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  1. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1417029 LT1 powered caprice woody wagon, £2950, Essex.
  2. Yes I am, loads of really interesting stuff knocking around on the streets still, especially if you have an interest in commercials.
  3. The Peugeot pickup. Spotted yesterday in Angola, apparently Chinese based. Proper 4X4 with low range transfer box etc. And a press photo:
  4. June, Range Rover, Wiltshire, approximately 19:00
  5. November, W126 SEL, Scotland. 18:00
  6. Here are a few more from last year. Spent a long day labouring under the bonnet of an E46. IMG_4070.MOV
  7. Here are a few photos from my local self serve scrap yard. For me it’s a fun day out. Arriving with only a pry bar and a sledge hammer saying you’re getting a blower motor or wiring loom is a sport worth trying. I am always surprised at how nice some of the cars that find their way in there are.
  8. The plot thickens. Maybe it was one of the later specials that was particularly miserly then.
  9. I have been informed that it had keep fit windows in the front, that might mean it was a lowly reflex. This is pleasing to me.
  10. Really like a ZX for some reason. They have a fantastic unburstable workhorse nature about them. What was the order of the trim levels? Is advantage just an advantage over walking or over other trims? Where does Aura sit? Did a bASe exist? My partner had one up until a few years ago, it was her first car and we are trying to figure out what derivative it was. Power steering, central locking and a CD player. Nothing else apparently. Turbot weasel estate.
  11. Thanks, funny you mention that. I bought a tow bar for it (yet to fit) which would in theory let me do bike racks. I reckon it’ll make a hilarious and surprisingly good tow car being heavy, powerful and having a traditional slush box.
  12. Well I’m sorry you’ve missed out! It’s been a tremendous car to own long term and in my ownership almost all maintenance and repair has been DIY. Compared to something like a modern Golf it’s a simple car. When touring it is not difficult to see over 28mpg. Each to their own, I love it!
  13. Someone had DEBADGED SHAVED LOOK YO the compact at some point. I’ll have none of that thank you very much. Before After. Ahh, that’s better.
  14. So you’ve had the Range Rover story to this point, but I’m a serial motoring masochist. This thread is going to become a general diary on running old shit cars. Allow me to introduce the rest of the fleet. There’s this thing. 89 300 SEL. Bought a long time ago to keep wear and use off another car in winter. Yes, it was a WBOD. At well under a grand and I didn’t expect to keep it for long. It has accidentally become a classic in my ownership so I’ve shown it a bit of love and had it cosmetically sorted. It continues to require very little mechanically. Velour, wheel trims and looong seat rails. Below is the car I have owned the longest, it has been in my ownership for over a decade now. Bought when worthless, like the merc it too has become a classic in my ownership. It looks derelict here but that’s just frost and hay. Don’t believe what people tell you about these. They’re not a nightmare and really quite simple by modern standards. Sometimes you need a smol. My girlfriend uses this day to day because I believe the correct number of cylinders is more than four, it’s a 325ti. Great fun and far sportier than the big 8 series. The poor thing gets very little in the way of pampering. It is extremely muddy (but not in this photo). Requires moderate amounts of mechanical intervention, certainly more than the Mercedes.
  15. This place was a veritable paradise.
  16. Don’t think it was me, Did 250 odd miles on the M6 in it on the weekend though.
  17. Demo from a restorer. It showed badly repaired rust with patches then genuine Rolls Royce repair panels for contrast, botched wiring and generic fuel pumps etc vs. the real thing. Half of the car was repaired correctly and the other was Arthur Daley’d.
  18. A few of the shite things that caught my eye, again a bit of overlap here. What can I say, in this parish we have a type!
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