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  1. Both Sam and Max were straight onto helping clean the interior up and did a sterling job, its 100 times better than what it was. Some TLC Mike and a bit more time with it and you will warm too it. She is quite a charming old thing. In other news the guy I bought it from added me on Facebook yesterday. We have laughed about Saturdays events and he has stated he is just happy somebody else is into old tat like him. I've sign posted him here as his collection was ace!
  2. Stay positive Andy. I made myself unemployed in February as I needed to quit the bullshit. It made for an arse nipping moment when I eventually got it right in my head, was too late then though. Whilst the current job is a stopgap and not what I plan longer term, the previous job was the one last thing progressing my mental health issues and reminding of bad memories. I needed to distance from that and also certain people who I brought with me from previous jobs that I considered friends and screwed me over. Working anywhere was better than that. Keep focused, tailor the future job applications by individual job spec etc and stay positive. I've lots of experience recruiting so happy to review a CV, discuss interviews, or chat etc, just drop me a message on Facebook if needed. Dont know the circumstances on why you've made your decision but it must be the right one for you right now. Good on you for having the bollocks to do it.
  3. I left Mike at Dishforth Interchange on the A1M as we both needed to come up opposite ends of the North East Region. I have since heard the 305 is back home in County Durham.
  4. Nipper in the front was more than happy with it, as was the eldest who was sat in the back, rather confused that the car doesn't have seatbelts in there! The eldest was also unhappy as he has to sit in the back, he usually sits in the front passenger seats but legally he is allowed to travel on the back seats of a car built without seatbelts as he is over 3, the youngest is only 2 so has to be in the front with a child seat secured by the belt. Don't have this problem with the E23 as it has rear belts fitted as standard and both Talbots & Cortina are currently in storage !
  5. Yes I will be there, I'm still hopeful for getting the Solara there however the Stanza will be there if I haven't got the Solara sorted by then.
  6. Had a message last week from a mate of mine who had decided he didnt need 3 practically identical cars. We had already determined one was a breaker to keep the other 2 on the road, but he still wanted to move one on Almost 2 years to the day I bought my beloved Nissan Maxima from him and he has been keen to have it back. I reluctantly agreed and was given a choice of which car I wanted from him and a deal was struck. Changeover occured tonight, the replacement is a very early model for these, 1982 X plate with a genuine 35k on the clock. I have one previous experience with these cars and that is with the one that is well known on this forum and unfortunately is the aforementioned breaker. I am undeniably happy with my new transport! Not without issue though! The Maxima developed a binding caliper on the outbound journey so I returned to the unit to resolve that and then the Stanza wouldnt start when I got there. Quickly diagnosed as a faulty dizzy cap, brand new cap was in my mates stock so I soon had her fired up. Got absolutely drenched though in the process with this awful weather.
  7. For those who dont know, I lost my house keys this weekend. Doing that prompted pub time. And also this. Sometimes, I hate being me. 😂😂
  8. Whos Who's the dickhead driving?
  9. The weekend in cars, just minus the 305. A write up to follow.
  10. Just arrived back at RichBraiths. S90 performed sterling on the drive back. I've bottled out of the 45 min drive home in the Audi as I am knackered so I'm kipping here and will return home tomorrow!
  11. Road rage on the M1! This is turning into one long day, another 4 hours of driving at least...
  13. JohnK negotiating another deal via text message using the number on the For Sale sign...
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