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  1. A number of weeks ago, @chatsharris, @richbraith and I were having a group chat on Facebook which determined that Chats would be in our neck of the woods at the end of August for his mates stag do. After much arm twisting* we convinced Chats to come up a day early...i would put him up at mine and Rich would leave the beloved Mrs B for a night to drink beer and also stay over. So tonight, there are 3 shiters in my house and how nice to socialise away from cars etc and also minimal car talk (aside from us all nearly buying a Fiat Punto - see My earlier post, unfortunately the rear outer sill came away in my hand!). A thoroughly great night and testament to this forum that great friendships can result and common interests outside of our car hobby can be found. The 4th chap is a mate of mine and Rich'S.... A mechanic who owns a garage called Retro Performance. I think that summarises why we all got on.
  2. After my Shitefest 2016 success with A-Framing my Cortina with a Lada Samara, I feel the bar has been set to a new height looking at this article. I need to have a plan for Shitefest 2020....
  3. Supposed to be going to MITCAR in Coventry on Sunday, but @richbraith's Tipo isn't going to be ready. Anybody got anything Italian we can borrow for the trip? Unfortunately I don't think our other option will successfully get us through the gate
  4. @Tamworthbay Yeah seem to be. It's a chain pub, Vintage Inns I believe I used to stay there when I worked for a company who's head office was in Lichfield. Quite nice surroundings too really and the car park was never massively busy for what is a pub with accommodation. The car park goes all the way round the back too, it's a fair size.
  5. The Hedgehog pub on the Stafford Road has a fairly decent size car park for something like this.
  6. So, 12 days ago in a thread about 205's, I made the post below. I then faltered on the comment I made completely. My mate who owns the BMW referred too offered me it 2 weeks ago after getting pulled for drink driving. He received a 40 month ban on Friday, so after a bit of negotiation a deal was made. 07 320d M Sport, 135k, decent service history, has been fairly well looked after overall, drives well. At less than £1500 I think this was a good buy. Just need to get his private plate off it now as, unsurprisingly, I was pulled and breathalysed yesterday evening 😂 Think the A8 and 205 will be going as this will do the job to replace both as economical commuter but big enough for daily family duties.
  7. Watching this one with interest!
  8. Truthfully, it's been a fucking nightmare from the day I picked it up. But it is just about all sorted to my standards, so I can enjoy it for a couple of months then I will be moving it on.
  9. I daily one - N reg 1.1 I'm not a small car person, my ideal car is a large automatic with a big engine, but due to a change in job and as a result circumstances (no mileage payment and funding my commute myself) I use the 205 as a commuter car and it has halved my monthly fuel bill for my daily 84 mile round trip. And I am absolutely smitten with it, will take a lot of prizing out of my hands to be fair. I've been offered a 57 plate 320d and a 56 plate A4 TDi over the last 3 days by friends as 'economical commuters' and whilst they have the edge in terms of comfort etc, I've declined both.
  10. Its not, it is the silver 4.2 that has done the rounds from SRi05/Sims00. Here it is last night!
  11. Just looked at my insurance excesses, it is £65 for Windows so I reckon I'm just going to do that, saves messing around.
  12. Scrap that, they want £129.99 for a second hand window, the one in Ipswich is £30. Although I have just sent an e-mail off to double check it is a double glazed window as some lower spec ones do have single glazed I believe. TBH it is probably worth my while looking into insurance excess to see about getting it replaced through my insurance instead of fucking about, I'm reluctant to use the car at present due to the windows condition and the likelihood it'll shatter if I hit a pothole or something, so having it back in a usable condition is more of a concern now particularly since it now has a functioning wheel bearing on the NSF!
  13. Bonus, I will give them a call, with an 01642 number they can't be far from me being Teesside based but I have never heard of them!
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