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  1. The Mk3 , which shared it's underpinnings with the Smart ForFour. Terrible car. My M-i-L had the Smart... it was miserable. Mk1 all the way!
  2. Interested in the black Twingo and very local.
  3. [gritted teeth]Well done that man.[/gritted teeth] Gutted. I need a new little tank. And I’d even got a flight booked to come and collect...
  4. Thanks Mr Hedgehog. I'll take 40 please. Or the closest to it if 40 has already been snaffled by the time my newbie post has been approved
  5. Apologies for a mundane question but... do the back seats fold down? Also... ummm... how does this roffle thing work? How do I pay for a ticket? I'm new round here...
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