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  1. This Rover 214 has made the final journey In what appears to be a fairly low spec. 214SEi. I liberated the rear wiper spoiler for the Range Rover. At an industrial unit near me having some interior upholstery done. Resplendent in unmarked white.
  2. 1.3, not sure on spec. Dealer fit sunroof, 29,000 miles. Always thought the glass on these 145s was peculiar. Three separate pieces on that rear three quarter panel.
  3. Located at the motor museum in Bourton-on-the-Water.
  4. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1417029 LT1 powered caprice woody wagon, £2950, Essex.
  5. Yes I am, loads of really interesting stuff knocking around on the streets still, especially if you have an interest in commercials.
  6. The Peugeot pickup. Spotted yesterday in Angola, apparently Chinese based. Proper 4X4 with low range transfer box etc. And a press photo:
  7. June, Range Rover, Wiltshire, approximately 19:00
  8. November, W126 SEL, Scotland. 18:00
  9. Here are a few more from last year. Spent a long day labouring under the bonnet of an E46. IMG_4070.MOV
  10. Here are a few photos from my local self serve scrap yard. For me it’s a fun day out. Arriving with only a pry bar and a sledge hammer saying you’re getting a blower motor or wiring loom is a sport worth trying. I am always surprised at how nice some of the cars that find their way in there are.
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