobox would be worth 2-300 quid? Manual boxes were worth a lot but Rimmers are reproducing the bellhousing now.
  13. These modern cars eh? What will they think of next?
  14. I'll have one at a fiver if there's one left. Ta
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